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Distant Worlds - Shadows patch

Patch Írta Frag 2014-01-31 16:09-kor, frissítve 2014-01-21 11:31-kor, megtekintve 2107 alkalommal
Az Distant Worlds javítócsomag a már megszokott nagyszámú hibajavítással.

A javítás részletei:


  • fixed crash when exiting game that uses custom theme with extra races (message says: missing race images)
    • reduced chance of thread abort exceptions occurring
    • fixed rare crash with freighters
    • fixed crash when lock computer (Ctrl-Alt-Del) while playing DW (graphics device lost)


  • hyperdeny components now working properly for ships (not just bases)
    • fixed bug where some failed intercepted intelligence missions were not counting towards victory conditions
    • fixed bug where characters were not being properly transferred to troop transports from Troops tab of Colonies screen
    • fixed bug where pirate facilities would sometimes not be removed from colonies when pirate faction wiped out
    • fixed bug where hyperdeny components not being used on bases defending against attack
    • fixed bug where captured and gifted ships would sometimes be attacked when not an enemy
    • fixed bug where invading troops disappear when planet bombarded to extinction
    • fixed bug where defending troops dropped at rebelling colonies would sometimes join invaders if they were victorious (i.e. rebels or invaders conquered colony)
    • fixed bug where troop generals participating in successful clearance attacks against pirate facilities at your colonies would get event history message indicating that the battle was lost, when it was actually won
    • fixed bug where displayed cashflow was not including facility maintenance
    • fixed bug where freighters would sometimes attempt to dock at mining stations that did not yet have docking bays


  • improved freighter network for transporting resources
  • AI now more willing to build more freighters when necessary
    • pirates now more careful about honoring protection arrangements
    • improved willingness of passenger ships to perform tourism missions
    • Retrofit button in Ships and Bases screen now enabled for bases not at colonies
  • improved freighter resource transport network, especially for construction resource shortages
  • added option to disable construction resource shortage messages
  • the random allotment of startup luxury resources at your colonies now exclude super-luxury resources (Loros Fruit, Zentabia Fluid, Korabbian Spice) (alleviates cashflow swings when these run out)
  • fixed problems where troops were sometimes being recruited incorrectly (e.g. clone troops)
  • improved garrison levels of troops at colonies, especially when empire is in low- or negative-cashflow situations
  • colony populations now defend better against invasions - their defend strength has been doubled
  • improved fleet response to enemy threats in other systems (i.e. non-automated fleets follow their posture settings to engage enemies in other systems)
  • fleets in battle now tolerate lower fuel levels (i.e will wait longer before refuelling)
  • ensure that automated fleets load troops when space available
  • changed ship behavior so that if already hyperjumping away (for whatever reason) then they will not reassign an Escape mission (i.e. they are already 'escaping')
  • further improved boarding and capture so that ships and fighters no longer fire at a target once you already have overwhelming boarding parties onboard the target
  • exploration ships now check for uninvestigated ruins or galaxy locations once they have explored the entire galaxy
  • Game difficulty has been increased on higher levels in the following ways:
  • more defending troops at colonies, especially larger colonies
  • buying tech from other empires is more expensive for the player
  • selling tech to other empires is less lucrative for the player
  • relationship thresholds for buying tech from other empires is higher for player (i.e. other empire has to like you more)
  • non-player empires build more exploration and construction ships when they are able
  • overall difficulty factors have been increased (i.e. each difficulty setting above normal is now harder)
  • Ship Design editor now warns when Resort Base designs are missing passenger components or are too big to build
  • AI-designed spaceports and defensive bases now properly use area weapons when specified in design templates
  • lessened chance of critical research success or failure for larger/longer research projects
  • improved game performance, especially in late-game with large galaxies
  • improved rendering performance, especially when zoomed out to sector- or galaxy-level
  • improved appearance of stars in mainview
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