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FIFA Manager 09 patch 3

Patch Írta Caster 2010-05-18 10:03-kor, frissítve 2011-03-14 17:45-kor, megtekintve 2195 alkalommal
A FIFA Manager 09 harmadik javítócsomagja a megjelenítési hibákat javítja, de rengeteg egyéb fejlesztés és adatbázis javítások is megtalálhatóak benne.

Javítócsomag tartalma angolul:

Live Ticker:

  • The number of goals after corners is massively reduced, the ticker is further extended, various text bugs were fixed, the penalty shoot-out was improved (in the old versions saved penalties were not displayed). The consequences of various tactical settings were also improved. The problem of many yellow cards for particular players was solved, the number of free kicks was reduced. The display how many goals a player has scored in the match was fixed. Teams play with less fouls if they are leading with several goals, booked players now play a lot more careful. The total number of goals was slightly increased.

Other Problems:

  • The loading of staff members from the editor is now working.
  • The team picture now shows the whole squad (up to 28 players), the problem with the sometimes mixed up heads will remain because fixing it would destroy the save games.
  • Merchandise is now working with best rated players etc.
  • Training camp review screen now works in multiplayer mode.
  • The assistant manager now gives a 20% bonus instead of a 10% bonus to put a player on his preferred position.
  • Crowd textures now work in FIFA08 stadiums.
  • Training camps are now available for the reserves.
  • Youth training camps now work perfectly (button disabled if all teams are in a camp).
  • Youth players of AI teams get more contracts.
  • Several art improvements.
  • Germany: Reserve teams can now get promoted in CaC mode.
  • Videotext mode improved (running matches are highlighted).
  • Penalty goals now marked as penalty goals on post match screens.
  • Manager of the Year now works fine (only with new save games).
  • Goal music now selectable for the AI clubs.
  • The integration of a goal music now also works for the AI clubs.
  • Crash with loading generic stadiums with night environments fixed.
  • Problem with the grey hair of the 3D player heads on some interface screens fixed.
  • Rare end of season crash fixed.
  • Correct job titles in the editor (Staff section).
  • Map position Watford fixed.


  • Update 3 includes a full database update including the winter transfers. Bulgaria is added as a new country with licensed players. For the first time the database includes more than 30,000 players.

Player Pictures:

  • There are more than 900 new player pictures and more than 60 new XXL pictures.
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