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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath 1.02 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2011-02-18 08:36-kor, frissítve 2011-07-26 16:50-kor, megtekintve 5880 alkalommal
A Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath kiegészítő-csomag utolsó frissítése bőséges hibajavitással és finomhangolással.

A patch részletei:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an error that sometimes caused players to unexpectedly select multiple control groups at once when rapidly switching between control groups. 
  • Beacons once again work for subfactions 
  • GDI Slingshot and Shatterer icons swapped at the Reclamator Hub to mirror the War Factory 
  • Watch tower will now correctly autotarget units at maximum range 
  • ZOCOM Shatterer can no longer bypass the overload beam power down by using Call for Transport 
  • Sonic fencing will no longer disappear from the armory when healing infantry 
  • Decoy Specters will no longer deal the full non-decoy damage if the decoy dies while the weapon shell is in flight 
  • Decoy specters will no longer do damage if the decoy dies while the shell is in flight 
  • Specters will no longer damage airborne units 
  • Nod Crane can now build the Voice of Kane 
  • Units will no longer retain the mothership catalyst effect when transported through a wormhole 
  • Decoy Tripods can no longer EMP 
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed small units to walk along the map border, outside of normal detection, on the Tournament Tower map 

Global Conquest:

  • Meta-unit hardpoints will be reset at the beginning of each Global Conquest battle 
  • Strike forces can now have spaces in their names 

Global changes:

  • Level 2 Veterancy bonus increased from +20% damage, +30% health to +25% damage, +40% health. 
  • All Harvesters: cost reduced to 1600, build time reduced to 16s. This will speed up the time to unit production and decrease the impact of all-in rushes without affecting the early-game scouting phase. 

GDI factions – units

  • Guardian Cannon damage increased from 175 to 200 
  • Hammerhead: range increased from 200 to 300, speed increased from 150 to 160 
  • ZOCOM Orca: clip size increased to 5 
  • Rig: unpacked hit points increased from 5000 to 5500 
  • Rig stealth detection range increased from 200 to 400 
  • Zone Shatterer overload beam damage increased from 1250 to 1500 
  • Shatterer and Zone Shatterer: range increased from 325 to 350 
  • Orca attack duration increased by 50% per shot 
  • Mobile Repair Transport repair drone leash distance increased from 50 to 100 
  • Mammoth tank health increased from 10000 to 11500 
  • Juggernaut: clip reload time reduced from 5s to 3s 
  • Juggernaut and Behemoth: turret turn rate doubled 
  • Titan range increased from 300 to 325 

GDI Factions – abilities

  • Zone Trooper/Zone Raider jumpjets no longer have a small pre-jump delay, flying speed increased 
  • Sniper Team no longer unstealths when using Bombard 
  • Sensor pod cost reduced to 100 
  • APC minefield cost reduced to 300 

GDI Factions – upgrades

  • Pitbull Mortar: upgrade cost reduced to 1000 
  • AP Ammo: cost reduced to 2000, build time increased to 60s 
  • Hardpoints: build time increased to 60s 
  • Zone Trooper/Raider Scanner Pack: upgrade range bonus increased from 10% to 20%, cost reduced from 1000 to 500, build time reduced to 15s 
  • Zone Trooper/Raider Autoinjectors: cost reduced to 1000, build time reduced to 30s 
  • Stratofighter: upgrade cost reduced to 1000, build time reduced to 30s 
  • Composite Armor: cost reduced to 1500, build time reduced to 45s 
  • Tiberium Field Suits: cost reduced to 1000, build time reduced to 30s 
  • Railgun: upgrade cost reduced to 4000 
  • Adaptive Armor: research cost reduced to 1000 

GDI Factions – powers

  • Railgun accelerator: rate of fire bonus increased to 200%, cost reduced to 500 
  • Orbital bombardment: cost reduced to 3000 
  • Supersonic air attack: cost reduced to 2000 

Nod factions – units

  • Fanatics: damage increased from 700 to 800, explosion radius increased from 50 to 60 
  • Attack bike armor versus cannon reduced by 10% 
  • Black Hand raider buggy stealth detection range increased from 200 to 400 
  • Obelisk of light cost/build time increased to 2000/20s 
  • Specter cost/build time increased to 1500/15s 
  • Shadow team: range increased from 200 to 225, clip reload time reduced by 40%, speed increased from 80 to 90, flying speed increased from 100 to 120 
  • Reckoner health increased from 2000 to 2200 
  • Avatar range increased from 350 to 375, commandeered beam cannon damage increased from 900 to 1100, range of flame weapon increased from 100 to 200 
  • Flame tank range increased from 100 to 150 
  • Awakened are now much more resilient to missile and cannon fire 
  • Enlightened hit points increased from 600 to 650 
  • Venom damage, pre- and post-upgrades, increased by 10% 
  • Vertigo Bomber area effect radius increased from 30 to 40 

Nod factions – Abilities

  • Disruption pod: cost reduced to 300 
  • Booby trap: cost decreased to 100 

Nod factions – Upgrades

  • Tiberium Infusion: cost reduced to 1000, build time increased to 30s 
  • Laser capacitors: cost reduced to 2500, build time increased to 1:15 
  • Black disciples: upgrade cost reduced to 1000, build time reduced to 30s 
  • Tiberium core missiles: cost increased to 2500, build time increased to 1:15 
  • Super charged particle beam: cost reduced to 3000 
  • Dozer blades: armor bonus decreased from 25% to 15% 

Nod factions – powers

  • Cloaking field: damage vs infantry reduced to 400 from 500 
  • Power signature scan: cost reduced to 300 
  • Decoy temple: cost reduced to 500 
  • Redemption power: cost decreased to 750 
  • Radar Jamming Missile: cost reduced to 300 

Scrin factions – units

  • Hexapod: ravager addition no longer hits air 
  • Devourer tank range reduced from 350 to 340 
  • Corrupter healing reduced by 50% 
  • Seeker tank armor versus rockets increased 10%, armor versus gun increased 10% 
  • Planetary Assault Carrier: damage increased from 45 to 55, health of drones increased 10% 
  • Mechapede: disintegrator segment range increased from 150 to 175 
  • Mechapede corrupter segment healing reduced by 66% 
  • Mechapede ravager segment: range increased from 300 to 325 
  • Shard Walker: cost/build time increased to 800/8s 
  • Tripod and Reaper Tripod damage increased by 10% 

Scrin factions – abilities

  • Blink packs have been tuned to feel significantly more responsive 
  • Ion storm healing increased from 2% to 5% 
  • Mastermind/Prodigy teleport recharge increased to 20s, no longer works on EMP’d/phased units 
  • Cultist, prodigy, and mastermind mind controls (all types) no longer work on Epic Units or commandos 

Scrin factions – upgrades

  • Advanced articulators: cost reduced to 1000, build time reduced to 30s, speed bonus increased by 10% 
  • Traveler engines: cost reduced to 1500, speed bonus increased by an additional 10% 
  • Reaper 17 forcefields: cost reduced to 2000, build time reduced to 60s 
  • Shard launchers: cost reduced to 2500, build time increased to 1:15 
  • Plasma Disc launcher: cost and build time reduced to 1500/45s 
  • Blink Packs: cost/build time reduced to 500/15s 
  • Forcefield generator: cost reduced to 4000 
  • Blue shards: cost reduced to 2000, build time increased to 60s 
  • Attenuated forcefields: build time reduced to 60s 

Scrin factions – powers

  • Tiberium vibration scan: cost reduced to 300 
  • Infestation power cost reduced to 1000
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