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Far Cry 3 1.04 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2012-12-23 21:58-kor, frissítve 2012-12-23 21:58-kor, megtekintve 10526 alkalommal
Újabb javítások érkeztek a játék multiplayer és singleplayer módjaihoz, valamint pályaszerkesztőjéhez.

A patch leírása:

Multiplayer & Co-op:

  • Fixed bug where players could become invisible
  • Fixed bug where weapons could disappear after completing objectives in Co-op
  • Improved and fixed several issues with host migration
  • Fixed bug that could display a profile restriction message when trying to join a lobby
  • Fixed bug where users could get stuck in 3rd person view within Custom games
  • Fixed bug where clients could remain on black screen if host left the game
  • Fixed bug where Psych gas could get dropped in the wrong place
  • Fixed bug where Psych gas could affect players outside of the deployment area
  • Fixed bug where users could get stuck when killed by poison gas

Map Editor:

  • Added information for Player Map playlists
  • Fixed bug where User-made maps would not download properly in lobbies
  • Fixed bug that made the user get stuck when igniting Firestorm nodes on certain maps

Single Player:

  • Fixed issue when accessing the camera and when throwing rocks
  • Fixed issue with accessing weapons. The user weapon inventory will be restored as soon as entering inside a safe house or when fast travelling
  • Users that have missed the Relic located in Dr. Earnhardt cave will have the relic recover.
  • Fixed the bug with the weapon models staying on screen
  • The objective is now properly updated during “Kicking The Hornet’s Nest” mission
  • New options to hide the HUD are now available in the option menu
  • Fixed the issue when the user became invincible after failing the “Black Gold” mission numerous times
  • Fixed game crashes that occurred when the user reconnects to Ubisoft servers using an account that has unlocked any MP item
  • Fixed the issue where Sam was no longer in the jeep's turret, after placing two bombs and being killed several times in the “Black Gold”' mission
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