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Diablo III 1.04 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2012-08-23 17:52-kor, frissítve 2012-08-23 17:52-kor, megtekintve 2414 alkalommal
Megérkezett az 1.0.4-es verziószámú Diablo 3 frissítés. A patch számos hibajavítást és újítást, változtatást tartalmaz.

A javítás részletei:


    • New System added: Paragon Levels
      • After a player reaches level 60, killing monsters and completing combat challenge streaks (Killing Blow, Massacre, etc) will begin to award experience towards Paragon levels
      • There are 100 Paragon levels
      • Every Paragon level will reward you with:
        • Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts similar to what you'd gain from a normal level
        • 3% Magic Find and 3% Gold Find
      • In addition, a distinctive border will surround your character portrait in the in-game party frame to denote your Paragon progression, with a new frame earned after every ten levels. Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown.
  • Pets with passive life regeneration (most notably Followers, Zombie Dogs, and Gargantuans) have had their life regeneration greatly increased from levels 30-60
  • Nephalem Valor now grants +15% Bonus Experience per stack, as well as +15% to Magic Find and Gold Find
  • Magic Find will now cap at 300% (Nephalem Valor bonuses will still stack beyond this cap)
  • Magic Find is no longer averaged among all players in a multiplayer game
  • Players can now disable or enable music in the Sound Options
  • Additional Sound Options including Sound Output and Speaker Setup has been added
  • A new tutorial about "Elective Mode" will now appear when a player enters Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno difficulty for the first time


Bug Fixes

  • The achievement "Espionage" can now be completed as the Battlefield Reports lore can now drop in Act III
  • The achievement "A Unique Collection" can now be completed (see the Bug Fixes in the Monsters section for more information)
  • The "Kill Diablo" criteria for the achievement "Death From Afar" has been removed


    • Auctions can now be cancelled at any point so long as they do not have any active bids
    • Number of "Preferred Stats" allowed per search increased from 3 to 6
    • Number of digits allowed in the "Min Value" field for equipment searches increased from 3 to 5
    • "Minimum Damage" has been replaced with "Average Damage" as a searchable stat
      • Bonus damage is calculated as the Average Damage: (Min Damage + Max Damage) / 2
      • For example, searching for a Bonus Damage of 12 will find an item with 10-14 damage, 12 minimum damage, or 24 maximum damage
  • Stat increases which come from slotted gems are no longer taken into account when searching for equipment
  • Armor, DPS, Buyout, and Time Left columns are now sortable in the Search tab
  • The maximum stack size of gold per listing has been increased from 100,000 to 1,000,000
  • The following message has been added to the Item Purchase screen: "Item properties and values may change over time due to game balancing"
  • Description text has been added or improved for several error messages

UI Improvements

  • Tooltips have been added for items in the Completed tab
  • Tooltips have been added for commodities
  • Item Compare tooltips have been added to the Recommended Items page
  • The listing price of unsold and cancelled auctions will now display in the Completed tab
  • The Auctions tab and Completed tab will now refresh when a player’s item has been purchased

Bug Fixes

  • Auction house search filters are now no longer case sensitive
  • Players can now search for stats on Legendary items
  • "Attack Speed" is now a searchable affix for quivers
  • "Chance to Blind on Hit" is now a searchable affix for amulets
  • Items with the "Level Requirement Reduced" affix will now properly appear in search results when specifying the level range
  • Searches will now properly filter results according to the set Minimum and Maximum values for "Life per Spirit Spent"
  • Witch doctor’s Corpse Spider bonus is now listed when searching for mojos
  • The Recommended Items page will now display quivers for demon hunters even if the player has a two-handed ranged weapon equipped


  • The "Report Spam" option is now available in the main menu when right-clicking on a player's name (rather than being hidden in the "Report" sub-menu)
  • Reporting another player for chat spam using "Report Spam" option will now also temporarily mute that player for the duration of your login session
  • Reporting another player for friend request spam using the "Report Spam" option in the Friends List will now also automatically decline that player’s friend request
  • The Quick Join window has been improved
  • More information about Global Play (and its restrictions) has been added to the Account tab
  • The game will now display both on the login and character select screen which region a player is currently logging into


  • Clicking on achievement toasts will now provide more information about the achievement
  • The Public chat menu will now indicate which channels a player has already joined
  • /who and /invite commands can now be used in all channels
  • "DND" and "AFK" tags have been added to the "You are now Busy" and "You are now Away" status messages (respectively)
  • Shift-left-clicking on a player’s name will now display the following information: [Name]: [Level][Mode][Class] – [Act (difficulty)] (i.e. "[Pixie]: Level 45 Hardcore Barbarian – Act I (Nightmare)")
  • Chat Channel and Party message formatting has been updated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused items from the Normal gold auction house to display in the Hardcore gold auction house when a player switched between characters during periods of high latency
  • The chat commands /p and /party now work correctly when joining Public Games
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on a link to a fake item that contained more sockets than is possible


  • Boss rooms have been standardized so that, after the boss fight is complete, players will always be able to do the following:
    • Use Town Portal to leave the room
    • Re-enter the room again via Town Portal as well as the room's entrance portal


  • Abilities
    • Insect Swarm
      • Projectiles can now be slowed


    • Abilities
      • Breath Attack
        • Pets and Followers should now only take 10% damage from the breath attack
      • Gas Cloud
        • The rate at which Ghom spawns Gas Clouds has been reduced by approximately 20%
        • The cooldown on Ghom's Gas Cloud attack has been increased from 6-10 seconds to 10-13 seconds
        • Pets and Followers should now only take 5% damage from Gas Clouds
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where certain movement skills were granting immunity to Ghom's gas clouds if cast while inside the cloud (and if the player never left the cloud’s area of effect)


  • Bug Fixes
    • Players can no longer bypass the chains that appear during the "Heart of Sin: Kill the Daughters" event


  • Abilities
    • Fire Ball
      • Projectiles can now be slowed


  • Bug Fixes
    • Skipping Izual's cut-scene should no longer cause players to become trapped behind his ice barrier
    • Fixed a bug where Izual’s Charge attack would not do any damage
    • Fixed a bug where Izual’s Charge attack could damage players twice
    • Fixed a bug where Izual could become immune to damage when at 30% health under rare circumstances


  • Bug Fixes
    • Rakanoth is now properly immune to crowd control effects when enraged in Inferno difficulty


  • Bug Fixes
    • Diablo's Bone Cage debuff will now be properly removed from the player during a phase transition if the cut-scene is skipped
    • Fixed an issue where triggering a phase transition while grasped by Diablo could cause both the player and Diablo to become temporarily invisible
    • Fixed an issue that caused Diablo to not summon Shadow Clones of the player if Seven-Sided Strike was cast at the appropriate time


  • A repair tab has been added to the Blacksmith

Bug Fixes

  • Gem-combine designs for Amethysts and Emeralds should no longer contain typos


  • The last follower a player had active in a single-player game will now be restored automatically after leaving a multiplayer game
  • The frequency of follower dialog has been reduced


    • All level 60- 62 damage affixes have had their Minimum and Maximum top-end damage values increased
      • Level 63 items will still roll the highest potential damage values in the game, but the damage difference between level 60-62 items and level 63 items just won’t be as dramatic as it was before
      • Note: This will only impact items created or dropped after patch 1.0.4
    • Two-handed melee weapons have made more viable:
      • Two-handed melee weapons can now roll their own affixes for core stats as well as higher damage values (as compared to one-handed melee weapons)
        • Core stat values have been increased by approximately 70%
        • Note: This does not affect two-handed ranged weapons
      • Additional affix changes for two-handed melee weapons include:
        • + Crit Damage, Life on Hit, Life After Each Kill, and Life Steal values can now roll up to 200%
        • Note: This does not affect two-handed ranged weapons
      • Note: These changes will only impact items created or dropped after patch 1.0.4
    • All off-hand items (mojos, orbs, quivers, shields) can now roll Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in the same ranges as Armor and Weapons
      • Note: This will only affect off-hand items created or dropped after patch 1.0.4
  • Off-hands can now roll Reduced Level Requirement
  • Drop rate on quivers has been reduced
  • +MaxFury and +MaxSpirit will no longer roll on ranged weapons
  • Max Block amount on shields with an item level of 59 and higher has been changed so they all provide the same amount of Max Block
  • Repair costs have been reduced by up to 25% for item levels between 53 and 63
  • Weapon racks have had their weapon drop rate restored to 100%, though weapons are more likely be of Common quality (white or grey items)
  • Destructible objects now have a chance to drop items again
  • The text color of gems, potions, crafting pages and tomes dropped on the ground has been changed from white to light blue
  • The maximum stack size of gems has been increased from 30 to 100
  • The gem drop sound effect is now more noticeable

Legendary Items

    • Significant changes have been made to Legendary items:
      • Custom proc effects have been added to over 50 Legendary items and Set item bonuses
      • All Legendary items will now roll with at least one of the following affixes to ensure that their DPS is viable: +Elemental Damage, +Attack Speed, +Critical Damage, +%damage, Has Sockets
      • Affix values on Legendary items are no longer demoted and will now roll at their maximum potential
      • Many lower level Legendary items have had their affix count increased to 6
      • Legendary items based on Uniques from previous Diablo games have received a tuning pass to make their stats more reflective of their ancestors
      • The chance for a Legendary item to drop that's below an item level of 50 has been increased
      • Item level 63 Legendary items have been added to the game
      • Legendary Sets:
        • All item level 61 set pieces have been increased to item level 63 (excluding rings and amulets), and had their base item changed from late Hell/early Inferno to late Inferno
        • Class-specific sets are now guaranteed to have the class’s core stat on every item in the set
      • Summoned Creatures:
        • Creatures summoned by Legendary item procs should now follow the player or Follower with the item equipped
        • Creatures summoned by Legendary item procs should now have combat awareness similar to Followers
        • Creatures summoned by Legendary item procs should now their level determined by the Legendary item level
  • Please note that these changes will only apply to new Legendary items that drop or are created after patch 1.0.4. Legendary items which dropped or were created prior to patch 1.0.4 will remain unchanged (this also applies to items which have not been identified yet). To distinguish these items from one another, new Legendary items will have slightly different names and appearances from those dropped or created prior to 1.0.4.


  • Squirt the Peddler has permanently moved from the Caldeum Bazaar up to the Hidden Camp, as she heard people liked buying Health Potions up there

Bug Fixes

  • Legendary items (pre- and post-1.0.4) with the +Attack Speed affix should now work correctly
  • Items with +Chance to Stun on Hit now have the suffix "of Staggering" instead of "of Devastation"
  • Multiple chests that had a small chance of dropping loot into unreachable locations have been repositioned slightly to prevent this from happening
  • Fixed a bug where Normal chests found in Bastion keep were dropping items from too low of a treasure class (these chests will now drop the same class of items as other Normal chests throughout the game)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to see properties of unidentified items


    • Monsters across the game have had a pass to make their experience and loot rewards more proportional to the effort required to kill them
      • For example, Imps and Tormented Stingers grant less XP and drop less items, but Lacuni Warriors grant increased XP and drop more items
    • Experience awarded by level 61-63 monsters has been increased by approximately 60%
    • Normal monsters should now drop Magic (blue) items and Rare (yellow) items approximately 4 times more than before
    • Bonus health granted to monsters in co-op games has been reduced to 75% per additional player for all difficulties:
      • Normal: (no change)
      • Nightmare: 85% → 75%
      • Hell: 95% → 75%
      • Inferno: 105% → 75%
    • Monster damage and health and drop rates has been adjusted for Inferno as follows:
      • Normal monsters now have a greatly increased chance to drop Magic (blue) and Rare (yellow) items
      • Act I
        • Elite monster health reduced by 11%
      • Act II
        • Normal monster health increased by 4%
        • Elite monster health reduced by 8%
        • Overall damage done by all monsters reduced by 8%
      • Act III and Act IV
        • Normal monster health increased by 10%
        • Elite monster health reduced by 2.5%
        • Overall damage done by all monsters reduced by 15%
  • Spine Hewer, Skeletal Reaper, Skull Cleaver, and Swift Skull Cleaver damage has been reduced by approximately 37%
  • Sarkoth <Hoarder of Treasure> has had his loot quality and health adjusted slightly
  • Quill Fiends in the Dank Cellar will now drop less additional gold (but will still drop more than other Quill Fiends) and should now properly turn hostile when confronted by a player
  • Blood Clan Ranged monsters should now run away less often and for shorter distances
  • Moon Clan Ranged monsters should now run away for shorter distances
  • Snakeman Casters now have a melee attack
  • Snakeman Casters' Electric Burst now has a max channeling duration of 7 seconds
  • Rockworms should now burrow less frequently after unburrowing, and will unburrow more quickly after burrowing
  • Succubus blood star projectiles can now be slowed
  • Brickhouse monsters (e.g. Demonic Tremors) should now Arm Shields and enrage less often, and will no longer gain an increase in damage while enraged
  • Possessed monsters can no longer spawn with the Illusionist affix
  • Fast mummies (Betrayed, Accursed, and Reviled) can no longer spawn with the Illusionist affix
  • Pets and Followers should now only take 10% damage from a Fast mummy's Poison Death Cloud
  • Heralds of Pestilence no longer attack pets and Followers
  • The first and third levels of Leoric’s Dungeon now have a total of five Uniques that can be spawned
  • Reduced the chance of a skeletal Rare pack to spawn in the Cemetery of the Forsaken from 50% to 20%
  • The lone Champion Shaman in the Demonic Trebuchet is no longer considered a Champion
  • The treasure goblin spawn has been removed from the Road to Alcarnus

Champions and Rares

  • Champion and Rare monsters will no longer enrage after prolonged combat, and they will no longer heal to full health after not being engaged
  • Jailer can now no longer appear with Knockback, Nightmarish, or Vortex
  • Invulnerable Minions has been removed as a possible affix
  • Fire Chains damage has been reduced by 20%
  • Nightmarish monsters will now make players immune to Fear for 6 seconds after the Fear is cast on the player
  • Plagued, Frozen, and Mortar monsters will now do only 10% of their damage to pets and Followers
  • Shielding monsters will no longer shield if they are the last monster left in the area, and only one monster in a given pack can be shielded at a time
  • The spawn points of Arcane Enchanted beams have been adjusted slightly to be more spread out, and their damage has been reduced by approximately 30%
  • Champion and Rare Fallen Lunatics have been removed from both Zoltun Kulle dungeons
  • Swarm monsters now have a more pronounced Champion and Rare appearance

Bug Fixes

  • Mortar monster projectiles should no longer be aimed within the monster's dead zone
  • Waller monsters can no longer spawn walls on top of players
  • Plagued, Arcane Enchanted, and Electrified minions no longer have resistance to Poison, Arcane, or Lightning damage (respectively)
  • Dark Moon Shaman Champions and Rares now correctly show their affixes
  • Dark Moon Shaman’s Empower ability will now properly reduces all types of incoming damage
  • Oppressors' Charge attack will no longer deal damage to players twice
  • Berserkers now have the proper "blue glow" of Champions
  • The Champion pack at the end of Kyr the Weaponsmith's event "A Reputation Restored" will now drop loot and give experience
  • The common and Champion skeletons that spawn from the treasure chest during the zombie ambush event in Act I, Cathedral level 4 will now drop loot and give experience
  • The Goatman Ambush event in the Fields of Misery will now properly spawn a full pack of Champions (instead of just one Champion)
  • The Aspect of Terror will now drop at least one Magic (blue) item, and its clones will now only drop health globes
  • The Flying Molok can no longer turn invisible and become un-targetable
  • The Bloated Malachor’s damage has been normalized to be in line with the rest of his other monster variants
  • Killing Sardar's illusions will no longer trigger quest completion for "Sardar’s Treasure: Kill Sardar"; the quest will now properly complete when Sardar is slain (this is because Sardar is no longer an Illusionist, and will now only spawn with Vampiric and Nightmarish affixes)
  • It should now be significantly easier to dodge Triune Berserker Power Hits
  • Damage over time spells will no longer prevent certain monsters from dropping health globes
  • A player who is killed by a monster's Reflect Damage affix will now be able to release his or her corpse and be resurrected by other players
  • Fixed a bug that allowed monsters with multiple affix powers to sometimes to ignore the cooldown timers of those powers
  • Fixed a bug where several Unique monsters could not spawn in Act II – The Howling Plateau (this fix now allows players to finish the achievement “A Unique Collection”)


  • Players will now receive full experience and gold rewards for completing quests for the first time in Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties
  • Players will no longer receive a quest reward after opening the entrance to the Waterlogged Passage; instead, they will now receive the reward after completing the step "Kill Gavin the Thief" instead (which occurs slightly after)

Bug Fixes

    • The Quest Select window will now always display the most recently completed quest or quest step, as well as all resumable steps leading up to that point
    • "Trailing the Coven: Talk to Karyna" will now automatically update for players to "Trailing the Coven: Find the Khazra Staff" (even if they have not yet talked to Karyna) when triggering the Lost Wagon scene
      • This is to ensure that players are able to receive a quest reward when clicking on the wagon
  • Players no longer receive Town Portal as a reward during repeated completions of the quest "A Shattered Crown: Take the Skeleton King's crown from the Chancellor's Altar" and will now receive gold and experience
  • Players can no longer disrupt the rituals during "The Crumbling Tower: Explore the Lyceum," which used to prevent players from completing the event
  • Vendel the Armorsmith can no longer be killed by the environment during the event "The Scavenged Scabbard"
  • Skipping the cut-scene during the quest "A Royal Audience: Talk to Emperor Hakan II" as quickly as possible will no longer prevent the quest objective from being updated
  • The matchmaking cut-off point for the quest “The Light of Hope” has been adjusted slightly


  • The ability to drag-and-drop skills in Elective Mode will now only be enabled while the Skill window is open
  • Resist values are now taken into consideration when calculating the item comparison "Protection" value
  • When a player cancels out of a Trade window, any items that are under the player's cursor will also be cancelled
  • A two-second delay will now occur when clicking "Accept" in a Trade window if either player makes any changes to their offering

Bug Fixes

  • Holding CTRL while mousing over an item on the ground that has socketed gems will no longer cause that item to appear unsocketed
  • Players will no longer get disconnected from the game if their Mouse Wheel is bound to the function "Close All Open Windows"


  • Retina Displays are now fully supported
  • Game resolutions which match Mac screen aspect ratios now offered
  • Switching between Windowed and Fullscreen modes is now faster
  • Added a "Help" menu so players can more quickly navigate to relevant support pages
  • Added a menu item which allows players to copy system information to their Clipboard
  • Added a menu item to reveal various games files and folders in Finder

Bug Fixes

  • Selecting the default resolution settings in Video Options will now correctly reset the resolution
  • Changing the resolution settings while in Windowed (Fullscreen) mode will now properly change the resolution


  • Level 60 characters will no longer receive a "+XP" message when looting a new lore journal
  • Decreased the chance for multiple Sigil rooms in the Gardens of Hope (Tier 2) to spawn at once
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some tiles in the Holy Sanctum not to spawn, preventing players from being able to access the room's treasure chest
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