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Distant Worlds - Shadows patch

Patch Írta Frag 2013-08-16 08:32-kor, frissítve 2013-08-15 21:32-kor, megtekintve 2207 alkalommal
A korábbi frissítésekhez képest egy jókora méretű Distant Worlds javítócsomag látott napvilágot újabb crashfix-ekkel és számos újítással.

A javítás tartalma:


  • fixed rare crash with mining
  • fixed rare crash when expiring old pirate missions
  • fixed rare crash when planet destroyed
  • fixed rare crash when drawing hovered ship information
  • fixed various other crashes


  • fixed bug where could not build pirate Criminal Network facility at empire-owned colonies (could previously only do this at independent colonies)
  • now properly cancel pirate attack missions when target of mission is destroyed or captured by someone else
  • fixed bug in "Most Homeworlds" race victory condition (was incorrectly counting conquered enemy homeworlds)
  • fixed bug where could not scrap bases at independent colonies
  • fixed bug where could not build oversize bases at colonies via construction Action buttons under Selection Panel
  • fixed problem where pirate colony raids would sometimes give conquest messages
  • fixed bug where under attack messages for space creatures were often not being sent


  • improved willingness of area weapons to fire even when other nearby ships may suffer some minor collateral damage
  • added area weapon components to design templates for spaceports and defensive bases of all appropriate races


  • added an option in game setup to turn off Tech Trading between empires (Victory Conditions step)
  • homeworld colonies now have more defending/garrisoned troops, especially on higher difficulty levels
  • AI ship building process now uses excess funds to overbuild on military ships, especially on higher difficulty levels
  • optimized AI planetary facility building choices so that builds less (e.g. Academies), thus saving maintenance costs
  • disaster events no longer occur near start of game (i.e. never within first 4 years)
  • reduced fuel production speed of Energy to Fuel Convertor component. Also ensured that it does not completely fill cargo space with fuel


  • pirates now have concept of empire corruption (income losses dues to fraud and pilfering). This reduces the amount of ships they build in the late-game. Pirate empire corruption can be viewed in the Empire Summary screen under the pirate home base. Pirate empire corruption applies to the following types of pirate income: colony control, colony taxes, raiding, looting, resorts and smuggling. Other types of income are not affected by corruption (Protection Arrangements and Selling Info for a price)
  • pirate factions now more careful about building new ships - will no longer generate excessive build queues at construction yards
  • increased the strength of Legendary Pirates so that they are stronger than a typical pirate faction


  • improved visibility of ship and base symbols when zoomed out to system level
  • clicking buttons in Fleets screen no longer turns off automation of selected fleet (Repair and Refuel, Retrofit, Load Troops)
  • disabled Retrofit action button and popup menu options when a ship is already sent for retrofit (avoid multiple retrofit assignments with associated costs)
  • removed duplicate display of Koloros Medical Academy in bonuses panel of Empire Summary screen
  • added sector to description of tradeable bases in Diplomacy trade screen


  • when special forces troops are attacking a pirate base at a colony, will now only destroy pirate facilities, not normal empire facilities
  • when pirate raiders withdraw from raiding a colony, they now never obtain any loot if they do not have any nearby ships


  • improved boarding and capture with large groups of ships while still allowing ships to fire at nearby enemies (i.e. better coordination with other ships of same empire so that do not fire at ships being boarded)
  • extended rule in design editor to disallow multiple gravity beam weapons on freighters (maximum of one)
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