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IL-2 Sturmovik 4.11.1 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2012-07-18 10:14-kor, frissítve 2013-12-16 19:17-kor, megtekintve 2193 alkalommal
Ez a kis javítócsomag megszünteti a 4.11-es és korábbi verziók által behozott hibákat.

A patch tartalma:

  • Ki-45 pilot and gunner skin changes
  • Pe-8 and TB-7 gondola gunner head fix
  • SM.79 gunsight toggle bombsight view fix
  • Pe-8 now leaves crater when crashed into the ground
  • Il-4 flaps operation lever animated correctly
  • Pe-8 and TB-7 engine panel view glitch fixed
  • M-105 series oil and water temperature limits changed
  • Cant.Z506 can now take off with loaded plane
  • Re.2000 can now carry 2x100kg bombs and Hungarian markings
  • Player can now see a message dialog when joining a home base that has no planes left
  • QMB now works with pair take off
  • Early/late torpedo versions caused problems in the loadout list
  • Fixed Java error when changing plane in FMB
  • Fixed IK-3 navigation lights
  • Static Fw 190A-4 1.42ata added
  • Blow up flaps for F6F and F4U added
  • Void skins for Cant.Z506 Mosquito XVIII and Fw 190A-4FR added
  • Change of MG17 lamps in Fw 190A-4 to A-6
  • Player's bomb delay value in arming screen now stays unchanged when viewing other planes
  • Wingman no longer explodes at the end of taxiing in Crimea Red Scramble QMB mission
  • I-250 shows proper RAF, RAAF and RN marking
  • Fixed missing SM.79 pilot's head that caused plane to freeze in air
  • Ki-45 aileron animation now correct
  • New Ki-45 skins by Hayate
  • Italian Autoblinda can now elevate the gun
  • IK-3 changed to allied side
  • Mosquito Mk.XVIII is no longer pink when no ammo is selected
  • Changed .50 cal belt from APIT - AP - HE - AP to APIT - AP - API - AP
  • AI in Mosquito Mk.XVIII will now attack ground targets
  • Jet planes can now take off without burning their engines
  • Pe-8 and TB-7 are normal to taxi now
  • A few fixes in German localisation
  • Bug with Il-4 being partially invulnerable fixed
  • Army briefing now always fully visible
  • P-39 no longer has permanent fuel pressure warning light
  • Beaufighter now shows bullet holes in ****pit
  • Fixed Beaufighter ****pit throttle section
  • TBD gunner no longer grows an extra head when first one is lost
  • G.50 compass shows more correct numbers
  • Glitch with Ar 234 external gunsight from in ****pit view fixed
  • Cowl flaps on TB-7 are now animated correctly
  • Bf 110G-2 wing roots no longer invisible from ****pit
  • Fixed wrong night gauge textures in Re.2000 and G.50
  • Removed jet flame engine damage graphics for piston engines
  • Seafire radiator now animated
  • Fix in Ar 234 ****pit
  • Hs 129 pitch control lamps swapped
  • Fixes of Il-4 ****pit texture
  • Fixes in plane and loadout names in Russian localisation
  • Stationary planes somewhat less resistant to explosions
  • Changes in FM of Pe-8 and TB-7
  • Changes Pe-8 and TB-7 turret ammo count
  • Active water injection no longer increases engine temperature
  • Jet oil temperature is calculated differently
  • Tuning of overheat parameters for a number of planes
  • Changes to German electric fuze parameters
  • Changed test runway spawning method to that of carriers
  • Dead pilot's head does no longer move
  • Spin shooting algorithm refined
  • Changes to F4U and F6F FM for more correct take off behaviour
  • Sunset and night lighting changes
  • Removed some fuel consumption rates
  • Changed canopy of Fw 190A-8 Mistel external model to match ****pit model
  • Fixed clipping issues with Ki-27 & Ki-43-I tube sights
  • Fixed Avia B-534 gunsight when seat is raised
  • Small 6DoF related fixes in F6F-3, P-38, Ki-61 & Bf-109E ****pits
  • Showing test runway map icons when realistic navigation is on
  • Added generic spawn plane as stationary plane
  • Changed AI so that last plane in formation performs maneuvers for checking blind spots
  • Tweaks to AI shooting
  • AI maneuvers fine tuned
  • Small changes in AI defensive maneuvers selection
  • Fixed all engine temperature instruments (see guide)
  • Removed a crashlanded Bf109 from Bessarabia Blue Scramble QMB missions
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