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Crusader Kings II 1.09 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2013-01-20 09:19-kor, frissítve 2013-01-20 12:10-kor, megtekintve 2937 alkalommal
A Crusader Kings 2 1.09-es frissítése a számos javítás és újítás mellett a modderek részére is tartogat újdonságokat.

A javítás tartalma:


  • Merchant Republic gameplay (Duke or higher tier Republics with a coastal capital)
  • Added a 'Grant Independence' diplomatic interaction
  • Titles can now automatically change name depending on the culture of their top liege
  • The Reign length opinion modifiers are now dependent on how long a character has been the liege of someone, not how long the primary title has been held
  • Added 1241 Bookmark - "The Mongols"
  • Save file transfer now works on Mac
  • Reduced max demesne size from ruler tier, especially for Dukes
  • Reduced the effect of Stewardship on max demesne size (now 15%, down from 25%.)
  • Added a max demesne size bonus (+1) for dukes with more than one duchy
  • Increased the Prestige effects of a rank difference in marriages by a factor of 5
  • All merc regiments now grow in max size over time
  • Added more mercenary bands: Finns, Lapps, Abyssinians, Nubians, Lithuanians, Scots, Irish and Alans
  • Added Ultimogeniture succession law
  • Added Tanistry succession law


  • Fixed a bug with religions that have become or stopped being heresies not being correctly reset on reload
  • Sunset Invasion: Slightly increased the arrival strength of the Aztecs
  • Increased the strength of the Timurids
  • Added a hidden event that clears diplomatic immunity from faction members if the faction leader dies while waiting for the liege response to an ultimatum
  • When forming the Roman Empire, de jure assimilation into the Byzantine Empire is now carried over
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to declare excommunication wars on lieges above your immediate liege (the war would then invalidate)
  • AI: Will not attach units to allied units unless they are in the war target area
  • Fixed a bug where a king who was also emperor lost the empire title in a civil war, but retained all dukes as vassals under the kingdom
  • Fixed a crash in the province view
  • Retinues no longer cost maintenance when you are out of money ( since they do not reinforce when you are out of money )
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a character was exiled from the last existing republic
  • Fixed a bug with de jure withdrawal out of empires where the counter would reset and nothing would happen
  • AI: Infinitesimal chance that the AI will fold to faction demands from tiny factions
  • Fixed some bugs with the outcomes of the Imperial Reconquest CB
  • Fixed a bug with characters not always returning correctly from foreign courts
  • Fixed a CTD with the GamersGate in-game store API if there was a network error
  • Forbidding councillors from leading armies is now saved
  • Forbidding councillors from leading armies will no longer lead to an out of sync in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue where a settlement could be awarded to an enemy after a siege was won
  • Character screen no longer moves to front when it updates its data
  • When creating a new unit one subunit will automatically transfer over if the selected unit has at least two
  • Added a message for when someone takes over as a faction leader
  • Prerequisite building missing text in building tooltip is now localized
  • Fixed issue where character browser was showing some rulers when set to "all characters" and "no rulers"
  • AI: Fixed a somewhat borked odds calculation vs attached units
  • Army AI: Fixed an indecision issue - will be more determined to hunt down certain armies
  • Army AI: Fixed a bug with splinter armies putting the whole agent into retreat mode
  • Army AI: Fixed a rare collection livelock issue if a splinter army was besieging a holding
  • Army AI: Fixed a glitch with the potential target province calculation due to moving enemy units
  • Claimant Factions are no longer valid for non-elective titles if the claimant has no claim
  • Fixed a confusing "any demesne title" trigger tooltipRemoved the kingdom of Pommerania from the de jure HRE
  • Liege levy maintenance cost is now shared with sub vassals
  • The old liege now only gets weak claims on members of successful independence factions
  • Fixed a rare crash in AI flank leader unit assignment
  • Fixed an issue that could allow vassals of vassals to launch independence faction wars
  • Independence faction wars are now invalidated if the pre-war liege becomes vassalized himself
  • Fixed a bug where the successor of an Ecumenical Patriarch (or a vassal Pope) could change religion to the liege's.
  • Vassals of vassals can no longer start claimant factions for claimants in another realm
  • You now correctly gain Piety for granting bishoprics to courtiers
  • Muslim rulers no longer get Piety for creating a random mosque holder
  • Hamburg and Celle now have ports
  • Province of Alexandria adjusted to include the site of the actual city
  • Gender corrections to certain characters
  • Added missing parents for Roupen I of Armenia Minor
  • Fixed broken House Oitir dynasty
  • Fixed several Mongol characters having the wrong religion
  • Constantine de Hauteville is no longer female
  • Gytha Thorkelsdottir now has the correct deathdate
  • Louis d'Evreux now has the correct mother
  • Fixes to Václav II and descendants
  • William 'Adelin' now has the correct deathdate
  • Miscellaneous database corrections to the de Luxembourg dynasty
  • Miscellaneous database corrections for the Normans and the 1st Earl of Chester
  • Fixed the birthdate of Saint Louis IX of France and his brother Robert of Artois
  • Switched culture for two characters from Irish to Scottish
  • Fixes to Danish and Norwegian bastards
  • Added the Hvide Bishops of Roskilde
  • The culture of Khwarizm now changes to Turkish at the correct date
  • Updated the Jarls of Västergötland
  • Fixed various issues with wrong or missing mothers for Frankish characters
  • Fixed the lineage of Erik III of Denmark
  • Added new Maghreb Wikipedia links
  • Tweaked deathdate of Mubashir, Duke of Mallorca, and made him eunuch
  • Fixed the spelling of the de Cuiseaux dynasty
  • Corrections to the Af Sverker family
  • Fixes to the ruler history of the Perigord and La Marche counties
  • The Pirate King Kyrillos is now correctly imprisoned when captured through event
  • Added dynasty and descendants to Umar ibn Khattab
  • Fleshed out the the Rassid dynasty of Yemen
  • Additions to the Banu 'Amir dynasty and its descendants
  • Various changes and additions to the Hammudid dynasty
  • Added the Mayzadids of Hillah
  • Updated the Scottish name list
  • Minor changes and additions to the Italian name list
  • The Umayyad and Hashimid now have Muslim-style Coats of Arms
  • Added some missing Dukes of Brittany
  • Namechanges for several Scottish characters
  • Constantinople is now protected by the Theodosian Walls
  • Some corrections to Swedish kings and their families
  • Links for Hungarian names added
  • Changes to the Baltic pagan setup
  • Corrections to Birger Jarl's family line
  • All Armenian characters are now Miaphysite
  • Added descriptive texts of all buildings
  • Fixed issue with certain buildings referring to an obsolete Seljuk title
  • Updated the credits
  • Basra and Tigris now have the correct ruler in 1152
  • Blocked claimant factions for vassals of vassals under Medium or higher crown authority
  • Blocked most factions for vassals of vassals under Medium crown authority in addition to High and Absolute
  • Fixed a problem with the limit of children for heirs
  • AI: Fixed a bug with it not dismissing liege levies when done with them
  • The pre-spawned 1066 conquest armies in England now suffer normal attrition
  • Event spawned civil war armies now suffer normal attrition
  • Made the bastard birth event (450) more common
  • If married, women now fool their husbands about the parentage of children born from the bastard birth event (450)
  • Fixed a bug with kingdom adjudication and barony tier titles under lieges with split allegiances
  • Lowered the inheritance chance a bit for most congenital traits
  • Fixed some glitches with the Mongol conversion events
  • There is now a chance that the Ilkhanate will convert to Nestorianism
  • There is now a small chance that the Golden Horde will convert to Nestorianism
  • AI: Tweaked the effect of the Content trait on the creation and joining of Claimant factions
  • AI: A bit smarter about launching claimant ultimatums
  • Diplomacy View: Fixed a minor prestige tooltip issue when marrying lowborn characters
  • AI: Vassals of a conqueror's title should not support claimants of another culture
  • DoW AI: Now more aware of the possibility of mercs and the military value of Gold
  • AI: More keen on using mercs if even slightly outnumbered
  • AI: Very rich states are now more likely to use multiple merc regiments if needed
  • Renamed the merc fleets after sea zones
  • Added a hidden event to disband William's special invasion fleet
  • AI: Lords and their heirs always answer each other's call to wars
  • AI: Fixed a bug that could prevent the passing of laws
  • AI: Smarter about trying to institute Agnatic-Cognatic law
  • Retinues are now correctly passed on to the _player_ successor, not the primary title successor
  • Fixed a crash bug in the Diplo and Province views with character with a null list of enemies
  • Fixed a bug where characters inherited debts
  • Fixed a minor bug in the effect 'vassalize_or_take_under_title' that would allow vassalization of unvassalizable titles like the Hashashin
  • The religious CB now vassalizes lords of your own religion in the target Duchy
  • AI: Fixed an issue where lords would marry off their councillors matrilineally to lowborn courtiers
  • Fixed a bug with succession law opinions of children not of their parent's dynasty
  • Optimized the line of succession calculation code
  • AI: Fixed some bugs with elective successor choices
  • Fixed (hopefully) a gross bankruptcy bug with the 'transfer_scaled_wealth' effect
  • AI: External powers now more aggressive against civil war revolters
  • Various code speed optimizations
  • Fixed another bug with dead character in the Allies list
  • AI: Husband and Wife always answer each other's calls to war
  • Reversed the order of rulers in the Title History View (latest now on top)
  • Invasion AI: Fixed a bug where fleets were afraid of loaded armies on enemy fleets
  • Army AI: Fixed a brain death issue when under invasion by a Mercenary company whose unit was destroyed
  • Army AI: Fixed an issue where it would not raise its own demesne ships
  • AI: Will tend to hand out the latest acquired baronies rather than the oldest
  • The Traitor opinion is now inherited by ruler successors
  • Calling someone to war now makes them dislike you by the same amount you will like them for answering
  • Conquerors (rulers of conquered titles) can now call on rulers from back home (Cultural Bonds) while defending against other cultures
  • Fixed a rare crash in the Diplomacy View
  • The 'vassalize_or_take_under_title' effect now correctly restores the taker liege afterward
  • Fixed a bug where certain event effects in CBs could take Patrician titles
  • Fixed a bug with the backend poster not having a HTTP POST timeout
  • Fixed a bug with the random seed in event effect descriptions not matching the actual effect
  • Fixed a bug where rampaging mercs would make an invalid DoW
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from nominating bishop successors
  • Muslim pulse events are now triggered correctly
  • Fixed misplaced IF in decadence_invasion
  • Added additional rulers to Chalkidike in the history database
  • Chancellor event while improving relations is now properly triggered
  • Fixed error in polygamy event
  • Fixed issue with event where a character tries to free his/her spouse
  • Added missing parents to several Arabic characters
  • Added additional Alan dynasties
  • Fixes to several Welsh dynasty names
  • Some Armenian dynasty names are now Greek as intended
  • Fixed the dynasty of Udalard de Besalu
  • Characters older than 50 will no longer fight in tournaments
  • Fixed pronoun error in Guardian event
  • Removed superfluous church opinion effect from several Muslim-only event modifiers
  • Fixed issue where the wife of a courtier could suggest a new Lord Spiritual
  • Fixed option effect in event 1009
  • Added additional Irish and Welsh dynasties and characters
  • Added missing parents for the Riyahdids
  • Added Muslim Hafsids of Crete and the Anemas dynasty
  • Tatikios now has Greek culture and is employed by Alexios Komnenos
  • Various additions to Norwegian and Irish family trees


  • The event trigger and effect 'any_faction_backer' without a 'faction' field now work for the backers of all factions
  • The 'copy_title_history' effect now also copies de jure assimilation
  • Fixed some bugs with the 'de_jure_liege_or_above' and 'de_jure_vassal_or_below' triggers
  • Character event flags are now shown in the portrait debug tooltip
  • The modifier 'assassinate_chance_modifier' on the acting ruler now has an effect
  • Added trigger 'is_at_sea'
  • Added trigger 'is_patrician'
  • Added trigger 'is_merchant_republic'
  • Removed unused on actions 'on_siege_won' and 'on_siege_list'.
  • Added on action 'on_siege_over' which triggers for all characters in the province
  • Exported DOGE_SUCC_RANDOM_FACTOR to defines
  • Added effects 'embargo' and 'lift_embargo'
  • Added trigger 'has_trade_post'
  • Added event target 'trade_post_owner'
  • Added event effect 'seize_trade_post'
  • Added 'attrition' field to the 'spawn_unit' effect. This is an attrition multiplier.
  • Added 'cuckoo' (impregnation) console command
  • Added 'culture = random' to 'create_character' and related event effects
  • Added 'rep_trade_posts' Plot type
  • Added define 'ENFORCE_ONE_OF_EACH_HOLDING' (Require players to build at least one City, Temple and Castle in each province)
  • Added event target 'plot_target_province'
  • Added a 'capital_holding' event target
  • Added trigger 'num_of_trade_posts'
  • Added trigger 'num_of_trade_post_diff'
  • Added event trigger 'any_trade_post'
  • Added event effect 'any_trade_post'
  • Added event effect 'random_trade_post'
  • Added 'same_religion = yes' field to the effect 'vassalize_or_take_under_title'. It will only vassalize rulers of the taker's religion
  • Added 'is_patrician' filter to events
  • Increased max demesne size limit for Patricians by 1 (define DEMESNE_MAX_SIZE_PATRICIAN)
  • Added trigger 'any_attacker' (war scope)
  • Added trigger 'any_defender' (war scope)
  • Added 'inherit' field to opinion modifiers
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