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Crusader Kings II 1.10 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2013-05-29 15:49-kor, frissítve 2013-05-29 21:02-kor, megtekintve 4385 alkalommal
Egy nagyobb verziószámlépéssel és rengeteg újítással megjelent a játék 1.1-es javítócsomagja.

A frissítés tartalma:


  • Completely revised technology system
  • Revised buildings to fit the new tech system
  • Added a Raiding and Loot system
  • Revised the Religious Authority system, with Holy Sites for all religions
  • Major rivers, navigable by Norse Pagans
  • Norse pagans can prepare invasions
  • Pagans and Zoroastrians can take concubines
  • Multiplayer should now work between all three platforms (Windows, OSX and Linux)
  • Added new "The Mongols" bookmark set in 1220
  • Added the County and Duchy of Amalfi (merchant republic)
  • Added "Steppe" terrain


  • Revised many shields, courtesy of Txini
  • Added court search option to character finder, which lists only characters in your court
  • Can now mark characters as special interest from the character view
  • If a character of special interest dies, they will now be removed from characters of special interest
  • Landed characters of special interest who die will now pass on their special interest status to their heir
  • Dead spouses are now shown with the old previous/next spouse buttons
  • Updated the tutorial
  • Outliner: Clicking a family palace now opens the republic view
  • Republic View: Fixed a glitch with the trade post limit tooltip
  • Character View: Landed councillors and foreign prisoners are no longer listed under your court tab
  • Succession View: Added some religion specific death texts
  • Ransom Prisoner now works when you select the prisoner through the normal interface too
  • The "Ask to Ransom Prisoner" interaction no longer shows up when it should not
  • Diplo View: Fixed a glitch with the prestige from marriage icon
  • Diplo View: If arranging a marriage in your own court, the female will always be regarded as "your" party, for correct prestige
  • Bulgarians now use western slavic graphics instead of eastern
  • Can no longer see the Release Prisoner interaction if the prisoner is not yours
  • Can no longer see the Exile Prisoner interaction if the prisoner is not yours
  • Fixed a glitch with white text in the tooltip for the 'religion_authority' effect
  • Fixed bug with missing sound 'transferregimentship'
  • Event spawned regiments now have names
  • Added delayed tooltips to explain tribal and titular titles in the Title View
  • Fixed a refresh issue with on-map province names
  • Fixed a refresh issue with on-map CoAs
  • Fixed some trigger tooltips
  • Fixed several issues with missing parameters and wrong strings in succession marriage and betrothal interaction texts
  • Fixed a misleading tooltip in independence faction revolter war score
  • Revised some message categories to get the correct event window frames
  • Improved the tooltip on the diplo relations map mode
  • The cultural title names are now updated correctly even before you start a game
  • Adjusted diplomatic colors in Scandinavia
  • The Polish counties now all have reddish political color instead of bright green
  • Improved the create and usurp title tooltip so it shows more info even if some requirements are false


  • Fixed multiple crash issues
  • Fixed some "out of sync" issues with multiplayer
  • Some further speed optimizations
  • Liege levies now have 0 morale when raised
  • Bastards may now marry normally. If they have children, they will start a new dynasty.
  • Birth rates have been reduced a lot
  • Independent dukes of certain cultures are now called kings (of "Petty" kingdoms)
  • You now need more than 50% of the de jure counties to usurp or create a title
  • Added a special event for the rise of the Shi'a Caliphate
  • Increased the max distance to hire mercs
  • You are now allowed to switch commanders if no crown law applies
  • Reworked the penalty for overrunning your max demesne size so it does not crush small demesnes completely
  • Prisoners who are close relatives to the main participants are now automatically released after a war
  • You now only get a "mercy" opinion bonus with your vassals for releasing a vassal ruler
  • Fixed a bug where mercenaries would sometimes be raised in a wasteland province
  • Fixed a bug where the military view sound would play repeatedly if window was kept open
  • Catholic Holy Orders will no longer fight other Christians unless they are a heresy of Catholicism
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Chancellor is looking at my wife' event had a 99%+ chance to fire each year.
  • Revised many cultural first names
  • Only Christian prelates care about traits like Chaste, Celibate and Lustful
  • Demand Conversion now also converts the court of the recipient
  • Revised Gavelkind succession to work better and be smarter about titles that characters already hold
  • Prevented Gavelkind exploit where you could grant your oldest child and heir extra titles before succession
  • Fixed a bug where you were allowed to send off imprisoned children to be educated in other courts
  • No longer able to grant honorary titles to vassals of vassals that are currently in revolt
  • Made the events where people claim they would make a better councillor rarer
  • Fixed a potential problem with Patricians moving to another court for no reason
  • Primogeniture: Fixed a bug where living mothers could inherit ahead of younger sons
  • Increased the minimum religious authority required to ask for invasions and excommunication
  • Vassal religious heads can now grant the invasion CB
  • Fixed an issue where you would vassalize the pope in wars over Rome if he had minor holdings there
  • Fixed a bug where the laws would not always get updated along with the government type
  • Increased the chance of getting the inbred traits
  • Fixed a problem with laws not being validated on religion change
  • Most randomly generated men now start out lowborn
  • Tweaked dynasty name generation for newly landed Lowborn characters
  • Improved choice of exile for married characters
  • Shared revolter occupation war score now works when the liege is the attacker too
  • Corrected the region around the Aral Sea
  • Added a duchy of Samarkand
  • Fixed a bug with the surrender effect of Holy Wars
  • Posthumously born children of Doges no longer get a claim on the Republic
  • Fixed a bug where the presence of live Zoroastrians in the game would mess up various Mongol events
  • Fixed a glitch where newly activated titles could be labelled Theocracies
  • Can no longer offer vassalization to someone you have granted independence
  • Moved the duchies of Tabriz and Azerbaijan de jure into the kingdom of Persia
  • Added an event where powerful vassals can choose independence after a successful Decadence invasion
  • Added an Empire of Italia
  • Added de jure Empire of Tartaria
  • Added de jure Wendish Empire
  • Added de jure empire of Carpathia
  • Added de jure empires of Mali and Abyssinia
  • Gave the Pechenegs a kingdom tier title
  • The kingdom of Italy is now a de jure part of the HRE in 1066
  • Outsiders can now ask to join "other" claimant wars
  • Added a Muslim Caliphal subjugation CB, much like the pagan one
  • Simplified and improved the Tribal Invasion CB
  • Tribal titles can no longer de jure assimilate duchies and kingdoms
  • Tribal titles are now destroyed if held by someone with normal titles of the same or higher tier
  • Added a number of tribal tags, mostly intended for the 867 start
  • The event "Comet Sighted" can now actually fire
  • Fixed an issue where counties and minor baronies could given a null holder
  • Fixed some issues with the outcome of claimants getting king+ tier titles
  • Fixed an issue with the outcome of usurpation and grant title event effects for the primary title of a holder with multiple highest tier titles
  • Fixed an issue with newly activated titles getting the wrong government type
  • Non-pagan Temple type characters no longer inherit claims
  • Added new ambition: "Become King of X". Cannot be cancelled.
  • No longer allowed to land eunuchs with feudal holdings
  • Fixed a bug preventing a complete victory against a landless enemy with only fleets
  • Blocked the whole event chain leading up to bastard children for muslims
  • Added vassal Opinions of a liege who lets a guardian of the right or wrong culture educate their heir
  • Fixed a rather bad error in combat with the defensive religious bonus
  • When the primary title is taken from a Caliph, the Caliphate should now go with it if the taker can hold it
  • Fixed some bugs with the creation triggers for the Sunni and Shi'a Caliphates and the Latin Empire
  • Higher tier bishops are no longer generated with dynasties either
  • Now allowed to pick a lowborn character to play in the lobby, if he will get a dynasty as soon as the game starts
  • Added Bolghar and Khazar cultures
  • Fixed a bug with culture-less holders being created for baronies that had had a scripted holder before being taken out of circulation
  • Gave the Volga Finnic tribes some new duchies
  • Added two now cultures: Mordvin and Samoyed
  • Revised province cultures in the Finnic areas
  • Added an Avar culture
  • Independence faction leaders are no longer imprisoned on white peace
  • Added creation condition to the kingdom of Hungary
  • Reshuffled some de jure provinces around Lithuania and created the duchy of Grodno
  • Fixed a bug with regnal numbers and moving back in history past the first holder of a title
  • No longer allowed to grant independence to de jure vassals of your own religion
  • Inactive titles no longer get holders automatically until explicity activated
  • The Holy Orders are now properly deactivated with no rulers until they appear
  • The Mongols are now properly deactivated with no rulers until they appear
  • The Aztecs are now properly deactivated with no rulers until they appear
  • Open Elective realms now only get Lowborn rulers and courtiers
  • The arriving Mongol Khans are now Batu and Hulegu
  • Fixed a bug with dead Caliphs no longer being styled "Caliph"
  • Fixed a slight bug in the claimant faction ultimatum decision
  • Split the Swedish county of Småland and adjusted the history files
  • Added the county of Bar (split from Verdun), with history courtesy of Voy
  • Fixed some issues with the trigger 'revolt_risk' and made sure it's used correctly everywhere
  • Added Slavic Pagan religion
  • Added some more straits to Rügen and the Western Isles
  • Made Venice a single county de jure kingdom
  • Cut the strait to Venezia
  • Adjusted the Nubian region de jure
  • Adjusted culture and religion history in Cilicia
  • Moved c_viviers (Vivarais) from d_toulouse to d_dauphine
  • Slightly adjusted the border around Uppland, Västmanland and Gästrikland
  • De jure change: Sarpa to Azov and Kasogs to Alania
  • De jure change: Portucale to Portugal
  • De jure change: Hedmark to Ostlandet
  • De jure change: Foix to Toulouse
  • De jure change: Nice to Provence
  • De jure change: The kingdom of Wallachia no longer part of the ERE
  • De jure change: Armenia Minor to Anatolia and renamed "Cilicia"
  • De jure change: New duchy of Jazira
  • De jure change: Al Bichri to Syria
  • De jure change: Cut the Duchy of Oxford. Gave its counties to Essex/Bedford and Hwicce/Gloucester.
  • De jure change: Qwivir to Hamadan
  • De jure change: Dailam to Tabaristan
  • De jure change: Bjarmia to Perm
  • De jure change: Tyumen to Cumania
  • De jure change: Aktobe to Cumania
  • Increased the Permian province sizes for aesthetic reasons
  • The Pomeranians are now Slavic Pagans
  • 1066: Fixed a bug with the county of Pavia
  • Changed name of Maghreb culture to Berber
  • The names of Interesting Muslims should now be displayed correctly
  • Dead sons should no longer participate in Family Feuds
  • Added title history for the Byzantine Empire going back all the way to Augustus
  • Added Saladin as an Interesting Character in "The Third Crusade" bookmark
  • Added Khagans Batu and Hulegu as Interesting Characters in "Rise of the Hansa" bookmark
  • Added Wikipedia links to numerous characters
  • Adjusted position of Reykjavik on the map
  • Fixes to the Von Sayn dynasty
  • Added unique council titles for Greek rulers
  • Baldwin V of Jerusalem now has the correct dynasty
  • Province owners will no longer burn down Trade Posts belonging to a vassal's vassal
  • Added missing Sayyid trait to Ummayad characters
  • Alexander Nevsky now has some scripted traits
  • Ezzelino III da Romano now has some scripted traits
  • Friends and Rivals events should now be a bit more common
  • Added Margraves of Susa
  • Various changes and fixes to several Welsh characters
  • Corrections and additions to House Maelienydd
  • House Ua Flaithbertaig / Ua Briáin Seóla dynasty filled out
  • Additions to House of Mathrafal Powys
  • Fixes to the Trpimirovic dynasty
  • Character 455520 is no longer female
  • Gaston the Crusader no longer gets his nickname on birth
  • Additions to the de Holland dynasty
  • Fixed issues with later Ylving monarchs
  • Various fixes and additions related to Ida von Cham
  • Bahri Sultan of Egypt's children now have the correct culture
  • Ramiro Garcés now has Basque culture
  • Added additional holders for the Bishopric of Roskilde
  • Fixes to the de Rethel dynasty
  • Added Tewdwr dynasty, precursors to the House of Tudor
  • Fixes to the marriages of Frederick Barbarossa
  • Added the bastards of Henry Beauclerc
  • Added missing wife and sons of Herluin de Conteville
  • Graphical updates to many coats of arms
  • Changed traits of Caliph al-Mustansir
  • Fixed the names of some English characters
  • Added King John's missing children
  • Fixes and additions to the af Munsö dynasty
  • Additions and changes to the de la Pole dynasties
  • Various changes to Nizam al-Mulk
  • Gyda Eiriksdottir now has the correct father
  • Fixes and additions to the Yngling dynasty
  • Fixed and additions to the Capetian dynasty
  • Tiborg de Provence now has the correct father
  • Fixes and changes to Stephen of Blois' family
  • Added missing marriage to Welf Guelph
  • Changes to Boleslaw II the Bold and his close family
  • Hoël of Nantes is no longer lowborn
  • Hugh 'the Red' de Sully now has his own dynasty
  •  Burgonde de Bachaumont is now properly female
  • Fixed a bug with event 248 for unlanded characters


  • Tweaked military AI to be a bit smarter
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would disband Holy Orders even if they were fighting religious enemies and could afford them
  • Will no longer attempt to use Holy Orders to siege enemy provinces of the same religion
  • Muslims will now make use of Holy Orders when fighting other Muslim faiths
  • A bit more focused on de jure grants
  • Will not create claimant factions for the parents of the current ruler
  • Fixed a bug with Patricians not educating their children
  • More careful about raising Crown Authority to the highest levels
  • Electors will now tend to vote for other dynasties if the reigning one is too powerful in the realm
  • Adjusted title revokation acceptance for baron tier characters
  • More nasty plots against overly powerful dynasties
  • Likelier to start and join claimant factions against overly powerful dynasties, if the claimant is of another dynasty
  • Fixed an issue with nominations for Catholic Bishoprics
  • Emperors will now sometimes destroy held kingdom titles
  • Will now often join claimant wars pushing their claim for some title
  • Tweaked marriage chances between pagans
  • Tweaked title creation/usurpation for tribes
  • Smarter about fabricating claims
  • Improved choice of "assimilation culture"
  • Tweaked guardian selection while desiring to assimilate into the local culture
  • Fixed some DoW targetting issues
  • Certain religions are now more passive, some more aggressive
  • Tweaked opinion effect on DoWs
  • Fixed an Elective voting indecision issue
  • Snappier about picking an ambition
  • Will be less stubborn about marrying for an alliance if it has no valid player successor
  • Fixed a bug where it could dismiss special event spawned troops
  • Will now prioritize recreating destroyed religious head titles
  • DoW prio to tribes so they will try to take their de jure kingdom
  • Will not offer to join holy wars to defend someone in another region (overseas), unless it neighbors them somewhere
  • Will do more actions towards its vassals even while at war
  • A bit better at handing out minor titles
  • Fixed a bug where non-patrician baron tier vassals would always say yes to all diplomacy
  • Will not pose claimant ultimatums while the claimant is fighting a war together with the liege
  • Will save some of its state so it can be more consistent after reload


  • Added system for excluding use of inappropriate names for religious reasons
  • Added religion_modifiers, these are temporary modifiers to a religion's MA score
  • Added scripting commands add_consort = x and is_consort = yes/no/x
  • Added 'consort' event target
  • Added 'christian_opinion' to traits
  • Added 'christian_church_opinion' to traits
  • Added 'zoroastrian_opinion' to traits
  • Disabled the character history command 'give_job_title' (use an effect instead)
  • Added trigger 'dynasty_realm_power'
  • Added console command: init_laws [title]
  • Exported FERTILITY_BASE_MULT to defines
  • Exported many values to defines
  • Added 'spawn_fleet' effect that can match characters
  • Traits can now be marked as religious, which will clear them out if a character changes religion
  • Added dynasty flag 'used_for_random'
  • Fixed a bug with the 'controls_religion' event trigger
  • Added parameter 'disband_on_peace' to the event effect 'spawn_unit'
  • Event spawned sub units can now be marked as not inheritable (cannot_inherit = yes)
  • Added safeguards to prevent strange crashes when trying to add non-existent temporary modifiers
  • Added 'adjective' event effect
  • Tweaked the 'set_name' effect so that it can reset title names
  • Added trigger and effect 'any_consort'
  • Added effect 'random_consort'
  • Added title history commands 'name', 'adjective', 'reset_name' and 'reset_adjective'
  • Event effects can now be run in title history as well
  • Added 'insert_title_history' event command'
  • Added event effect 'cancel_job_action'
  • Added event effect 'remove_holding_modifier'
  • Added event effect 'refill_holding_levy'
  • Added Casus Belli type flags 'apply_short_occ_mod' and 'apply_short_occ_mod'. These control whether or not the "Recently Conquered" and "New Administration" holding modifiers are set on victory.
  • Added an 'aggression' field to religions (AI parameter)
  • The 'create_character' effect now correctly defaults to 'dynasty = random'
  • Added event effect 'make_primary_title'
  • Fixed some minor issues with the triggers 'higher_tier_than' and 'lower_tier_than'
  • Fixed a bug with the 'de_jure_vassal_or_below' trigger
  • Fixed an issue with the effect 'usurp_title_plus_barony_if_unlanded_and_vassals' vs holders with multiple kingdoms
  • Added 'can_cancel' flag to character ambitions
  • Added trigger 'attribute_diff'
  • Added trigger 'is_reformed_religion'
  • Fixed some issues with trigger 'is_parent_religion'
  • Fixed an issue with decision scripts and very low likelihoods
  • Can now specify 'used_for_dynasty_names' in landed titles
  • Added trigger 'holy_order'
  • Fixed a bug with "religion" change at a certain date in the character histories
  • Exported SHORT_REIGN_OPINION_MULT to defines
  • Added a 'short_reign_opinion_year_mult' field to religions that can override the define SHORT_REIGN_OPINION_MULT
  • Added trigger:
    num_culture_realm_provs = {
    num = X
    culture = [tag/target]
  • Added trigger:
    num_religion_realm_provs = {
    num = X
    religion = [tag/target]
  • Added "Killer" character text promotion
  • Added "GetSonDaughter" character text
  • Added trigger: preparing_invasion = [yes/no]
  • Added event target: invasion_target
  • History: Added proper working support for removing holdings
  • Individual dynasties can now be overridden by mods without replacing the whole file
  • Exported define PAGAN_HOME_SUPPLY_MOD
  • Added 'defensive_attrition' to religions
  • The creation trigger on landed titles now has the title itself in the FROM scope
  • Added trigger 'any_previous_holder'
  • Death and birth dates in character history files now only use the outer date. (Ignores the X in "birth = X")
  • Added trigger 'relative_power'
  • Added 'piety_cost' and 'prestige_cost' to casus bellis. This means they are visible to select even if you currently don't have enough Piety or Prestige.
  • Added 'match_min' and 'match_max' parameters to the 'spawn_unit' and 'spawn_fleet' effects
  • Added 'female_temple_holders' field to religions
  • Scripted in a 'allow_distant' parameter in CBs
  • Added on action 'on_siege_over_winner'
  • Added PREVPREVPREVPREV scope (does not work everywhere)
  • Added 'GetFatherMother' parameter to text
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