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Distant Worlds - Shadows patch

Patch Írta Frag 2014-01-30 15:16-kor, frissítve 2014-01-21 11:26-kor, megtekintve 2123 alkalommal
Hosszú hibajavítási listával, valamint számtalan új modolási és egyéb funkcióval érkezett a játék frissítése.

A frissítés tartalma:


  • fixed rare crash when selecting space creatures


  • fixed pirate attack missions not completing due to message "Mission has been canceled because it has been captured by someone else"
  • fixed bug where exploration ships sometimes get stuck at planet
  • fixed rare bug where captured ships would sometimes not be scrapped or disassembled when empire policy specified that they should be
  • fixed bug where "Most Time At War" race victory condition was sometimes not completing
  • fixed bug where Defensive Bases were not being designed beyond current maximum base construction size, even though typically built at a colony (no construction size limits)
  • ensured that Defensive Base designs always correctly show in design list in Designs screen when filter is set to "Show Latest Buildable Designs" or "Show Buildable Non-Obsolete Designs"
  • no longer incorrectly cancel transport missions when cargo pick-up point is destroyed but freighter has already loaded cargo
  • now properly preserve Engagement Stance settings for manually controlled ships when start a new game


  • implemented missing Character skills: SmugglingIncome, SmugglingEvasion, BoardingAssault 
  • fixed bug where Colony Ground Report screen would have blank planetary background if a custom theme did not include a set of PlanetMap images. Now properly fallback to default images if theme does not contain any
  • new settings now avilable to add to race files: CharacterRandomAppearanceChancePirateLeader, CharacterRandomAppearanceChanceShipCaptain, CharacterStartingTraitPirateLeader, CharacterStartingTraitShipCaptain
  • fixed problem with custom characters where startup characters would sometimes not appear because they were being assigned to pirate factions of the same race
  • pirate troops now properly use correct image of their race


  • further increased defensive troop levels at non-player homeworlds, especially on higher difficulty levels
  • updated Planet Destroyer design to make slightly stronger
  • Creative Reengineering race event (Ugnari) now only occurs for research projects less than 60% complete


  • added construction resource shortage icon to colony and base lists in Empire Navigation Tool
  • changed color of "Local Defense Tactics" message to green in Selection Panel (when fleet with relevant Admiral selected)


  • improved game performance, especially in late-game with large empires
  • now periodically check for and nationalize any unowned cargo at bases/colonies from defeated empires
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