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Heroes of Might and Magic IV 2.2 to 3.0 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-10-22 10:49-kor, frissítve 2012-07-03 16:11-kor, megtekintve 5023 alkalommal
A Heroea IV következő javitása is sok hibát orvosol a játékban, ezért érdemes letölteni. A patch nem telepíthető a The Gathering Storm kiegészítőre. UK és US változatban is elérhető.

A patch leírása:


  • Casting the spell Town Gate inside of a town no longer crashes game. 
  • In windowed mode, if you close the window while at the hero-selected army 
    screen, the game no longer crashes.
  • Fixed an occasional game freeze when moving into a weak neutral army's 
    activation radius.
  • Adjusting the Game Setting's volume slider without a selected army on the 
    adventure map, no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed combat crash caused by placing multiple lines of quicksand between a 
    fast walking unit and its target
  • Fixed crash if day 1 timed event lost game.
  • Fixed very, very rare crash if two neutral armies touch. 
  • Corrected issue with certain types of area damage (hydras, cerberus, black 
    dragons) affecting creatures in Sanctuary.
  • Heroes with the Flaming Arrow no longer do splash damage to fire resistant 
  • When Death Call'ed phoenixes die, they are now removed from the battlefield 
    and do not rebirth.
  • Corrected aberrant results of heroes who have the Potion of Immortality or 
  • Guardian Angel on them, and are devoured by sea monsters.
  • The Throwing Spear now increases the range and melee attack of a hero by 
  • The common artifact 'Axe' now increases the hero's attack by eight. 
  • Heroes or creatures that shoot twice per turn, but only have one shot 
    left, now will only shoot once.
  • Disembarking heroes or creatures from a Ship now functions correctly with 
    regards to their movement.
  • Dead heroes cannot cast adventure spells anymore. 
  • The Quicksand spell is easier to place on the battlefield. 
  • If a vampire stack is defeated by a thunderbird stack, but regenerates 
    vampires back, the graphic is updated correctly
  • If you have an event with a DISPLAY MESSAGE action, with a sub action of 
    GIVE CREATURES, and the GIVE CREATURES results in an over-full army, 
    the "full army" dialog now appears after the displayed message.
  • When a hero gets an INCREASE EXPERIENCE or INCREASE EXP LEVEL script 
    event, they can now select a skill from an associated skill set.
  • Cyclops and heroes with the Flaming Arrow now have the appropriate 
    animation played when their ranged attack reaches its target.
  • Corrected the Resurrection spell-effect graphic when running at the slowest 
    combat speed.
  • Unavailable expansion creatures, with a blank portrait, no longer appear 
    in the scores on the high score list.
  • The INCREASE DEFENSE script action now correctly increases defense 
    instead of attack.
  • Corrected occasional issue when accessing a teleporter that has multiple 
  • Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the completion 
    of a campaign.
  • Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the loss of a 
    single scenario.
  • Corrected aberrant scroll bar behavior. 
  • Resources update immediately after purchasing items at Marketplace from 
    the Town Screen.
  • Adventure sounds update after the volume is adjusted in the game settings. 
  • If a scenario is won by winning a battle and you return to the main menu, 
    the correct main menu theme now plays.
  • Hero portrait movement bar now functions correctly when the "Move Army" 
    icon is used when the town icon is highlighted.
  • The Single Scenario screen sort order is now reverse-able. 


Note: In order to play against a The Gathering Storm(TM) or Winds of War(TM) 
player in a multiplayer session, all players must be running the v3.0 version 
of the game.

  • In a multiplayer game, when you double click on a name the game will no 
    longer crash. 
  • In a multiplayer game, you can no longer view the remote player's quest 
    log during their turn.
  • In a human vs. human player siege combat (multiplayer session), a stealth 
    hero who attacks the gate in auto-combat no longer hangs the game.

Campaign Editor 

  • Added a Windows® help file to the campaign editor. The help file can 
    be accessed by selecting Help->Contents on the editor's menu.
  • The editor now restores the position of your various sub-windows (mini 
    map, palette, tool) when you start it up.
  • Fixed an issue where maps which had the Emerald Longbow enabled in the 
  • Map Properties and a random major artifact dot would sometimes get a 
  • "File is bad" error when loaded into the game.
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