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További King's Bounty: Crossworlds cikkek

King's Bounty: Crossworlds 1.3.1 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2011-01-14 00:39-kor, frissítve 2012-04-14 16:13-kor, megtekintve 3688 alkalommal
A King's Bounty Crossworlds 1.3.1-es frissítése számos hibát kijavít. Telepítése előtt a telepített módokat le kell törölni.

A frissítés leírása:

Attention!!! Delete all mods before the patch installation!

Fixes and updates:

  • Orcs on the March
    • Crash fixed at Assassin's Know Weakness skill.
    • Error fixed at orc shaman's Adrenaline Maximum.
    • Error fixed at spells Poisonous Spit, Black Hole and Soul Draining at the boss arenas.
    • Error fixed at Skeletons' skill Bone Gate at the Arena of Chaos.
    • Description of skills fixed at Rune Mage, Faun and Bone Dragon.
    • Feature Recruiter fixed.
    • A dialogue of Rock Porter fixed, if you don't take quests for spy searching.
  • Defender of the Crown
    • Failure fixed after the defeat in the battle for medals (after the talk with smuggler Hogben).
    • Ancient Ent's skill Summon Swarm doesn't recharge the skill Running now.

Balance updates:

  • Orcs on the March
    • Abilities of the Infernal Dragon were strengthened.
    • The following creatures were strengthened: White Kraken, Fauns, Rune Mages, Goblins, Orc-leaders and Tirexes.
    • Orc-shamans were weakened.
    • The feature Favorite Enemy of humans gets updated in every new battle.
    • The AI of Alchemist and Engineers was updated.
  • Defender of the Crown
    • The enemy hero Mahruk was strengthened.

Additions and upgrades:

  • Orcs on the March
    • Detailed information on the trophies in the Military Academy added; (c) ilih.
    • A specified log during the receipt of Adrenaline by orcs added.
    • Support of 16:9 format added.
    • New opportunities for game modders added.
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