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Gothic 3 1.07 patch

Patch Írta Caster 2009-11-20 11:14-kor, frissítve 2009-11-20 12:06-kor, megtekintve 4108 alkalommal
A Gothic 3 első javítócsomagja igen méretes leírással rendelkezik, pontosan hetvenöt hibajavítást és harminc újítást/változtatást foglal össze.

Javítócsomag leírása angolul:


  • Glowing vegetation bug in older shader versions has been fixed
  • Several crashes and bugs related to the physics system have been fixed
  • Flickering objects and invisible particle systems bugs (mostly fire) were fixed
  • Some bugs were fixed which lead to the hero being invisible after loading
  • Some bugs were fixed which lead to skeletons and golems disapperaing after death
  • Z-Fighting bugs and alpha object order bugs were fixed, especially magic barrier vs. sky plane
  • Several bugs with rendering objects under water were fixed
  • An illumination crash bug on multicore systems was fixed
  • Several bugs and optimizations relating the the dynamic music system were done
  • A bug was fixed that lead to the damage value for modified weapons being not be displayed correctly
  • The mouse cursor sometimes appeared at wrong positions. This was fixed.
  • We fixed a bug where, after loading a save game, unique treasure chests would hand out the first item in the list again
  • A bug in the soul travel spell was fixed (hero did not recognize that he has transformed back, resulting in an invincible state)
  • The height of wade- and swim effects was adjusted
  • A bug was fixed that calculated the fall damage (sometimes too low)
  • Fixed a bug where skills granted by items would not be shown as enabled
  • Fixed a bug where when running in fullscreen and using draw scale the GUI's mouse sensitivity would be reduced
  • A crash was fixed that sometimes happened after casting the fire rain spell
  • Several bugs related to the Pause mode and Quickload/Quicksave were fixed
  • Several optimizations related to arrows were done
  • Bugs related to following NPCs were fixed
  • A bug was fixed that reversed the order of tabs in the mission screen


  • Navigation problems in temples and Ishtar fixed
  • Phil in Kap Dun now fights in Revolutions
  • Fixed the Montera slaves that walked around the well and through the fire
  • Turned around a chest near Vengard
  • Fixed a problem with Daryl's Orcs
  • Fixed Scavenger problem near Porgan
  • Kamak doesn't care about the monsters anymore
  • Fixed Peer's daily routine
  • Remove wolf skin in Gamal's tent
  • Fixed flying Orc in Vengard
  • Arena Fighters in Silden have now collission
  • NPCs now react to drawing the weapon in Silden
  • Turned around a chest in Silden
  • Destination point for Vengard stone moved
  • Removed some healing plants in Myrtana
  • Several plants with permanent effect werde added
  • Seruk now stays in town after Revolution
  • Removed some heavy smalltalk groups
  • Kor Shach's navigation was adjusted
  • Tippler's hut is now furnitured
  • Flying objects after changing sectors were fixed
  • Lukjan Overtime quest was fixed
  • Sanford's letter mechanic was improved
  • Tyler now goes to Trelis
  • Cyrus now leaves the party mode
  • Avogadro now goes to the farm after the quest succeeding
  • Kelvin now goes to the temple
  • Osko now goes to the farm
  • Some dialog fixes with Flint in Faring were done
  • The healing potion quest from Pranck is now solvable
  • Spike was fixed
  • Experience points in Kap Dun were adjusted
  • Nemrok quest and reputation fixed
  • Mojok dialog mechanic adjusted
  • Bored guard dialog fixed
  • Folleck dialog fixed
  • Ali dialog fixed
  • Gunock talks about Grok dialog mechanic fixed
  • Sulfock dialog mechanic fixed
  • Lares dialog fixed
  • Sulfur was added to traders' treasuresets
  • Antidote was added to traders' treasuresets
  • Yepas has now the correct political alignment
  • It's now easier to hit alligators
  • It's now easier to hit the straw wolves near Montera
  • Seruk's guild adjusted
  • Traders have now more water
  • Kamak's guild adjusted
  • Map coordinates fixed
  • Several recipes fixed
  • Wenzel doesn't attack the orcs problem fixed
  • Nasib's enclave fixed
  • Staff and robe traders adjusted
  • Stone tablets distribution improved
  • Beds and chests at Nomad camps added
  • Yasmin's und Alima's daily routine adjusted
  • Navigation problems in Mora Sul fixed
  • Hamid's daily routine adjusted
  • Masil's daily routine adjusted
  • Navigation zones in Al Shedim fixed
  • Monster distribution in Al Shedim adjusted
  • Quest mechanics in Al Shedim improved
  • Dialog with Lester in desert fixed
  • Fasim now invites you to the arena
  • Reputation mechanic in Mora Sul improved
  • Lukor dialog fixed
  • Angar's guild changed, Party member added
  • Several fixes in Ornarok's quest.
  • Dialog problem with Yasmin fixed
  • Ilja's amulet is now unique
  • You can't buy a flame sword now
  • Raw meat bugs were moved to the right inventory category
  • You can buy more maps at traders
  • Lukor quest fixed
  • Ali's key fixed


  • A sort order for skills was implemented
  • Strings can now have UTF-16 format
  • Character now won't slide if the ground entity has a volume < 3m3
  • The HUD now automatically selects the smallest map that contains the player's position upon opening the map list
  • A sort order for spells was implemented
  • The sort order for consumables, artefacts and documents was improved
  • Several Balancing values have been adjusted
  • Summoned party members now defend the player
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