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Mount&Blade 1.010 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-10-08 17:51-kor, frissítve 2010-09-23 21:29-kor, megtekintve 2435 alkalommal
A Mount and Blade 1.010-ez javitás sok hibát orvosol a játékban, így hát érdemes feltelepiteni.

A frissítés részletei:

  • Rendering artefacts with ATi Radeon 4x cards has been fixed.
  • Fixed occasional problems in launching the game on Windows Vista.
  • Optimizations in rendering performance.
  • Fixed bug where a village elder would never give you another quest if you ever refused one.
  • The game will no longer issue a warning if a track is supposed to be played while music is disabled.
  • During castle attacks, attackers now spread out at the beginning so that those who run to push the assault tower can pass through easily.
  • Player's items will no longer loose qualifiers if you pick an item of the same type from the ground.
  • Laidies will no longer give dueling quests against their own husbands.
  • Raiding a village now reduces your relation with its faction.
  • Fixed equipment for khergit_horsemen and Camp Defenders.
  • Problems in various villages and castles have been fixed.
  • Pathfinding to towns on the map has been improved.
  • Crossbows will now start as loaded in battles.
  • Each point for stength now adds +1 to total hit-points.
  • Base hit-points has been reduced to 35
  • Fixed bug where some deserter parties would contain clones of the player character.
  • Assault tower now works correctly at Dhirim Town Walls.
  • Fixed bug where being attacked while raiding a village would result all subsequent battles to take place in that village.
  • Player is now awarded with money after finishing the "Follow Spy" quest.
  • Fixed various problems with "Follow Spy" quest.
  • Fixed bug where allied Lords wouldn't join your battles after winning a civil war.
  • Fixed bug where player wouldn't be awarded the full prize in arena fights if he managed to be the "last man standing".
  • Fixed bug where there would be an odd item at the bottom of merchant inventories.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes a horseback character would be thrown forward unrealistically after being killed.
  • Players can no longer use shields that can't be used on horseback if they start the battle wielding the shield.
  • Various dialog and text errors have been corrected.
  • Abandoning the civil war of a claimant and then taking up the claim of a new one no longer causes incorrect behavior.
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