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World of Tanks beta patch

Leírás Írta Frag 2011-03-04 10:25-kor, frissítve 2012-07-06 11:14-kor, megtekintve 4480 alkalommal
2011. március 1-jén megjelent a WoT kliens újabb frissítése rengeteg finomítással és egy új, Westfield nevű pályával. A járművek közül a legtöbb változtatás a Panther II paraméterein történt.

A javítócsomag leírása:

  • Added new map Westfield.
  • Added interface for clan battles ("Special battles" under "Battle!" button).
  • Removed New Year attributes from maps and hangars.
  • Added premium tanks (box and pre-order):
    • PzII J (German tier 3 light tank),
    • BT-SV (Soviet tier 3 light tank), M6A2E1 (American tier 8 heavy tank).
      These vehicles won’t be available in Store, and can be obtained in box version and/or pre-order packages.
  • Recalculated static lights on some maps.
  • Fixed certain cases of shells flying outside the aim circle.
  • Fixed certain cases of disappearing shells.
  • Fixed certain cases of SPG aim getting outside the map in sniper mode
  • Fixed bug of autoaim sticking to destroyed tank.
  • Fixed too intense SPG aim shaking after being damaged in sniper mode.
  • Fixed rare case of voice chat activation button failure.
  • Fixed rare case of game crash during voice chat usage.
  • Fixed wrong water simulation at high options on certain computer configurations.
  • Hotkeys [ and ] are unbound from "fire" and "autoaim" commands.
  • Fixed mistiming of "the battle starts in" counter for different players.
  • Map loading mechanism reworked to fix rare case of game crash in training battles.
  • Fixed problem with missing textures of wrecked T-28 model.
  • Fixed long names of HE shells in Service window.
  • Fixed wrong representation of hotkeys bindings in Options.
  • Fixed possibility of entering game menu during map loading.
  • Fixed client freezing during Company Search.
  • Fixed discrepancy of turret traverse speed between turret specs window and the corresponding tech tree.
  • Fixed bug in searching for a contact with less than 4 symbols in its name.
  • Clarified conditions getting certain awards.
  • Fixed condition for getting Billotte’s award.
  • Fixed copyright year at intro screen and EULA.
  • Removed turret for GW-Panther, M12, M40/M43, and Object 704 from the store.
  • Removed unupgradable modules of top tier tanks from the store.
  • Removed test gun "128mm_testgun" from shells description.
  • Recompiled sounds output library.
  • Fixed map pictures and team lists during map loading.
  • Fixed hill climbing at Sand River map.
  • Fixed water submersing at Malinovka map.
  • "Special battle" choice is blocked if player does not have any events planned.
  • Changed certain graphics options that could lead to increased performance on certain PC configurations.

Balance and tank parameters changes:

  • Chance of fire for diesel engines set to 15%, for gasoline engines - to 20%. If the initial value for -certain models was lower than the values above, it remains as it is.
  • Rebalanced premium vehicles: Valentine and Matilda.
  • Adjusted match-making parameters for Valentine and Matilda.
  • Added extra battle tier between the existing tiers 3 and 4.
  • V-2-44, V-2-54, V-55U, and V-2-54IS engines: chance of fire on impact increased by 2%.
  • Т-26, T-46: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
  • Т-28: increased reverse speed, increased rate of fire for 57mm ZiS-4 gun.
  • Т-34: increased rate of fire for 57mm ZiS-4 gun.
  • BТ-2, BТ-7: increased reverse speed.
  • T-43: increased rate of fire for 100mm D10T gun.
  • T-54: repair cost increased by 15%, hull height increased by 10 cm, increased chance of being spotted after firing 100 mm D-54 cannon, decreased tracks armor by 5 mm, track repair time increased by 10%.
  • KV-3: slightly increased passability.
  • KV-1S: slightly increased passability.
  • IS-7: repair cost increased by 5%.
  • ISU-152: repair cost increased by 8%, increased weight limit for top suspension.
  • Shell 203 mm F-625D: increased cost by 4%.
  • Shell 203 mm G-620: increased cost by 4%.
  • SU-14: dispersion increased during movement and turret traverse, rate of fire decreased by 5% for 152mm gun, rate of fire decreased by 3% for 203mm.
  • Object 212: doubled repair cost, reduced guns armor.
  • LTraktor: durability increased by 10 Hit Points. - PzII: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 5 Hit Points.
  • PzII Luchs: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
  • Pz35(t), Pz38(t): increased reverse speed, durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
  • PzIII/IV: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
  • PzIII: durability increased by 10 Hit Points.
  • PzIIIA: increased reverse speed, durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
  • VK3001H: durability increased by 20 Hit Points.
  • S35 739(f): tank tier decreased from 4 to 3, durability decreased by 20 Hit Points, decreased passability for normal terrain by 10%.
  • 38H 735(f), Pz IV, and VK1602: increased reverse speed.
  • Grille: fixed turret name.
  • 15 cm sFH18 L/30 gun (top Hummel): range of fire decreased by 15%, increased trajectory curve.
  • 15 cm sFH36 L/43 gun (top GW-Panther): increased shell velocity, increased trajectory curve. 
  • 17 cm K72Sf gun: rate of fire decreased by 20%, damage increased from 1100 to 1400.
  • Hetzer: added new 220 HP engine, traverse speed decreased, decreased passability for normal and bad terrain by 15%.
  • StuGIII: increased weight limit for second suspension, tier decreased by 1 for balancing in random battles.
  • JagdPanther: increased armor for 88mm Pak 43 L/71 gun.
  • Ferdinand: increased reloading time for 128mm Pak 44 L/55 gun by 0.29 s.
  • Better durability for guns: 7.5 cm KwK42 L/70, 7.5 cm KwK45 L/100, 8.8 cm KwK43 L/71, 10.5 cm KwK45 L/52 Ausf. B.
  • Ferdinand: increased reloading time for 128mm Pak 44 L/55 gun by 0.29 s.
  • 12.8 cm Kwk44 L/55 (VK 4502 B, Maus): decreased reloading time by 0.21 s.
  • Panther II changes:
    • Decreased size.
    • 7.5 cm KwK42 L/70 gun dispersion radius decreased by 7%.
    • 7.5 сmKwK42 L/100 gun dispersion radius decreased by 4%.
    • 10.5 cm KwK45 L/52 Ausf B top gun: gun dispersion radius decreased by 7%, dispersion during turret movement decreased by 14%, shell velocity increased by 20%.
    • top engine Maybach HL 234P50: reduced chance of fire by 5%, increased durability by 12.5%.
    • increased weight limit for basic suspension in order to allow mounting second turret.
    • ammo rack durability increased by 8%.
    • repair cost reduced by 6%.
  • T30: repair cost increased by 10%.
  • T29 decreased rate of fire for 105 mm T5E1 gun.
  • 120mm Gun T53 gun: rate of fire increased by 5%.
  • 90mm AT Gun M3 gun: price increased from 110550 to 127300 credits.
  • QF 6 pounder Mk III gun: decreased penetration by 5 and 10 mm for AP and APCR shells respectively.
  • M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart, T2 lt: increased reverse speed, adjusted shaking effect after firing.
  • T2 Med, M2 lt, M2 med, M3 Lee, M4 Sherman: increased reverse speed - Ram2: engine changed to less powerful Wright Continental R-975C (440 HP), increased reverse speed, increased passability.
  • M12: decreased horizontal aiming angle.
  • T14: tier decreased by 1 for balancing in random battles, increased passability.
  • T1 heavy: increased passability.
  • Т23: repair costs increased by 30%.
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