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  • Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East 3.1 patch

Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East 3.1 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-11-17 11:49-kor, frissítve 2011-08-14 11:42-kor, megtekintve 8607 alkalommal
A Heroes V: Tribes of The East első és egyben utolsó javitása rengeteg hibát javít a játék minden területén.

A frissítés leírása:
Patch 3.1

Features added

  • Correct Window Mode support
  • Wide Screen support ( including HDTV resolutions ) (*)
  • Portrait Screen resolutions support 
  • Dwarven Subterranean generation for Random Maps
  • Custom Armies generation for Random Maps
  • Water Zones generation for Random Maps

Bugs repaired and changes made:

Stability issues:

  • Game no longer crashes after delayed action taken twice
  • Game no longer freezes if assassins are engaged in combat and defeated with another 
    hero than Arantir
  • Fixed possible multithreading synchronization crash after map loaded 
    and voice over was playing
  • Fixed possible crashes when multiple combats triggered simultaneously for same player 
  • Fixed game crash when player dispels hero curse with several ghosts 
  • Fixed possible game freezing after a dialog scene at mission end

Camera, graphics, interfaces:

  • Fixed empowered spells announcing again and again when getting artifacts and 
    new skills and having no Destruction Magic skill
  • Fixed showing player money, instead of ally's money, when accessing allied town's 
    Town Build through Kingdom Overview
  • Fixed ignoring selected upgrades when hiring a "Buy All" caravan from another town 
  • Fixed fast skipping several turns by quickly pressing End Turn button in missions 
    with no AI opponents
  • Fixed sound not played for Stables at adventure map added special Ghost Mode path 
    plotting for Ghosts
  • Fixed dead stacks lying around Cyclops having tooltips and sometimes shown as they 
    can be attacked
  • Fixed Defile Magic animation fixed announcing Blood Rage bonuses ahead of actual attack 
  • Fixed and extended combat log messages fixed creatures numbers remain at 
    battlefield after killed by Arcane Crystal added Dungeon's Elemental
    Vision for player in Duel game
  • Fixed gaining gold amount shown in red at town Marketplace's Artifact Selling 
  • Fixed Next Hero button switching to sleeping heroes 
  • Fixed Multiplayer Profile Alignment calculation 
  • Fixed Rain of Arrows perk available in spell book when there are no more visible 
    favorite enemies present
  • Fixed cursor showing day path incorrectly when moving from boat to land having 
    a Snatch ability
  • Fixed Inferno and Dungeon towns sacrificial building incorrect button tooltips 
  • Fixed updating of turns counter at Town screen, Hero screen, Creature Info screen 
    and Ghost Info screen (for Simultaneous Turns)
  • Fixed incorrect income details sometimes shown at first day of the game 
  • Fixed interface actions not blocked properly on enemy turns and while playing 
    scripted scenes
  • Fixed opening of Walker's Hut interface by shortcut ("Y" key) at 
    Stronghold town when this building wasn't built yet
  • Fixed host can set password of only 1 character and clients will be unable to 
    connect blocked active hero sleep/wake triggering when interface blocked and on
    enemy turns
  • added face to hero's tooltip in combat
  • Fixed occupied slots game information in LAN and Multiplayer lobbies when
    game creator closes some slots or switch them to A.I.
  • Fixed player could detect invisible creatures from cursor's shape using
    Goblin Trappers's ability
  • Fixed false Stunning Blow animation after Word of the Chief
  • Fixed defending army without hero could see creatures elements when attacked
    by wizard hero with Elemental Vision perk

Gameplay, mechanics, balance:

  • Fixed Zehir's ability to summon creatures if he doesn't have enough resources
  • Fixed double playback of cutscene if user double-clicks on the ritual place

Adventure mechanics and A.I.:

  • Fixed possibility to build Grail structure in Stronghold town if town level is below 15
  • Fixed impossibility to finish multiple level ups after mission was already won 
  • Fixed not giving growth bonus for several moon weeks of creatures
  • Fixed entering by hero, but not capturing enemy town when attacking only gate cell 
    threaten by enemy hero
  • Fixed retreat possibility checking for simplified combats to fit one used in actual 
  • Fixed ship's model displayed incorrectly after crossing whirlpools in a fast manner 
  • Fixed alternative upgrades of Haven creatures can't be trained
  • Fixed multiple clicked objects triggering (Seer Hut, Sylana's Ancient and other)
  • Stronghold's town Halls now refill Barbarian hero's mana to maximum after a turn 
  • Astrologer Tower week change will now generate monsters at weeks of creatures
    and display moon weeks announcements
  • Astrologer Tower week change will now affect creatures reserves in towns and dwellings, 
    giving bonuses and penalties
  • Fixed hero remembers artifact set part combined after removal when he has same type
    of artifact in his bag already
  • Fixed heroes specializations weren't working for upgrades of creatures
  • Fixed A.I. heroes could stuck in front of caravans
  • Fixed Arcane Excellence to give +100 mana only once
  • Fixed heroes didn't learn spells from Academy town after Library build

Combat mechanics and A.I.:

  • Fixed Tactics skill working incorrectly when two heroes with the skill meet in battle 
  • Fixed Battle Griffin can land at occupied position 
  • Fixed Nomad Centaur does not use Maneuver abilities correctly 
  • Fixed Nightmares Fear attack 
  • Fixed retaliation strike from a friendly units attack under Puppet Master or Frenzy spell 
    only affects other friendly units
  • Fixed combat AI abusing Defend command and using only Wait command and thus making 
    its army more vulnerable
  • Fixed Arcane Crystal explode making open gate shown as closed 
  • Fixed Arcane Crystal dealing damage to siege walls, gate and towers 
  • Fixed Mask of Equity giving double bonuses 
  • Fixed heroes fleeing estimation for Hard and Heroic difficulty levels
  • Fixed spells working for Barbarians and war cries working for other heroes classes
    when given from Editor
  • Fixed situation when creature moves with attack under Storm, dies on path, 
    but still attacks target
  • Fixed making further attacks after stack already died
  • Fixed Sylvan hero can use Rain of Arrows perk on invisible units 
  • Fixed Deadly Strike, Vorpal Sword and alike attacks reduced by Blood Rage damage
  • Fixed Evil-eye not casting debuff onto secondary targets
  • Fixed duel 3x3's illegal combat bonuses granted to gated units as a consequence of
    switching heroes
  • Fixed duel 3x3's possibility to cast Defile Magic to another hero than one that is
    opponent's active
  • Fixed duel 3x3's applying Helmar's artifact set effects (Dwarven set) 
  • Fixed duel 3x3's war machines destroyed for all enemy heroes at once 
  • Fixed duel 3x3's incorrect combat bonuses and Firewall working while switching heroes
  • Fixed phantom creatures become non-phantom after Vampirism spell applied to them
  • Fixed Hives could attack invisible creatures
  • Fixed Ride By Attack was used when creature runs away
  • Fixed entangled Treants runs away
  • Fixed Lucky Spells not working for empowered Deep Freeze
  • Fixed AI ignores summoned creatures
  • Creatures under Puppet Master or seduction now can be attacked by both armies
  • Fixed orcish heroes (Haggash duel preset) could have spells from artifacts (Banish)
  • Fixed March of the Golems was not affecting Magnetic Golems' initiative
  • Fixed Horned Leapers could leap when entangled
  • Tuned AI to use spells in more active manner
  • Fine-tuned A.I. combat targeting, including avoiding of damaging own creatures by
    destroying Arcane Crystal

Random Map Generator:

  • Bug with abandoned mine fixed ( it supplied only gold before )
  • Bug with snow road movement penalty fixed
  • New objects added: Redwood Observatory, Den of Thieves, Eldritch Well
  • Fixed rare bug with isolated players zones

Map Editor:

  • Crash fixed when trying to make screenshot if AI-Geometry mode is active.
  • Fixed any heroes can have Barbarian's abilities


  • Fixed scripted AI was unable to find path to target through heroes' threat area 
  • Fixed IsHeroInTown script command
  • Fixed MessageBox function callback to be called even after message box was 
    closed automaticlly on timeout or turn switch
  • Now CaptureTrigger object field works for monsters banks buildings, game will 
    try to call given script function when bank captured
  • Fixed growth bonuses was not taken away after dwelling was destroyed from script
  • Fixed removing of last creature from stack when there are still more stacks
    available in monsters army
  • Added additional parameters to several script functions
  • Added new script functions

Creative Commons License

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