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  • Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel 1.2 patch

Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel 1.2 patch

Patch Írta Caster 2010-01-21 08:45-kor, frissítve 2010-01-20 20:54-kor, megtekintve 7547 alkalommal
A Hard Truck sorozat 18 Wheels of Steel (Élet 18 keréken) nevű részének második javítócsomagja rengeteg grafikai hibát, játékmeneti optimalizálásokat és irányítási beállításokat tartalmaz.

Javítócsomag leírása angolul:

  • Added the new truck - Glutton!
  • Implemented a Workaround for SiS 650/315 based video chipsets with the broken polygon offset feature in the current DirectX driver.
  • Adjusted steering wheel separate/shared axis handling to better support some types of steering wheels, particularly those with a split pedal axis. This change may require some people to reset the wheel and pedals under Options/Controls before it is read properly in the game.  
  • When a joystick or wheel is detected for the first time, the acceleration/brake axis defaults to 1 axis/- and 1 axis/+.
  • Decreased the relative size of memory allocated for resources to improve performance for people with computers near the minimum system requirements.
  • Adjusted "maximum frame duration" constant to help with trailers detaching without apparent reason for people with computers near the minimum system requirements.
  • Modified the Options/Graphics setting to enable "Unfiltered" Texture Filtering method, primarily for use as a troubleshooting tool for people with graphics cards near the minimum system specification. This setting is not recomended as the performance gain is typically minor, but the detrimental effect on graphics quality is substantial. Note: you must completely exit and restart the application after selecting to the unfiltered setting.
  • Weigh stations no longer switch between open and closed while the player is nearby.
  • Police are more likely to catch the player for speeding or bypassing an open weigh station.
  • Police cars and ambulances appear slightly less frequently.
  • Very rare loads (5-axel trailer) appear slightly more frequently.
  • Fast tapping on brake no longer makes the truck go faster.
  • Adjusted the Topolino truck's brakes to be slightly more efficient.
  • Fixed toggle HUD key not to interfere when typing text.
  • Brake lights work properly with manual transmission.
  • Exhaust is no longer generated when shifting gears without engine switched on with manual transmission.
  • Red sports car wheels fixed.
  • Large sedan model uses all three textures available.
  • Fixed "end of highway" sign.
  • Now using Ogg Vorbis version 1.0 for sound.
  • Version number added to main menu.
  • Added special thanks to TruckSims and TruckPol to credits.


If you installed to a location other than the default
(C:\Program Files\Hard Truck 18 Wheels) you will need to enter the
appropriate path for your installation before applying the patch.

  • Modifications and custom graphics packs that are installed by expanding the BASE.ZIPFS file into it's own directory structre (i.e usr\models) should be compatible with the patch. However, any modifications that alters the program executeable will prevent the patch from installing. 
  • Version 1.0 save games are compatible with this patch. However, if you save a game after installing this patch, that game will be not be able to be loaded by version 1.0.
Creative Commons License

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2015-04-10 22:48
razo911 képe
Nekem nem telepíti fel a patch-et...valami hibát ír ki és felsorol pár fájlt. HELP

2012-12-01 16:57
tihamer_sinka képe
helló valaki segitenne le tölteni vagy meg venném valakitöl ,az élet 18 keréken cimú játékot Szombathelyi vagyok postán is intézhetjuk

törölt tag
2012-08-03 11:36
akinek nem tetszik

törölt tag
2012-08-03 11:36
szerintem jo játék csak grafika

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