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Port Royale 2 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2014-01-01 10:29-kor, frissítve 2013-11-23 21:33-kor, megtekintve 3341 alkalommal
A fájl méretéhez képest óriási javítási listával rendelkező, egyetlen angol nyelvű frissítés a játékhoz.

A frissítés tartalma:

Fixed crashes

  • A rare crash that could occur at a warehouse expropriation has been fixed. The last player warehouse in a city will no longer be expropriated.
  • A rare crash that could occur when accepting a pirate mission of a governor, if said pirate was just destroyed it and then traded to the Pirates player has been fixed.
  • A rare crash that could occur when loading a saved game has been fixed.

Fixed logic error

  • Car Commercial: Experienced captains on active trade routes can now no longer be immersed against inexperienced captains, without interrupting the trade route by it.
  • An error in the Captain generation was fixed, could be generated by the countless experienced captains. Convoy name can not be assigned twice.
  • A rare bug in the building demolition routine has been fixed, have not been released again by the individual in very rare cases plots.
  • A problem in the generation of artifacts has been fixed; artifacts can now no longer occur on previously used items.

Fixed bugs in the interface

  • A sorting problem in the list of save games was fixed. Now is always a priority sorted by date.
  • The current convoy key assignment ([Ctrl] +1-0) is now saved with the score.
  • The display of reduced crew costs during repairs will now appear in the convoy and info in the balance sheet of the log.
  • After accepting a gift Country could be lost in rare cases, the mouse focus, and (among other things close escort ship definition, dialogue, etc.) some interface controls failed to work.

Changes in gameplay

  • Canon Distribution: After a naval battle of all remaining cannons are now automatically redistributed to the escort ships.
  • The frequency of sword fights was reduced:
    • When starting a naval battle, a captain is now only at 30% probability placed on an AI ship (previously this probability was up to 50%). And only if the opposing captain's AI ship is boarded, it can become a sword fight to come (except against privateers there is always a sword fight).
  • If the opposing captain's AI ship has less than 60% of the sailors of the player's ship is so clearly inferior, there is no longer a sword fight with that ship. So the player's sword fight probability can by targeted depletion of the opposing crew itself reduce (except privateer).
  • Land Battles: The length of time the land battles was adjusted to the army size as land battles with huge armies in the allotted time were sometimes not successful finish in rare cases.

Target search of AI convoys revised:

  • It could happen that very badly damaged military convoys did not go home for repair in rare cases.
  • It could happen that pirate convoys did not flee on dealer hunting in rare cases before military convoys.

Mission logic has been revised:

  • In general: Mission events can no longer be triggered by random passing car trade convoys.
  • In general: AI convoys with Missionsflag are ignored by enemy AI convoys.
  • Abduction of the wife: The governor did not notice, in rare cases, the return of the wife, which the mission then could not be completed successfully.
  • The pubs gamblers been removed from the scenario "Tortuga in need."
  • Political Map: The French territorial waters are now displayed in purple (formerly blue) and stand out so clearly from the bluish lake from.
  • Player Cities: The player can now receive up to four cities of every nation and so have up to 16 separate cities.

New Features

  • Revised letter of marque-note in the encounter dialog: The dialog before an attack is even more clearly pointed to the absence of a damaging view Kaperbriefes.
  • Game speed "x 0.1" as a new minimum game speed (time brake) added.
  • New hotkey to fire guns: you can use the 'S' key, the guns are fired in naval battles in addition. These keys can also be changed arbitrarily in the game options.
  • Tutorial: New switch installed so that may have to be cut off for too long localization texts not illegible. Once the tutorial text exceeds a certain length of text, a switcher is generated with which the text can be scrolled back and forth.

Additions to the Manual

  • Ship selection in ongoing battle
    • Leaves your current escort ship an ongoing battle, it is boarded or even lowered, you must select a new countdown from the displayed while your other escort ships. If you have no other escort ship, or simply activate a new preset in the time and send into battle, the battle is considered as lost.
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