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Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.60 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2012-07-25 00:20-kor, frissítve 2012-07-25 08:13-kor, megtekintve 3637 alkalommal
Ez a frissítés az alapjátékon kívül a British Armed Forces és a Private Military Company kiegészítőket, és ezek misszióit is javítja. Bármely korábbi verzióra telepíthető.

A javítás tartalma:

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead / Combined Operations Engine

  • Improved: Expansions manager, registry controlled expansions
  • Changed: Default maxPacketSize reduced from 1490 to 1400 to improve compatibility with exotic MTU settings (
  • Fixed: Player state transferred corrently even for distant players (
  • New: -malloc=system can be used to force using Windows allocator even when allocator dlls are present.
  • Fixed: Missing reloading sound while reloading animation from another player in Multiplayer (
  • Fixed: Failed to load TextureHeaderManager from file on Linux servers
  • Changed: AI airplane always using lights during landing, taxiing and takeoff.
  • Fixed: Lens flares positioned badly when 3D resolution different from 2D resolution.
  • Improved: Airborne airplanes now rendered in larger distances.
  • Changed: AI airplane always using lights during landing, taxiing and takeoff.
  • Fixed: Lens flares positioned badly when 3D resolution different from 2D resolution.
  • New: Ground effect computed for airplanes (0-10% depending on height)
  • New: Ground effect computed for helicopters (based on
  • Fixed: Helicopter autohover was wobbling a lot (
  • New: Commandline -checkSignatures to provide thorough test of all signatures of all loaded banks at the start game. Output is in rpt file.
  • New: -beta=xxxx as alternative to -mod=xxxx to allow using beta files without affecting mod handling.
  • Changed: Mod list configured by ModLauncher is saved inside game config instead of user profile.
  • Added: HitPart event now contains Ammo type name
  • Fixed: CWR2 Camel was unable to takeoff (flew close to stall after take off, never recovering).
  • New: Player name validation when editing a profile name.
  • New: Scripting command visiblePosition to obtain object position as visible on screen (
  • Fixed: Helicopter slow after GET OUT waypoint when CYCLE was used as well.
  • New: Editor: Visual indication of the selected target for CYCLE waypoint.
  • Fixed: Vehicles attached on ships attached to objects sometimes destroyed (
  • Fixed: Cannot manipulate doors after game was aborted with doors in transit. (
  • New: Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA),
  • Fixed: "Direct" chat sometimes not working (
  • Fixed: Dead body temperature was not saved (
  • MP: Fixed: When a player was JIP-ing, traffic for all other players was significantly reduced (
  • Fixed: Massive network traffic optimization during Join in Progress (
  • Fixed: Searchlight turning itself off for non-server clients (
  • Fixed: Action taking magazine from a backback has sometimes failed (
  • Fixed: Gamespy Server signature list contains often twice "bi" (
  • Improved: MP: Diary statistics not available in MP when NetStats is disabled (
  • Improved: Dedicated server console now supporting Unicode and long output (using Rich Edit Control).
  • Fixed: Issues with v2 signatures - causing random check to fail (
  • Changed: AI gunner is no longer firing at friendly units when ordered to target them.
  • Fixed: Locked MP role slots after BattlEye kick.
  • Fixed: MP: Countermeasures released automatically for a player commanded tank (
  • Fixed: MP: Countermeasures released by AI were multipled by the number of other connected players.
  • Fixed: MP: Loosing gear due to water no longer multiplied for each player (
  • Improved thermal imaging for models with no TI data (
  • Fixed: Server response unreliable with long keys (e.g. mod lists) (
  • Fixed: Soldier running instead of crawling through holes (
  • Fixed: AI without weapon stuck when crouched (
  • Prevent crouched AI from sprinting (
  • New: A command line argument -par=filename can be specified to provide a parameter file (
  • New: Window title includes player name when running windowed to make testing with multiple instances easier.
  • Fixed: Tanks were not damaged under water when fps was very high (
  • Improved: Improved AI/autopilot landing abilities (
  • Fixed: Trigger "Detected by" sometimes did not fire when unit was only known about indirectly, e.g. because of a kill (
  • Fixed: AI sometimes has forgotten a recently seen kill ( (result of
  • New: Custom memory allocator support (
  • Fixed: Shadows were not cast on on-surface objects, like helipads.
  • Changed: attachTo with the same object no longer resets attached object orientation (
  • Fixed: There was no debriefing after MP game ends after saving the game.
  • Fixed: MP: Bullet tracers of remote vehicles not reliable (
  • Fixed: SaveVar did not work in MP Campaign.
  • New: Scripting command reveal has a new variant, group reveal [target, accuracy]. To reveal target side use 1.5 (default reveal used accuracy=1).
  • Fixed: Crash or game corruption when loading a game with clients already connected (
  • New: Server admin can check build numbers of clients using #userlist.
  • Fixed: magazinesTurret [-1] sometimes returning wrong list or even crashing.
  • Changed: MP: BLUFOR roles are now assigned before OPFOR by default.
  • Fixed: Reassign allowed clients to use a role reserved for a host.
  • Optimized: Faster preload in multiplayer ("Receiving" mission, switching from map).
  • Fixed: Remote units init event handle is no longer run before fully initialized (
  • Changed: Init handlers executed immediately, not queued for later execution like other events.
  • Changed: MP: Units are no longer moved to a new group when they timeout getin (
  • Fixed: Scripting command "Reveal" left target side as unknown, requiring visual confirmation (
  • Fixed: Bullets damage reduced too much over distance (
  • Fixed: Global event handlers (including onPlayerDisconnected and onMapSingleClick) cleaned when MP debriefing starts (
  • New: Window title includes Host or Admin status when running windowed to make testing with multiple instances easier.
  • Fixed: in config parameter initTurn in turrets work again
  • Improved: Direct damage is no longer artificaly reduced for lying soldiers (
  • Optimized: Unknown targets no longer saved, significantly reducing savegame size.
  • Optimized: No longer saving "visionPars" and "magazineSlotsOpticsModes" when not used.
  • Fixed: Group names were not reused after deleteGroup (
  • Improved: AI smarter in using binoculars.
  • Fixed: Objects close to bushes or trees sometimes ignored during visibility testing (
  • Fixed: Order of init event handlers and init commands was reversed since 1.57 beta (
  • Fixed: script command FOR (BASIC) can use capital characters in variable
  • Optimized: MP: Improved server performance in complex missions.
  • Optimized: MP: Reduced number of messages send during JIP to complex missions.
  • Fixed: Slight cursor offset when selecting items in the listboxes (like mission selection).
  • Improved: MP: Smoother motion of distant units (Default value of MinErrorToSend changed to 0.001, introduced new value MinErrorToSendNear with a default value of 0.01).
  • Fixed: MP game crashed after loading a save from a complex mission (
  • Fixed: AI was often not watching unidentified targets (causing
  • Fixed: turret tug after crew turn-in
  • Improved: loading of binarized bikb files now supported.
  • Improved: MP: Remote units should move a lot smoother.
  • Fixed: DisableSerialization breaks spawn script variables after Load.
  • New: New entry requiredBuild=xxxxx; in server.cfg preventing obsolete clients to connect. Not reliable until 1.60, clients are still able to connect.
  • Optimized: MP: Reduced bandwidth used by standing AI soldiers.
  • Fixed: MP: Remote units jumping back when stopping (
  • Fixed: MP: Reduced bandwith usage in missions with many soldiers.
  • Improved: Better error message shown when memory allocation fails because of too small page file.
  • Improved: Abnormal program termination by an error message is now more robust, less likely to cause a bogus crash report or to miss the message box.
  • Fixed: Weapons on pylons changed positions after fireAtTarget (
  • Fixed: Tanks sometimes braking too much or even reversing a bit when slowing down.
  • Fixed: AI subordinates sometimes slowing down too much when navigating around obstacles.
  • Fixed: Possible crash after calling joinSilent and deleteVehicle.
  • Fixed: Rare problem of AI fleeing when all enemies mounted vehicles.
  • Fixed: AI not engagign through glass and other penetrable surfaces (
  • Fixed: Lipsync for radio not working.
  • Fixed: AI no longer seeing through dense grass (
  • Fixed: Attached objects no longer causing slow car movement.
  • Improved: AI skill settings in difficulty options easier to use.
  • Improved: Soldier movement more natural when doing "scan horizon".
  • Changed: Danger FSM event DCFire is now sent only when unit not in the combat mode yet (
  • Fixed: AI units often not engaging close enemies (,
  • New: scripting function "assignedTeam xxx" returns colored team to which a commander of given vehicle belongs to.
  • Fixed: Most units had maximum skill, ignoring values set in the mission (
  • Fixed: More space for GameSpy QR2 signature key answer.
  • Fixed: low game fps causing innacurate AI weapon aiming (see also
  • Changed: Temporarily abandoned vehicles are no longer considered neutral (AI continues engaging them).
  • Fixed: tugging tracks on tanks
  • Fixed: AI units no longer firing at empty enemy vehicles (
  • Fixed: Walking no longer causes prone-style recoil to be used. (
  • Fixed: AI no longer considering a car horn as a threat.
  • Fixed: AI no longer using AA against ground targets or guided missiles against soft targets unless desperate (
  • Fixed: Enemy fire no longer reported by units which cannot be aware of it.
  • Fixed: Units equipped with NVG no longer turn on the flashlights on their own (
  • Fixed: setMimic working, acceptable mimics are: "neutral", "dead", "danger", "hurt", "aware", "safe", "combat" (
  • Improved: AI considering threats uphill from it a bit more when planning a path.
  • Fixed: Object variable space was not cleared reset between missions (
  • Fixed: Sky sometimes changing abruptly (
  • Improved: AI is less able to detect enemies in forests (improved estimation on "disappearing in a pattern" for forests).
  • Fixed: AI vehicles could spot previously known targets even out of their visual cone (
  • Fixed: Occasional visual artifacts caused by rabbit animation interpolation since 79670 (thanks to Sniperwolf572 and F2k Sel for finding the repro).
  • Fixed: Signature checking of BAF/PMC addons.
  • New: Command line option -nosound to run the game without accessing audio devices.
  • Optimized: Some background file operations are faster, esp. with low fps (should fix
  • Optimized: Visual state interpolation fully enabled. (
  • Fixed: Weapons no leaving hands while turning when prone
  • Fixed: Message "Creating debriefing" no longer appearing in the rpt file.
  • Improved: AI helicopter attempt to land when hit during an attach run.
  • Fixed: Crash opportunity when camera object was deleted.
  • Improved: AI landing more reliable with broken back rotor.
  • New: AI FSMs can be disabled using unit disableAI "FSM".
  • Fixed: AI road vehicle avoidance improved.
  • Fixed: PMC videos flashing (since 80298).
  • Experimental: Memory allocator can be selected using -malloc=N with N=0..4.
  • Fixed: No longer display names of buildings hidden by accuracy (
  • Fixed: Occasional fps drop when AI was getting in a vehicle.
  • Optimized: Much faster visibility testing when many units are around, esp. when they are not moving a lot.
  • Fixed: AI planes were climing/diving wildly during formation flying.
  • Improved: AI takeoff improved, L-39 or Su-34 can now lift from all Chernarus airfields.
  • Fixed: Airplane control surfaces position could reach impossible values with keyboard controls (
  • Optimized: Reduced frame rate drops caused by texture loading (
  • New: Mods can be configured using Windows Registry.
  • Fixed: AI warping at distance in singleplayer (
  • New: parameter "angle" for reflectors
  • Fixed: Possible freeze after alt-tab in window mode.
  • New: Helipads can be placed on a carrier deck and AI helicopter can land on them.
  • Fixed: Airplane sometimes crashed after landing autopilot was activated.
  • Fixed: Crash when assembling GMG, L2A1 crew served weapons.
  • New: AI able to STOL on runways shorter than 500 m.
  • Impoved: Aircraft can be placed on carrier deck in the editor.
  • Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Missions
  • Fixed: SC 48 Sector Control is missing ammo for Mk17 EGLM RCO and Mk17 TWS SD (
  • Fixed: Boot Camp 01: Basic Training - MOUT Saber team attacks too early if player is doing Anti-Tank range first (
  • Arma 2 Missions
  • Fixed: Bitter Chill mission Get In destroyed HMMWV (M2) traps Razor Team inside forever(
  • Fixed: Manhattan mission Cpt. Shaftoe is sometimes killed by his chair because his feet are sticking through it.(
  • Fixed: Manhattan mission GPS COORDS 000003 marine misplaced at top left corner of map (
  • Fixed: Manhattan mission Task: Escort contact to LZ Lagushina can teleport herself to helicopter (
  • Fixed: Bitter Chill mission Task: Reach CDF positions endscene subtitles and voices are played twice (
  • Fixed: Delaying the Bear mission subtitle texts and dialog voices in wrong order (
  • Fixed: War That Never Was mission looking around in helicopter is not working when playing [Combined Operations] (
  • Fixed: War That Never Was mission Rodriquez and O'Hara movement is terribly out of sync (
  • Fixed: Only first end condition ends Freedom Fighters scenario (
  • Fixed: Dogs Of War mission Notes->Situation has typing error - Vybor airoprt should be Vybor airport (
  • Fixed: Dogs Of War mission Tasks Deal with Russians has error saying Russian base is at Krasnostav airport when it is at Vybor airport (
  • Fixed: Dogs Of War mission GPS COORDS 075101 Chedaki POW killed by NAPA supply trucks (
  • Fixed: Bitter Chill mission GPS COORDS 081060 two NAPA scouts and NAPA fighters are sometimes killed at NAPA safehouse yard (
  • Fixed: First To Fight [Multiplayer] helicopter insertion kills human players 2, 3 and 4 (

Arma 2: British Armed Forces Data

  • Improved: Removed AI burst mode from cannon in FV510.
  • Improved: dampers behavior of FV510.,
  • Improved: AS50 sniper rifle, removed burst mode.
  • Fixed: Shadow lod artifact on Jackal.
  • Fixed: - added camo3 into fifth LOD BAF_Soldier_Medic_BAF.p3d

Arma 2 Data

  • Fixed: Stones in Takinstan are no longer destructible.
  • Improved: AI driving ability with track vehicles.
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