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Crusader Kings II 1.091 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2013-02-01 11:58-kor, frissítve 2013-04-09 13:51-kor, megtekintve 2669 alkalommal
Egy kisebb verziószám-lépéssel, valamint néhány érdekes és furcsa javítással megérkezett a következő Crusader Kings II patch.

A frissítés részletei:

  • Fixed a bug preventing some people from building new trade posts
  • Fixed some instability issues on the Mac and Linux versions
  • Fixed bug where taking over the last duchy or higher title from a Merchant Republic could give you Patrician vassals
  • Blocked "Offer Vassalization" for one Merchant Republic vs another
  • Fixed a tooltip bug for the succession type in secondary kingdoms and empires held by Merchant Republics
  • When a regular lowborn Mayor forms a Merchant Republic, he should get a dynasty and become a Patrician
  • The Patricians in newly formed merchant republics now get some starting money
  • Homosexual characters no longer get the ambition to get married
  • Doubled the effect of Prestige on Patrician Respect for Doge elections
  • Tutorial: Fixed a crash in Realm View
  • Fixed a bug where you would end up at war with your liege if beating him to victory in a claim war
  • Added text warnings for Independence wars and factions for Patricians, if it would mean Game Over
  • Made Ultimogeniture possible for anyone to take, should they be so inclined
  • Added the Barony of Altenburg to Meissen
  • Gave Ultimogeniture to the Ilkhanate, the Golden Horde and the barony of Altenburg
  • Fixed some issues with sound freezes
  • Fixed a bug with the "coastal_county_republic" CB that could make vassals of merchant republics independent
  • Fixed missing description for Trade Post garrison building
  • Fixed issue where a feudal liege could burn a vassal Patrician's Trade Post
  • The correct event picture is now shown when Aztecs sacrifice prisoners
  • Fixed flag issues for players who don't own Sunset Invasion
  • Fixed issues with the Romeo & Juliet event chain
  • Added cooldown before the Seize Trade Post plot can be used on the same character again
  • Republic random trade events are now slightly less likely to occur
  • Lowered the cost and buildtimes of all Family Palace buildings
  • Fixed an issue where the Seize Trade Post plot wasn't properly cancelled
  • Fixed a bug where your children in foreign courts would not accept being educated by you
  • Added a check for negative fertility on either parent to prevent impregnation of or by celibate characters, eunuchs, etc
  • Fixed a bug where culture name lists with more than 100 entries would be cut off at 100 entries due to a low random number
  • Fixed a problem where a vassal of a vassal who takes an outside would become a vassal of the enemy rather than the old liege's liege
  • The Trade posts of Patricians who become independent should no longer be lost in most cases, but taken over by a replacement family
  • Fixed bug making Republic capitals immune to some CBs, like Holy War
  • Fixed a bug where a betrothed character who married a different person than they were betrothed to could retain the betrothal even when they were not permitted to have another spouse
  • Fixed a bug where the educate child menu would be unavailable in foreign courts
  • Fixed a bug where children abroad would not show up in the education menu
  • Muslims can now never marry matrilineally under any circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would repeatedly unassign and assign a child the same tutor
  • Fixed a bug where a deposed ruler would die on the next day
  • The Ecumenical Patriarch's pentarchy will now function correctly
  • Pentarchs defined in history files for non-titular titles will now always override Autocephaly
  • Titular realms will now use their capital when determing religious head for religions with Autocephaly
  • Army AI: Fixed an issue with stupid long range land movement
  • The Bishopric of Rome will no longer be renamed to the Lateran if the Move Capital to Rome decision is taken
  • Gaining a title you are fabricating a claim on via plot will now abort the plot
  • The Anti-Pope opinion bonus towards liege will now be properly inherited when liege dies
  • Added field to cultures: [used_for_random = yes/no]. Blocks the culture from being available for characters created with random culture.
  • Made it more likely that the Mongol Hordes convert to Islam
  • Faction View: The Faction labels are no longer capitalized
  • Fixed bug with early holders of Family Palace holdings not showing up in the history
  • Increased the random factor in doge elections
  • Marcella Ziani now has the correct gender
  • No longer possible for close relatives to become a married character's mistress
  • AI Patricians are now far more likely to upgrade their Family Palaces
  • Multiple assassination events should no longer appear when plotting to kill someone
  • The province of Ar'Ar has been renamed to Shaka
  • When transfering a vassal, the selected vassal will now be shown on the map
  • Can no longer ask to join wars against a ruler who is imprisoning you
  • You can now always transfer the vassalage of a duke to the de jure liege of their primary title, even if they hold multiple duchies
  • Fixed a bug where a landed vassal who inherited their liege's title would remain in their previous factions
  • Duplicate independence factions gained from conquering or inheriting titles will now be disbanded
  • Fixed a bug where you would not be able to marry the courtiers of Holy Orders and Mercenary Companies despite them showing up as eligible
  • Fixed a bug where the add_spouse command would have undesirable results for Muslims
  • Improved Jihad notification event to include the religion and portrait of the Caliph
  • Fixed a bug with Tanistry that could cause Game Over
  • Anti-Pope will now remain as an Emperor's vassal if you press his claim to the Papacy
  • Fixed a bug that was causing characters over 1000 years old not to receive events properly
  • Exported is_holy_war to cb_types, this determines whether neighbouring AIs of the same religion will consider joining defensively against the attacker
  • Can now ask to join Muslim Invasions
  • AI will now ask to join Muslim Invasions when appropriate, and is slightly more inclined to defend neighbours against a Muslim Invasion than a Holy War
  • Improved duchy distribution AI
  • Fixed a bug where you would not be able to ask a character to stop backing a plot if their answer was no, depriving you of just cause to imprison them
  • AI: Will now value Kiev more highly and be more inclined to use it as their primary Duchy
  • AI: Will now value prestige effects of marriage at a more reasonable level
  • The Muslim Invasion CB now requires either a foothold in or border with the target kingdom
  • AI: Fixed a bug where countries with a vassal merchant republic would refuse to embargo _any_ republic
  • Fixed a bug where a country who had vassal merchant republics could lose them when _winning_ a war against another merchant republic
  • Fixed a bug with the Jizya tax modifier for Muslim merchant republics
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