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  • Dungeon Lords 1.4 patch

Dungeon Lords 1.4 patch

Patch Írta Ardgalen 2010-08-25 01:58-kor, frissítve 2010-08-25 02:14-kor, megtekintve 2226 alkalommal
A Dungeon Lords játék javítása. Tartalmazza a korábbi verziókat is így azok telepítésére nincs szükség. Sok bug javítást, teljesítmény optimalizálást is magába foglal.

A patch részletei:

Version 1.4 fixes

  • Monsters no longer get stuck in the wall/floor.
  • Fixed: Spawnings at gates getting trapped in wall in Demon Realm.
  • Fixed: Monsters no longer spawn in some floors (Celestial Towers, Arindale buildings).
  • Fixed: Thrall guards no longer get stuck in Forbidden Gates.
  • Game Settings & Keyboard Controls fixed.
  • Players must now meet stats requirements to gain specialty class advancements.
  • Completed quests no longer remain in quest log finished.
  • Mage Aleister - Deliver Aleister's letter to Lord Davenmore.
  • Vartugg: Travel to the Temple of the Naga in the Forbidden Lands.
  • Staroxia: Journey to the Isle of the Damned in the Wea of Woe.
  • Players can now re-enter the Shadow Ruins if exiting before completing the quest and not obtaining the Rod of Divinity.
  • Character customization enabled.
  • Valkyra - Valkyra arrives more quickly when summoned, eliminating problems related to delays causing her not to visit the altar.
  • Weapons that must be charged can now be charged at the shrines.
  • Various potion and rune buff effects corrected.
  • Shield of Retribution - reflected spells now cause proper damage (e.g. Ice Bolt reflected from a Succubus will now freeze or do damage to the monster).
  • Multiplayer will now operate more smoothly with 2-4 players over slower connections.

Version 1.3 Update

  • Added feature: Auto-map available for usage throughout the game world.

Version 1.2

  • Gameplay tweak: Two boss battles (Shaduroth, Nypherus) slightly adjusted.
  • Gameplay tweak: Random monster drops adjusted slightly.
  • Gameplay tweak: Locust spell has been slightly reduced in damage and no longer "jumps" over distances.
  • Gameplay tweak: Samurai/Imperial armor bonus strike/parry changed to +1 per item.
  • Added feature: SaveGame thumbnail images.
  • Bug fix: Junk inventory operates correctly now allowing players to keep duplicates of the 18 most valuable items.
  • Bug fix: Potions of Power working correctly.
  • Bug fix: Rare cases of automatically equipped items which can't be removed.
  • Bug fix: Occasional Volgar double-speech at end game fixed.
  • Bug fix: Quest characters now remain in the world if the player runs away and enters another scene.
  • Bug fix: Monster summons can no longer get stuck in terrain or walls in the Demon Realm.
  • Bug fix: NPCs (Elderon, Morgus, Valkyra) should no longer get stuck in objects if blocked in their path.

Version 1.1

  • Gameplay tweak: Monsters less aggressive in some areas of the game.
  • Gameplay tweak: Magic items appear at a more even rate.
  • Gameplay tweak: Ice magic now holds opponents longer.
  • Gameplay tweak: Exploit reselling single use scrolls and lockpicks can no longer be abused.
  • Gameplay tweak: Boons from relics at Talendor adjusted.
  • Added feature: Additional spells added for specific types of magic.
  • Added feature: New heraldries added for specific quest bonuses.
  • Added feature: Players may skip voice-over/text dialogues with NPCs.
  • Bug fix: Screen resizing issues in the User-Interface fixed.
  • Bug fix: Bargain skill works correctly for reselling items.
  • Bug fix: Occasional guild inventories not showing up in MP now fixed.
  • Bug fix: Pain Sting (nether spell) now fixed.
  • Bug fix: Flickering on load screen no longer occurs.
  • Bug fix: Occaisional hang under MP in Fargove Slums now fixed.
  • Bug fix: Order of the quests at the Celestial Order in Fargove adjusted.
  • Bug fix: In the Shadow Ruins, the Blue Athena Statue now drops the Shadow
  • Crystal even after failing the chess puzzle.
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