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Fallout 2 1.02 patch

Patch Írta Caster 2010-02-06 18:23-kor, frissítve 2010-02-05 12:29-kor, megtekintve 2317 alkalommal
A mindössze 3 MB-os Fallout 2 második javítócsomagja rengeteg kiegyensúlyozást és játékmeneti hibát javít.

Javítócsomag leírása angolul:

  • Boxing in New Reno will no longer lock up the computer.
  • The Dice Game will give you winnings.
  • The Lloyd quest in New Reno will not lock the computer.
  • Talking to Tandi about the Vault 15 quest will not lock the computer.
  • Loading and Saving of Save Games have been sped up, for other ways to improve load times check the trouble shooting section of the readme.txt.
  • Party members will not turn hostile (under most circumstances) any longer, so you will be able to talk to them all the time.
  • Ghouls in Gecko will not randomly shoot at you.
  • Harold will give you the right information when you are trying to optimize the power plant.
  • Shopkeepers will get money more often - this is more of a tweak then a bug fix.
  • Endless stopwatch in combat should be fixed.
  • The car and the trunk will no longer become separated.
  • Francis has been fixed.
  • Hakunin movies will not appear after the GECK has been returned.
  • Dragon and LoPan challenges should no longer cause Endless Stop Watch.
  • Goris will no longer join if you are over your Party Member limit.
  • Slave Overseer in NCR will no longer lock the computer up.
  • PIP boy will no longer crash when you get too many Maps in your Automap.
  • Here and Now perk will work correctly.
  • NPC's max carry weight.
  • NPC's runaway settings.
  • The .44 does the proper amount of damage.
  • NPC's who have to many dialog responses have been fixed.
  • Radiation warning pops up sooner = 66 rads.
  • Barter has been slightly modified.
  • The bug with the Geck and the elder has been fixed.
  • The problem where game wouldn't run properly on some NT/NTFS/large hard-drive setups has been fixed.
  • Smitty will properly sell the car.


  • Fixed T-Ray not taking money for getting car back
  • Fixed Stuart Little boxing so that he only gives you one chance to repeat.
  • Also, he wasn't setting the names properly for the STUPID character, this should be fixed.
  • All boxing problems have been addressed. Critical failures count as a knockdown, this is not going to be changed.
  • Fixed Valerie where to go when done upgrading weapons.
  • Fixed Slim Picket not taking/checking for money for the Outdoorsman Skill upgrade. Also, there should be no way to get him to give you the upgrade more than once, code put in as a safety.
  • When Vegeir was sending you home with Jonny, he was trying to send the car with you too. I found out this is bad and the car isn't set up to do so. He no longer touches your car in this situation.
  • Car should be compatible with patch, it also will fix some of the car problems that might occur if the car doesn't show up in correct spots.
  • In related news, the trunk should be working better in conjunction with the car as the code is all new since we shipped and now knows where the car is at all times.
  • One of the Engine bugs we fixed will fix the problem of the trunk showing up without the car, since the trunk script was becoming "junked"(to speak technically).
  • The car leaves with you when you leave random encounter maps, but only if the car is on that map and it has fuel. Before, if you used the out of gas car, it
  • Would keep following you around, this is fixed.
  • Slavers die and now STAY DEAD when killed by the slaves you are hunting!
  • Get Car part quest should be clearing now.
  • Fixed the leaving maps with party member crash. This could potentially fix lots and lots of thing out there since it was killing memory at this point(this is what helps fix the cars).
  • Miria should no longer follow after she is dead.
  • Fixed party members going up levels with Power Armor bug.
  • Fixed Tyler door bug where he would sometimes give you permission to use the door, but would attack you if you tried to use the door.
  • Fixed problem with when the player comes out the back entrance of the raiders(secret entrance) and the car not being there.
  • Fixed Saving game on "Holy Knights" encounter do that you can finish the whole thing even after saving.
  • No longer pre-maturely ends "Murder" quest when you tell Mr. Wright that his son was poisoned.
  • Fixed inability to use the dresser in New Reno map 2 where Mrs. Bishop is.
  • Cody gives you exp now when he leads you to the chop shop.
  • Mason will let you use the door if he tells you it's O.K.
  • Fixed "offcier" spelling to "officer" with Randal.
  • Fixed it so you can't get stuck on level 4 by entering from the world map before the player extracts the organ. This fix is simply due to the fact that you should only be able to enter Sierra Army Depot from the ground floor from the town map.
  • You now get xp for giving the non-working brainbot a brain.
  • Buster now replenishes his supplies more often.
  • Cannot enter any map but the entrance map from the town map.
  • Player can complete the spleen seed even if he is a Hubologist.
  • Talking Bette out of fighting should set the "Stop-the-bar-brawl" quest to complete.
  • Fixed bug with saving during lopan/dragon fights.
  • Made it so there is only the Battle Field area to enter the Sierra Army Depot
  • Changed it so that Melchior only lets 4 of his pets out at once. This should reduce pathing problems with multi-hex critters.
  • You now get 1000 experience for getting Brian more power for his AC.
  • Fixed error with using the bulletin board during combat.
  • Fixed kids not being able to be pushed when they're not on their home tile.
  • Fixed bulletin board error like that in the Den.
  • Fixed problem with car not showing up first time with high outdoorsman.
  • Fixed endless loop for not having power armor with door guard.
  • Fixed bug regarding re-entrance to vault 15 squat area.
  • Fixed problem with sometimes ending a fight and becoming stuck inside the ring.
  • Fixed bug causing some Melchior crashes related to fire geckos not being able to hit their target.
  • Fixed craps dealer bug allowing setting odds bet to 0 dollars in order to take odds money back.
  • Fixed problem with party members dying on map exits, causing Miria or any party member dying in the toilet explosion and then following you around the game forever.
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