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Race Driver: Grid 1.1 patch

Patch Írta Caster 2009-09-30 21:57-kor, frissítve 2010-06-20 22:33-kor, megtekintve 4636 alkalommal
Új controller-ek és kormányok támogatása, a manuális váltó állítása kormányokon, "Force Feedback" támogatása Windows Vista alatt.

Javítócsomag leírása angolul:

Hálózati hibák javításai:

  • When viewing in spectator mode – wheels should now turn correctly.
  • Session searching now functions correctly when there are lots of full sessions.
  • Track and route options no longer change when host gets back to lobby in private/LAN.
  • Race results are now correct if a host migration occurs at the end of the race.
  • Other player’s progress/positions are now correctly updated when you enter the race results screen.
  • Several NaN (brown screen) related fixes.
  • Fixed a problem whereby it was only possible to upload one world record ghost to each track.

Network - general

  • Race to race lobby timer is now 15 seconds.
  • A timer has been added showing how long the session has been up and running is shown on the tickertape after joining a session.
  • Changes to what is displayed in lobby when a player has kick votes.
    • The player who has been voted for can see this fact and the number of votes they have received.
    • Players who have voted to kick someone can see who they voted for but cannot see the number of votes.
    • Players who have not voted do not see anything.
  • Added ability to get the next page of sessions in private session results.
  • Banned sessions no longer appear in private session list.
  • Reverse gear is now disabled for the first two seconds of a network race to stop players reversing off the start line.
  • Added ability to change collision types in all sessions (not enabled in Demolition Derby).o Forward Only (this is the normal behaviour for Ranked/Unranked)
    • On (Collisions are always on)
    • Off (Always off).
  • Numerous anti griefing checks to turn off collisions when players are griefing.
  • Fix for distance shown in distance online stat.
  • A warning message is now shown the first time you enter system link.
  • In non-drift races, the race results screen shows the fastest lap that each player achieved in that race.
  • When a player retires or terminally damages in race, a message telling all players of this fact is sent to the chat system so displayed in the overlay in game.
  • Cars become semi-transparent when collisions are turned off due to griefing.
  • Improvements to prediction system to reduce effects of lag when players are close by.
  • Fix for occasional excessive smoke coming from other players in network mode
  • Fix for exploit where a player could upload an incorrect lap time
  • Fix for a problem where private sessions would not show up in search unless you searched for public sessions first.

Game - general

  • Several optimisations and performance improvements.
  • It is now possible to look left and right while in bonnet camera.
  • Fix for a hang when selecting a gear outside the gears available on the vehicle (this was possible with H-Shifter)
  • Fix for cars very occasionally flying into the air when hitting kerbs.
  • Fixes for custom action maps.
  • Track rendering optimisations.
  • Brown screen problem no longer awards achievements or causes glowing white cars.
  • Fix for airborne achievement – now awarded even if car flips upside down during jump.

PC Specific Changes General

  • Added support for Xinput wheel and Logitech Rumblepad 2, including default action map configurations.
  • Adding ability to use H-pattern shifter in custom configuration by allowing configuration of gears 1 to 6 and reverse. Same for boost.
  • Fix for missing Force feedback on Vista.
  • Added the ability to override the controller type, so that if the game fails to auto-detect it, users can specify it themselves.
    • Symptoms of the game failing to detect the appropriate controller type are:
      • On a pad, handling is too twitchy, appears to steer “lock-to-lock”.
      • On a wheel, the input lags and the linearity slider doesn’t appear to have an effect.
    • To override controller type, find the hardware_settings_config.xml that is generated when the game is run (should be in My
  • DocumentsCodemastersGRIDhardwaresettings) and change the line that reads to either as appropriate for your controller.
  • Changing microcode optimisation level for NVIDIA 7xxx series graphics cards to reduce a pause when using each shader for the first time.
  • Adding support for triple head displays.
  • Graphical corruption fix when using multiple GPU’s.
  • Network chat text made less obtrusive.
  • Numerous on-going compatibility fixes.
  • Improvements to shadows for certain resolutions/aspect ratios.
  • Profiles are now flushed to disk when they are written to reduce the chance of them being corrupted if the PC dies.
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