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Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.54 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2010-08-30 00:29-kor, frissítve 2011-08-12 20:04-kor, megtekintve 2554 alkalommal
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.54-es frissítése az 1.50-es és 1.52-es verziókhoz. Számos érdekes újítást és fontos játékmenettel kapcsolatos javítást tartalmaz.

A patch részletei angolul:


  • New: GameSpy modhash key contains list of mods hashes and is used to check
    there are additional mods on server missing on client (yellow icon in UI).
  • New: Mods contents hashes are compared instead of mods lists when equal mo
    ds are required on server.
  • Fixed: Commandline -mod behavior, active Mods list in UI, ModLauncher UI d
    ialog with better mods detection and handling.
  • Fixed: Terrain shadows were too short (
  • New: getWeaponCargo, getMagazineCargo, getBackpackCargo script commands
  • Experimental: TCMalloc used as a memory allocator.
  • New: Aircraft now auto-trims at high speed to prevent climbing.
  • Improved: More 3D/2D resolution ratios (8:7 and 6:5) added.
  • Fixed: Transport waited for dead unit to get out.
  • Fixed: NV tracers visible in TI (
  • Fixed: Decreased tank sliding.
  • Fixed: Sonic Cracks and Tracers not working in multiplayer
  • Optimized: Frame rate stutter near complex walkable objects (like low rock walls) caused by grass computations.
  • Fixed: crew getting killed in vehicles driving from hill/slope
  • Fixed: Audio unsupported sample frequency error
  • Fixed: IRStrobe (
  • Fixed: 3D editor - creating of logic center failed (
  • Fixed: Unit in vehicle could not open gear in map.
  • Fixed: client freezes when accessing ammobox (
  • Fixed: No volume drop on distance with weapon click, car horn and etc. (
  • Fixed: Dead player bodies disappeared after respawn.
  • New: Repair vehicle and deactivate satchel charge action for engineer.
  • Fixed: EEIncomingMissile event parameter
  • New: Added scripting function disableTIEquipment.
  • New: Artillery computer; Fire at position AI command; enableEngineArtillery script command
  • Fixed: Surface sound in infinite terrain (
  • Fixed: AI vision was not affected by light sources.
  • Fixed: Birds were heard inside of a closed vehicle.
  • Fixed: Scripting command isFlatEmpty did not work with non-zero third coordinate. (
  • Fixed: TI was red instead of B/W with some settings and graphics cards.
  • Fixed: Night vision simulation was not simulating color sensitivity and blue shift in dark scenes.
  • Fixed: Disabled debugging message "Added texture headers from file"
  • Fixed: Av8 unable to takeoff from Chernarus NE airstrip (
  • Fixed: Fog and sky colors did not match when dark.
  • Fixed: Moon rotates when moving camera (
  • Fixed: Stars no longer visible through terrain with low view distance (
  • Fixed: Improved game stability with a small page file.
  • Fixed: Gun recoil in ironsights view was missing kick-back (
  • Fixed: possible crash after mouse click to Prev/Next button in DisplayConfigureAction
  • Missions
  • Fixed: In E06 player should survive fall on ground without opening parachute.
  • Fixed: Module Alice2 MP issues.


  • Fixed: Improved AI path planning and path tracking with tanks.
  • Fixed: Assembling/disassembling issue with M2 minitripod and M2 machinegun.
  • Fixed: Sound of silenced Mk17 CCO.
  • Fixed: Mi8 and Mi17 model animations bug in ARMA2:Combined operations only.
  • Fixed: Fire-geometry in all Mi8 and Mi17, crew wasn't vulnerable in some cases.
  • Fixed: Get-in points for MH-6J.
  • Improved: Special units in US, CZ and Germany factions can hide bodies.
  • Changed: Slot size of MAAWS magazines.
  • Improved: AI wasn't able to destroy static weapons in some cases.
  • Fixed: Animations of US Static TOW launcher.
  • Fixed: Words Sabot and M-gun in radio protocols.
  • Fixed: Damage zone indicator ATRQ and MROT were exchanged in helicopter.
  • Fixed: Rockets count in Mi-171Sh.
  • Changed: Destruct type for market tents.
  • Fixed: HEAT ammunition for T-55 and Stryker MGS.
  • Fixed: Glass penetrability of Mi-171Sh.
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