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  • Quake II 3.20 patch

Quake II 3.20 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-10-11 18:06-kor, frissítve 2010-10-03 17:08-kor, megtekintve 2178 alkalommal
A Quake 2 egyetlen javitása. Főleg többjátékos módban, de egyjátékos módban is sok javitást végez.

A frissítés tartalma:

3.20 Changes:

  • Fixed a network problem where and oversize packet could cause a client 
  • Fixed the long standing Quake2 bug of where you would occasionally spawn
    or teleport and find yourself either looking straight at the ceiling or
    down at the floor.
  • Changed it so that the function keys (F1 through F12) now get executed when 
    depressed during demo playback or attract modes. This allows you to take
    screen shots (F12) during demos and other features. An example of other
    features is a fast forward for demos:
    • alias +ff "timedemo 1"
    • alias -ff "timedemo 0"
    • bind f7 +ff
  • This binding will cause the current demo playing to zip into timedemo mode
    while F7 is depressed, effectively acting like a fast forward key.
  • Wrong packaging of 3.19 patch. The Rogue CD has a 45k pak2 and vwep .md2 
    files in baseq2/players, but the 3.19 x86 patch we released has a 2.7MB
    pak2. 3.20 has a 45k pak2 and the vwep models go in baseq2/players.
  • VWep code has been added to Xatrix dll, new VWep models for the Xatrix 
    specific weapons (Ion Ripper and Phalanx) have been included.
  • Rogue Linux game library was wrong version and had some unlinked symbols,
    this has been corrected.
  • Occasional error of: "D_SCAlloc: bad cache width 16384" in software renderer.
  • This had to do with surfaces to SURF_FLOWING and were transparent. This
    has been fixed in the refs now so flowing transparent textures now works.
  • [Unix] Net_ErrorToString calls were wrong, was using %i and not %s resulting
    in random numbers being printed for error messages.
  • Color shell mixing restored to the same blends as previous versions. This 
    was changed in 3.19 for the new color shells the Rogue mission pack
  • Fixed a possible server crash in the new "playerlist" command.
  • Fixed a case where a person joining a server could be invisible (left over 
    setting of SVF_NOCLIENT from previous spectator).
  • Invalid pak files no longer cause a crash and are just ignored
  • Fixed a 3.19 bug where linked models (modelindex2) who's modelindex was 
    greater than 0x7f causes the wrong model to be drawn (in some cases, the
    world would be drawn twice). This was the cause of many of the "extreme"
    frame lag people were seeing in 3.19 on servers using old-style VWep code.
  • Linux: Complete rewrite of the OpenGL library handling. This was needed 
    to cleanly integrate OpenGL extension checking. Linux now supports
    extensions such as multitexture and better dynamic loading of libraries.
  • It's cleaner now in that you don't have to preload hack stuff to use the
    3DFX Miniport rather than libMesa3D. The Linux version now uses the
    gl_driver to specify the 3D library to dynamically load. For example, to
    use the miniport, one would now use:
    ./quake2 +set vid_ref gl +set gl_driver
  • This change fixes several bugs that were apparant in the older method, such
    as a segfault occasionally when connecting to a server with a different game
  • The vid menu in the Linux version has been changed to reflect the new
    options, the current list of supported video drivers are now: software,
    software X11, Mesa 3-D 3DFX, 3DFXGL Miniport, OpenGL glX, and Mesa 3-D glX,
  • Railgun shots now go through gibs as well as other players.
  • New server variable, "needpass" that can been seen with server browser
    tools such as GameSpy. This variable indicates whether a password or
    spectator password is needed to get onto a server. Bit 0 is password and
    bit 1 is spectator password.
  • Quake2 will no longer look for gamex86.dll in the main Quake2 directory.
  • It will always load out of the game directory first.
  • Players joining a server during an intermission are now moved to the
    intermission position.
  • The "logfile" cvar has been extended with the following values:
    0 - don't log (default)
    1 - overwrite qconsole.log and use buffered writes
    2 - overwrite qconsole.log and flush write every line
    3 - append to existing qconsole.log and flush write every line
  • Several minor bug fixes to the Rogue mission pack gamex86.dll
  • Linux: Rebuild of Rogue mission pack shared library to correct some
    dynamic symbol errors (is NAN errors).

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