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Men of War 1.16.4 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2011-02-01 11:06-kor, frissítve 2011-03-06 01:09-kor, megtekintve 3173 alkalommal
A Men of War 1.16.4-es javitása az előzőre verzióra telepithető fel, mivel incremental patch. Ez a patch kivételesen nem érhető el magyar változatban.

A patch tartalma:

  • added Japanese units
  • added rank games and automatch
  • made friends first in "Community" window
  • fixed shells ricochet from moving/animating vehicles
  • fixed Sturmtiger damage model
  • fixed exploding А39 Turtle and M36 after specific hmgun burst
  • game no longer get out of sync after mod install
  • soldier can kill prone enemy with knife
  • fixed "map control" option storing in settings
  • Sdkfz7-1 driver can't be killed with machine gun now
  • Т29 can be killed with dynamite
  • fixed armor plates settings on IS1 hull
  • some barricades were not penetrable with AP shells
  • lowered Centurion gun
  • IS3 backward speed lowered, Hetzer speed increased
  • changed M3 Grant gun limits
  • changed armor piercing for М3 Grant gun (as on M4A1)
  • KV-2 can aim at 170 m even on small hills
  • fixed engine burn probability after hit
  • fixed shell spreading while moving for Achilles and М5А1
  • М5А1 can't crush buildings now
  • fixed M5A1 armor settings
  • can't kill M36 crew in the hole between hull and turret now
  • fixed Panther's gun mask armor
  • fixed armor settings on T29 turret
  • fixed Su-76's displaced track after repair
  • added armor for machine gunner at Sdkfz251
  • IS2 front turret armor set to 100 mm
  • Tanks: BT-7A, T-26, KV-1, KV-2, KV-85, IS-1, IS-2, IS-2 M44, Ha-Go, Ke-Nu, Chi-He, Chi-Ha 47, Chi-Ha 57, will not turn turret to shoot from rear mgun
  • fixed track texture on broken King Tiger
  • fixed wheels on right side of BT-7A
  • fixed traces from wheels of Japanese vehicles
  • fixed combat engineers high speed in certain cases 
  • changed cooldown timers in mode "No refund" mode
  • decreased ricochet chance on angles 25+
  • decreased armor piercing power after ricochet
  • caliber/armor koef. decreased to 30 degrees (T-34 is easier to kill from Pz IV)
  • increased range of 37-mm and 40-mm AA-guns to 110 m
  • slightly increased explosive power of 120 mm HE shells
  • increased AP power of Cromwell tank gun
  • slightly increased armor piercing power of AT grenade
  • slightly decreased armor piercing power falloff with distance for HMG, AT rifles and AA guns
  • Jagdtiger armor piercing is less influenced by armor slope now
  • balanced main tanks for all nations (T-34, Sherman, Pz4G, Chi-Nu)
  • added engine breakdown for small vehicles when hit by blastwave of nearby HE shell
  • limited amount of HE shells placed on map


  • all machine gunners except Soviet - cost more
  • flamethrower (6) , Vickers mg (6), T-60 (14), Su-76(18),
    Hetzer(25), KV-1 (28), Bishop(32), Churchill (35), М4А3 76w (45),
    Jagdpanzer (50), Hummel (55), IS-3 (115), T-29 (130)


  • Desert walk: removed sandstorm
  • River: it was too dark at night
  • Port: removed "swamp" terrain
  • Hills: disabled the barge entering

Only tanks:

  • added supply truck
  • can't order tankmen
  • fixed CP limit on main tanks


  • flamethrower now can be seen in fog of war when firing in 25 m range
  • German elite troops wear FG-42 and have better skill with Panzerfaust
  • German Panzergrenadiers armed with 2 Panzerfausts (instead of 3)
  • slightly increased small arms power in 30 m ranges
  • decreased reload time of german AT rifle
  • AP mines planting time decreased by 1.5 sec


  • more score for taking flags and lines than for holding them
  • added KV-85
  • Allies Sherman “Crab” costs more
  • M20 costs more
  • faster AP mines planting
  • added Centurion
  • QF 17 costs less
  • KV-1 costs more
  • Sherman Jumbo costs more
  • increased CP limit for defenders
  • rebalanced cooldown timers


  • added ability to detect backward/forward movement in entity script
  • added ability to detect left/right turns in entity script
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