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IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 4.12 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2013-08-09 10:27-kor, frissítve 2013-08-08 10:41-kor, megtekintve 3447 alkalommal
A 2006-ban megjelent IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 kiegészítőjéhez a mai napig készítenek javításokat. A 4.12-es patch többek között szélesvásznú megjelenítéssel bővíti a játékot.

A javítás leírása:

Main Features

  • AI changes.
  • Widescreen UI (user interface)
  • Wider field of vision for widescreen resolutions
  • Mach drag
  • Scoring system changes
  • Open interface for sounds
  • New visual effects

New Flyable Planes

  • B5N2
  • Hawk 75A-3
  • Hawk 75A-4
  • Ki-45 Kai Ko
  • Ki-45 Kai Otsu
  • Ki-45 Kai Hei
  • Ki-45 Kai Tei
  • SB 2M-100A

New AI Planes

  • Beaufort I
  • Beaufort I late
  • Beaufort II
  • Do 217 M-1
  • Wellington III
  • Mohawk IV

New ground units

  • German submarine VIIB
  • German submarine IXB

Other small Changes & Improvements

  • New weapon loadouts for US planes
  • P-38J cockpit repainted
  • Added Misc settings UI
  • New textures for several buildings
  • Russian tanks with multiple turrets (T-28 & T-35) can shoot with each gun independently.
  • New landing gear failures
  • Adjustable reticle brightness
  • Added new key for opening & closing bomb bay doors
  • Added new option in tracks selection UI for disabling icons in track playback
  • Added new joystick axis for mixture
  • Added Air Force selection to FMB aircraft window
  • Added yellow & blue runway lights
  • Adjusted the white navigation light so it doesn't get bigger than the red & green when viewed from far away
  • Added a new view key that cycles through only stationary cameras
  • Changed radio station icons so that they are rendered in minimap & briefing if the army color is neutral or matches player's army
  • Changed HUD log so that bomb sight, ToKG & nav. beacons related info is always printed even if NoHudLog=1
  • User BMP skins enabled for stationary planes
  • Added full screen map with adjustable transparency level
  • Added red night light for maps when plane is flown at night and cockpit lights are on
  • Changed old padlock difficulty option into two separate padlock options. Padlock air & padlock ground
  • Bombsight added to D3A1 Val
  • Added conf.ini option NoMissionInfoHud=1 under [game]. This will hide the "Mission completed" and similar messaged from HUD
  • Added conf.ini option NoKillInfoHud=1 under [game]. This will hide the "Enemy/friendly xxx destroyed" messages from HUD
  • Added conf.ini option SaveTrk=0 under [game]. This will disable automatic in-flight data storing for TRK tracks and reduce memory consumption. TRK cannot be saved after the mission
  • Enabled ship padlocking
  • Fixed spawn points problem on Midway sea base
  • Fixed R-5 stationary plane ski orientation
  • Fixed R-5 ground attack bug with certain weapons
  • Adjusted IL-2 controls damage & toughness
  • Fixed Fulmar's landing gear shock absorber movement
  • Fixed IL-4 artificial horizon instrument movement
  • Adjusted FM length parameters of Bf 109s F to K to 8.94 meters (F-2 to G-6) and 9.02 meters (G-6 Late to K-4), respectively
  • Fixed bug that caused speed bar settings to reset back to default instead of using saved value
  • Flight model changes for P-36 series, P-40 series, SB-2 series, B5N, Me-163
  • Tweaked burning engine damage model. Single engined planes are not going to explode completely and multi engined planes like P-38 are no longer immune to engine fires
  • Fixed Ki-43 I & II smoothing bug in external 3D model
  • Fixed Ki-43 II wing tip hook position
  • Added radiator animation to He-111 series
  • Fixed bug in stationary plane spawning & DF mission that could spawn player to wrong position
  • Fixed I-16 Zveno texture bug
  • Fixed M2A1 105mm howitzer wrong pivot point
  • Plus other small fixes

Please note that all new conf.ini options can be also adjust from the new Misc setting menu.

Creative Commons License

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