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  • Postal 2 1337 patch

Postal 2 1337 patch

Patch Írta Caster 2010-03-23 10:12-kor, frissítve 2012-07-24 21:11-kor, megtekintve 3540 alkalommal
A rengeteg hibajavítás mellet két új pálya is megtalálható a javítócsomagban (Obligatory Sewer System és Tora Bora). Ezenkívül optimalizálták a letöltési sebességet és új cheat-eket és fegyvereket is kapunk.

Javítócsomag leírása angolul:

New Additions:

  • New Level: "Obligatory Sewer System" - seweriffic fun and leads to other areas of the map.
  • New Level: "Tora Bora" - secret cave hideout of the Taliban.
  • New Weapon: The WMD - only available in the Tora Bora map.
  • New Difficulty: "Insane-o" - extra hard mode with ALL bystanders armed to the teeth.
  • New Difficulty: "They Hate Me" - even harder mode where anyone with a weapon automatically hates the player on sight.
  • New Cheat: "Headshots" - one shot to the head kills.
  • New Cheat: "BoppinCats" - cats ricochet after shot off guns. Turn it off with "SplodinCats".
  • New Cheat: "NowWeDance" - scissors machinegun. Don't forget the second 'w'!
  • Added in-game cheat menu after you beat the game once.
  • Game difficulty for each save is now displayed on save/load menus.
  • Dead bodies can be decapitated (if they still have a head) by the shotgun or shovel.
  • Added new bullet tracers option (defaults to On).
  • Added support for joysticks and extra mouse buttons

New Changes:

  • Level transitions are MUCH faster.
  • Machinegun strength enhanced, more accurate, and has faster shooting.
  • NPC's less accurate further away target is.
  • Dude's 'get down' radius is larger.
  • Shotgun slightly stronger, pellet count increased, and imparts a little more momentum.
  • Pistol slightly stronger.
  • Postal Dude deals slightly more damage with all weapons.
  • As Difficulty is increased, damage NPC's can deal out is increased instead of increasing their max health.
  • Dogs that you befriend have more health and their health increases with game difficulty (to stay useful).
  • Innocent, unarmed bystanders are even easier to kill now.

Bug Fixes:

  • 1000000 iterations in PrepPawnSlider function crash fixed.
  • "triggered a bug in the DirectX 8.1 runtime" crash fixed on most machines.
  • Collision-related crashes fixed.
  • Changed error messages to refer to postal2.ini instead of ut2003.ini.
  • "CheckDepthStencilMatch failed" crash fixed.
  • The "Submit Bug Report" button works now.
  • "Safe Mode" is now usable.
  • Radar now doesn't come up after travel to new day (fixes radar coming up strangely).
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