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Heroes of Might and Magic V 1.1 to 1.2 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-12-02 15:28-kor, frissítve 2012-07-03 16:54-kor, megtekintve 4607 alkalommal
A Heroes V második javitása szintén sok újitást és javitást ad a játékhoz. A magyar verzióhoz is letölthatő.

A frissítés részletei:

Features added:

  • Extended tool tips for buildings on the adventure map.
  • Melee attack performed when holding CTRL.
  • A hotkey (R) to invoke the creature-hiring interface from any town interface.
  • All creatures now have a new status (Range), describing the range at which the creature's attack is halved.
  • A new Video Option: Camera Mode.
  • A new End of Combat interface.
  • Hot-seat duel mode.
  • Hall of Fame.
  • Two new maps: 'Last Hope' and 'War of The Worlds'.

List of fixes:

  • Multiplayer now works correctly.
  • Various textual mistakes (descriptions, missing objectives, and messages) were corrected.
  • Balance was tuned on the following maps: 'The Conquest', 'The Attack', 'The Invasion', 'The Cultists', 'The Triumvirate', 'Defiance', 'Island of One's Own'.
  • AI can no longer hire Haven heroes on 'The Fall of the King' map.
  • On 'The Fall of the King' map, the area where Godric is to be brought to fulfil the 'Send Godric to Nicolai' task has been enlarged.
  • On 'The Cultists' map, the 'Capture any town in one week' task no longer disappears from the list immediately upon completion instead of becoming completed.
  • On 'The Temptation' map, if the enemy Wizard patrolling the river is killed, the 'Avoid enemy patrols' objective will no longer be automatically completed.
  • On 'The Refugees' map, one of the objectives was fixed.
  • On the 'Dragon Pass' map, the 'Defeat All' task is now specified.
  • On 'The Triumvirate' map, after Zehir's fight with Markal, the message 'You Lost' no longer appears.
  • On 'The March' map, the hero Grawl can now visit the red key master tent.
  • On the 'Liberation' map, the AI can no longer hire the hero Narxes.
  • On 'The Alliance' map, the use of the Instant Travel spell no longer causes the script failure.
  • On the 'Diplomat' map, losing to AI with the Quick Combat option now fails the mission.
  • On the 'Maahir's Gambit' map, the AI cannot seize any of the artefacts that are key to the task's completion.
  • On 'The Refugees' map, a possible problem with non-completion of the main objective was fixed.
  • On the 'Raelag's Offer' map, the game no longer hangs if Isabel or Markal lose to neutral creatures.
  • 'The Emerald One' map can now be played after loading a saved game.
  • On 'The Refugee' map, a possible problem with gaining the Dragon Teeth Necklace artefact was fixed.
  • The Black Dragons can now be healed by the First Aid Tents.
  • The model of Shadya was corrected.
  • When Gating is used, the clone will no longer be a normal creature.
  • Incorrect message in the 'Rumours' interface in the Tavern was fixed.
  • The game now renews the list of sessions in the lobby after the player has left the session.
  • Unreachable Dolmen of Knowledge was fixed on the 'Land of Outcasts' map.
  • A non-activated dialogue cutscene was fixed on the 'A Tear for Ossir' map.
  • Mages and Archmages now use their shot ability properly.
  • Gating works for a lone Horned Overseer now.
  • The ATB-bar now shows proper information about the turns queue.
  • The problem fixed with the bottom part of buildings models in the Preserve appears through the water.
  • When an Archangel dies of 'Harm Touch', he no longer remains hanging over the field.
  • In Time Pressing mode, the time is now shown.
  • Texts are no longer duplicated in the chat after leaving the combat.
  • The puzzle map now works correctly in the Underworld.
  • The problem with the incorrectly positioned camera at one of the Grass arenas was fixed.
  • The player can no longer gain two levels of the same skill with one Level-Up.
  • Summoned creatures are no longer shown in the Combat Results calculations.
  • Time overlaps with the icon in Dynamic Battle.
  • The 'Resisted' inscription now appears in the right place.
  • On 'The Betrayal' map, there is no longer a message when approaching the garrison.
  • Vampires and Vampire Lords no longer restore their health when attacking Undead creatures.
  • Heroes now move with the correct sound at x3 speed.
  • Lethos now uses his Decay ability properly.
  • It is now much easier to move the cursor to objects.
  • The user can no longer hear the opponents by using Monolith.
  • The hero in the Haven town garrison now gains weekly movement bonus from Stables.
  • The Sphinx' text box was changed.
  • The player starting the game with the Random Hero option can no longer have a hero already selected by another player.
  • In the multiplayer game, if one of the players quits while the map is being loaded, the other players can start their session anyway.
  • The message which appears when a combat is lost to Possessed creatures was corrected.
  • A Hero leaving a town no longer returns there immediately as sometimes occurred.
  • The Sparkling Fountain now correctly gives Luck +2.
  • Objects on the map now have correct tool tips.
  • Description of the Silent Stalker perk was fixed.
  • The hero Sinitar now has an accurate description of his 'Catalyst' ability.
  • The Deep Hydra now restores its health completely.
  • The error in the description of the Idol of Fortune was fixed.
  • The spell 'Weakness' is correctly explained in the tool tip.
  • The hero is no longer able to take troops from allies. 
  • With faster hero movement settings, other map animations are no longer accelerated.
  • The text was formatted in the 'Ritual Pit' interface.
  • The Scouts' and Assassins' 'No Range Penalty' are contrary to fact.
  • Problem with creatures overlapping with fragments of ruined fortifications at the siege arena was fixed.
  • The Dragon Bone Greaves artefact now gives initiative bonus to melee-fighting creatures.
  • Damage prediction was corrected.
  • The error in how the 'Frenzy' spell works was fixed.
  • The error in how the 'Puppet Master' spell works was fixed.
  • Numerous minor defects and bugs were fixed.
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