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Crusader Kings II 1.092 patch

Patch Írta Dastan 2013-04-10 08:23-kor, frissítve 2013-04-09 14:24-kor, megtekintve 2859 alkalommal
Rengeteg javítást kapott a játék, valamint sok egyéb változtatás is bekerült a patch-be.

A patch tartalma:

  • Added a Trade Post limit for patricians, based on palace upgrades and number of adult males in court
  • Family dues are now given only to adult males of your family in your court, and they all receive the same share
  • Patricians can no longer increase their Demesne limit with higher tier titles. However, the Doge gets +1
  • Patricians who imprison or banish someone now get a tyranny opinion penalty from everyone in the whole Republic
  • Patricians no longer confiscate gold from dynasty members that they banish
  • Doges can no longer use the Seize Trade Post plot
  • Patricians can now only use the Seize Trade Post plot on Patricians owning more Trade Posts than themselves
  • The Seize Trade Post plot now always costs a small amount of money to implement
  • The Holy War CB no longer works against too distant targets
  • Sieging will siege back your own holdings first
  • Tanistry electors are no longer de jure
  • The Windows version is now large address aware
  • Fix for crash on multiplayer game start on Windows 8
  • Fixed a bug where a vassal of a vassal who won a war against an outside state would become a vassal of that state
  • Several events, including those dealing with the creation of the Hansa, no longer require "The Republic" to trigger
  • Rewrote large parts of the tutorial to be up-to-date with current features
  • Fixed a problem in basic military tutorial that made it impossible to proceed past a certain stage
  • Fixed a problem in basic war tutorial that made it impossible to proceed past a certain stage
  • Fixed a crash in court view during observer mode
  • When determining what tier a character is for the purposes of marriage, the highest ranked non-republican ruler among their close relatives is now used (so the nephew of a King would count as King tier)
  • Will no longer get prestige hits for marrying below your tier unless you marry more than one level below it (so a King would get a prestige hit for marrying a Countess but not a Duchess)
  • AI now takes into account both tier prestige and dynastic prestige when responding to marriage offers
  • AI now takes into account prestige effects when selecting spouses for themselves and their relatives
  • Exported MARRIAGE_AI_PRESTIGE_VALUE to defines.lua, this variable is a multiplier on the importance AI places on prestige when arranging marriages
  • The Prestige cost for breaking a truce is now much harsher; 50% of current Prestige + 200.
  • You now get a -5 Diplo penalty for five years if you break a truce
  • Diplomacy View: The Piety and Prestige costs for declaring war no longer prevent you from selecting the action to see why
  • The 'any_neighbor_province' trigger now works for sea zones as well
  • Trade Posts dont give warscore unless the war is using an Embargo or Sieze Trade Post CB
  • You now need twice as much value in a trade zone before reaching its bonus cap
  • Fixed a bug where Patrician stewards would add modifiers to tax multiple times when performing the tax action
  • Fixed a bug with the trigger 'is_land'
  • The republican CB to seize a whole coastal county is now range dependent
  • The republican CB to seize a coastal city now requires the Patrician to have a trade post there already
  • Can no longer grant independence to an antipope
  • Fixed a bug where de jure status of kingdoms would reset upon loading a save game
  • de_jure_liege="---" now works properly in history files
  • Tied bride price to total prestige gain at a ratio defined by DOWRY_MULTIPLIER in defines.lua
  • Can now only ask to embargo republics with trade posts in target ruler's realm
  • AI: Less willing to launch embargo wars in general, especially against rulers they like
  • AI: Less willing to accept requests to embargo on opinion alone
  • AI: Will now factor in strength of target when deciding on whether to accept a request to embargo
  • Inherited retinues are now added to the heirs use of retinue cap
  • CB types now takes ai_will_do with modifiers to modify the priority they place on a particular CB
  • Fixed the birthdate of Domenico Dandolo
  • Minor fixes to Alan dynasties
  • Fixes to Sergiids/Spartenos names
  • Corrections to various Italian characters
  • Several Mamluk dynasties should now use the proper Muslim dynastic shields
  • The correct event is now triggered when an old Patrician family member marries a young woman
  • The Voice of Satan is now properly removed when a character is no longer possessed
  • Characters will no longer hear more than one voice when possessed
  • Patrician family members that are betrothed will no longer experience random marriage events
  • Two additional childhood learning events are now correctly triggered for Muslims
  • Added additional Komi dynasties
  • Minor fixes to some Irish and Welsh characters
  • Added many new Ethiopian characters
  • Added Ethiopian Patriarchs
  • Added Nestorian Patriarchs
  • Exported chance of getting a birth trait to traits.txt files
  • AI doges will no longer gift powers they want to start embargo wars if those powers would say no even when gifted
  • Added new scripting trigger realm_size = x for checking total holdings in realm
  • Added new scripting trigger realm_manpower = x for checking max manpower in realm
  • dynasty = x can now be used to check for whether a character belongs to a specific dynasty
  • You no longer get a claim on the Papacy if he was in a successful independence faction
  • Fixed a slight bug in the claimant faction ultimatum decision
  • landed_titles now takes assimilate = no, which will turn off all de jure drift (both ways) for a Kingdom or Empire level title
  • Fixed a bug with Patricians revoking castles from baron vassals
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2013-05-25 11:23
Da_Hun képe
Mert sokan nem szokták nézni az új patcheket.

2013-04-29 18:35
Endlord képe
Miért 28 csak a letöltések száma ?!

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