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Re-Volt 1.2 Beta patch

Patch Írta Frag 2012-10-23 07:56-kor, frissítve 2012-10-22 00:58-kor, megtekintve 3725 alkalommal
Egy nemhivatalos mod/patch a játékhoz. Többek között Windows 7 és widescreen monitor támogatást, valamint rengeteg egyéb újítást és hibajavítást tartalmaz.

A javítócsomag részletei:

  • Full support for all Windows OS including XP, Vista and 7.
  • Wide screen and multi-monitor support.
  • Anisotropic Texture Filtering, improved display and font.
  • Support for International Keyboard Layouts.
  • New languages: Dutch (Nederlands).
  • New content, game modes and more expandability. more info
  • Lots of optimizations and bug fixes. more info

Beta 11.0208:

  • *official Beta release.
  • Add
    • [General]:
      • Command Lines: -useallcpu
      • New language: Dutch (Nederlands) - translated by R6TE.
      • Instantly update changes to Audio/Video settings.
      • Change Audio/Video/Controller settings from any point  in the game (in-game and multiplayer Waiting Room).
      • Faster loading of levels and frontend.
    • [Graphics]:
      • Changes to last-loaded-file display during loading.
    • [Audio]:
      • Detect if CD is inserted while game is running (during the next level load or when music is toggled off and back on.
  • Mod
    • [Graphics]:
      • Changing display mode/device works much faster.
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Increased maximum number of pickups from 40 to 64 (fixes clone pickup weapon not working in some levels).
    • [Multi]
      • Automatically start game when host starts, only when in Waiting Room, not when in Name/Car select screen.
  • Fix
    • [Graphics]:
      • Shockwave disappearing earlier bug.
    • [Audio]:
      • CD Music not looping in Vista/7.
      • Freeze when changing (looping) music track.
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Crash when switching to free (F6) camera in replay mode.

Beta 11.0101:

  • *unofficial Beta release.
  • Add
    • [Graphics]:
      • Anisotropic texture filtering support.
    • [Multi]:
      • Ability to type many new characters for multiplayer chat.
  • Mod
    • [General]:
      • Texture filtering and Antialiasing settings saved.
  • Fix
    • [Graphics]:
      • Fixed and refined menu box outline (spru box).

Beta 10.1223:

  • *unofficial Beta release.
  • Add
    • [General]:
      • Command Lines: -setdir
    • [Multi]:
      • Press Delete to clear chat sentence, Escape to clear chat and turn chat off.
      • Autorepeat support for chat messages.
  • Mod
    • [General]:
      • Numpad keys can be configured for controls.
      • Skip an intro screen using any key. Pressing Esc skips all intro screens.
  • Fix
    • [General]:
      • Crash in some menu screens because of accessing bad memory zones.
      • Fixed all keypress conflicts: key pressed for one action will not conflict with another action.
    • [Graphics]:
      • Improved and refined font and text display.
      • Bug in rearview camera when underwater.
      • Glitches in menu box outline (spru bar), and glitches during fade effects with AntiAliasing turned on.
    • [Audio]:
      • Fixed MP3/Redbook conflicts: Redbook higher priority in default levels, MP3 higher priority in user levels.
    • [Multi]:
      • Bug typing Shifted and AltGr characters in European keyboards.

Beta 10.1213:

  • *unofficial Beta release.
  • Add
    • [General]:
      • Command Lines: -window -aspect -dev
    • [Graphics]:
      • Wide Screen support and Aspect Ratio correction.
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Rearview mirror on/off option in Game Settings.
    • [Multi]:
      • Ability to share new data across network without breaking backward compatibility with older versions. Share Build Number over network.
      • Re-Furnished Waiting Room showing Build Number and highlighting Host player.
  • Mod
    • [General]:
      • Save/Restore game settings, forced settings not permanently saved.
      • Window automatically resized to match resolution.
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Allow turning on F2/F3 cameras after race is finished.
      • Last player watched in F3 camera is remembered.
      • Disabled auto-repositioning in user levels.
    • [Multi]:
      • Multiplayer chat length increased from 28 to 40 chars.
      • All 5 messages shown ingame, oldest 2 semi-transparent. Ability to show hide chat messages.
      • Game started only if TAB key pressed alone. Pressing Alt-TAB, etc. will cause no problems.
    • [Dev]:
      • Show (CHT) when Dev Mode is activated from command line.
      • Cross mouse pointer properly hidden when using editing mouse pointer.
  • Fix
    • [General]:
      • Level load hangs, loading crashes with multi-core. (temporary fix by forcing to run on single proc.)
      • Timer Roll-over bug (GoGo bug).
    • [Graphics]:
      • Bug in displaying and selecting display modes.
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Unable to switch back to player camera after selecting free camera during trailer (at the start of race).
      • Bug initializing local camera data.
    • [Multi]:
      • Bug identifying host player before race starts (in Waiting Room).

Beta 10.1120:

  • *unofficial Beta release.
  • Add
    • [General]:
      • Backward compatibility character ;) for car parameters.txt file.
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Per-car box art support (TCARBOX entry for car parameters).
  • Mod
    • [General]:
      • Using memory allocation methods from C instead of WinAPI.
      • Cheat code to toggle Dev Mode uses actual menu keys/buttons instead of configured buttons.
  • Fix
    • [Dev]:
      • Crash when loading Calc Car Stats mode.

Beta 10.1118:

  • *unofficial Beta release.
  • Add
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Support installing unlimited number of levels.
      • Alphabetical sorting of cars/levels.
  • Mod
    • [Dev]:
      • Allow AllWeapons cheat in multiplayer.
      • No Pause when inactive support - LShift + F9.
  • Fix
    • [General]:
      • Crash when lots of cars installed.
      • Crash when last selected car is deleted.
    • [Multi]:
      • Crash when transfering bomb pickup between players, duplicate objects seen by players (like trafficcone).

Beta 10.1116:

  • *unofficial Beta release.
  • Mod
    • [Multi]:
      • Support joining next valid track if host restarts an unknown track (disabled flashing green messages).
  • Fix
    • [General]:
      • Battle/stunt arena loading crashes.
    • [Multi]:
      • Issue when host restarts same track.
      • Crash when quiting from lobby session.

Beta 10.1113:

  • *unofficial Beta release.
  • Add
    • [General]:
      • Command Lines: -sload -nointro -checkcd
  • Mod
    • [Audio]:
      • Enabled CD Audio and per-level MP3 support.
      • 44.1kHz Sound Sample Rate support.

Beta 10.1112:

  • *first Beta release.
  • Add
    • [General]:
      • Dev Mode cheat code.
      • Build number display in frontend.
      • Command Lines: -nosli
  • Mod
    • [General]:
      • No forced wait over 1st intro image.
      • Disabled CD Check and CRC Checksum.
    • [Multi]:
      • Upto 12 Players in Lobby session.
      • Reduced All Players Ready timeout to 15s.
      • Chat while waiting for players, toggle chat.
  • Fix
    • [General]:
      • User Tracks are sorted in correct order.
      • Misplaced/wrong text in menus.
    • [Graphics]:
      • Display Buffers error in Vista/7.
      • Loading Images not displayed in Vista/7.
    • [Audio]:
      • Frontend music not played after minimizing game.
    • [Gameplay]:
      • Fixed double-reposition in custom tracks, time trial mode.
      • Fixed black screen when switching camera while reposition.
    • [Multi]:
      • Updated some parts related to interpolation.

Alpha 10.0926:

  • *first Alpha release.

Eredeti honlap:


Faster loading of levels and faster boot at first start.
Re-Volt can now allocate more data in memory than before (untested).
Re-Volt window in windowed mode is automatically resized to match the selected resolution. New.
If you don't want the window to be resized, or if you want the choose the size of the window, you can use the new -window command line. See the Command Lines section for more info.
Immediately Change and Update Settings
Changes to Audio/Video Settings are updated immediately after going back from Settings menu, instead of having to restart the game to update the changes.
Changing the Video Resolution/ Display Mode acts faster than before.
It is now possible to change all Audio/Video/Controller settings from anywhere in the game: from the main menu as usual, from in-game and also from the Multiplayer Waiting Room.
To change settings from Multiplayer Waiting Room, keep pressing Esc key or Menu-Back Button to reach the "Continue Game" menu.
Skip Intro Images
It is now possible to skip the splash screens at the start of game by pressing any key. By pressing Escape, the whole introduction is skipped and Re-Volt jumps to main menu.
You can also skip the splash screens using -nointro command line.
Wide Screen Support
Re-Volt now maintains the correct wide-angle aspect ratio of any resolution.
This feature is turned on by default and can be turned off from Video Settings.
The in-game HUD can be positioned to be centered, from Render Settings.
Different cameras in the game can independently use different aspect ratios.
Anisotropic Filtering Support
Re-Volt now natively supports Anisotropic Texture Filtering (tested up to 16x). This option can be configured from Render Settings.
Texture Filter and Anti-alias settings are saved to registry, and can be changed from Render Settings. Though, Re-Volt's Anti-aliasing does not work and it is required to use the anti-alias setting in your graphics card.
Improved Font and Characters
This release includes improved font and text for better readability and supports many missing characters.
The lines and glitches below some text were fixed.
The player names displayed above the cars in multiplayer were refined.
In-game Music
Enabled CD Music and MP3 Player. CD music will play if the Re-Volt CD is inserted. The MP3 Player can play any MP3 audio from the hard drive.
MP3 has higher priority for user levels. For default levels CD Redbook has higher priority.
The file mp3dec.asi (included in v1.2 download) is required to use the MP3 Player.
Re-Volt can now detect if the CD is inserted after starting the game, and the music will play after the next level is loaded. It is also possible to manually start the music by inserting the Re-Volt CD and toggling music off and back on from Audio Settings.
Sample Rate
Audio samples and MP3 are initialized at a sample rate of 44.1kHz instead of 22kHz. This allows the audio to be played without any quality degradation. New.
This feature is turned on by default and can be turned off from Audio Settings.
Number Pad Support
The keys on the Number Pad can now be configured for game controls. New.
International Keyboard Support
Re-Volt should now support all keyboard layouts for multiplayer chat. It is now possible to type Shifted and AltGr characters correctly. Many new characters and diacritics are now supported. New.
New Settings
Language, Speed Units, Number of Cars, and all newly introduced settings are saved in registry.
Re-Volt uses the saved language for Multiplayer Lobby games, instead of using English by default.
Local (F1) and Rearview (F2) camera states are saved to registry.
Rearview Camera can be permanently turned on/off from Game Settings.
Forced settings will not be permanently saved to registry.
New Languages
Re-Volt now supports Dutch (Nederlands). New.
Remember Camera Settings
Rearview (F2) and Spectator (F3) cameras are turned off after a race is finished. Now it is possible to turn them back on and view other players. They will also be automatically turned back on for the next race.
The last player watched in the F3 camera is now remembered.
Disable Automatic Correction
When the player's car goes out of course in a user track it used to be automatically repositioned. The auto correction is now disabled.
Designers wanting to implement auto-reposition in their tracks should use the Reposition Trigger instead.
Player Ready Timeout
Re-Volt sometimes reports falsely that all players are not ready, due to bad sync between the players, and everyone is forced to wait for 60 seconds before the race starts. The time-out value was reduced to 15 seconds.
More Players in Lobby session
Re-Volt allows only 8 players to join a lobby session. Now it allows up to 12 players in all multiplayer modes.
Furnished Waiting Room
Multiplayer Waiting Room will now show the build number of all v1.2 users.
The host player's name is highlighted in blue.
Fixed bug with chat lines being displayed over the Player list if there are lot of players.
Chat Messaging Improvements
Multiplayer chat length is increased from 28 to 40 characters.
All 5 messages appear in-game instead of only the newest 3, oldest 2 messages are shown semi-transparent.
F12 key can be used to enable/disable chat messages. All previous chat messages are shown when chat is enabled.
Pressing Delete will clear the message being typed. Pressing Escape will clear the current message and turn chat off.
Chat messages now support auto-repeat.
Changes to Auto-Start
When host starts the game, clients' game used to be started automatically, even if they were in the middle of changing options and settings. Now the game will only be started after the player finishes changing options and comes back to Waiting Room. New.
CD Check is turned off and CRC Check disabled.
Cheat code to activate/deactivate Dev Mode was enabled.
Build Number displayed during Main Menu and Multiplayer "Continue Game" Menu.
Changes to Last File displayed during loading.
Game Content
User Cars and Levels Sorting
User cars/tracks are now sorted alphabetically, in ascending order and case insensitively. Also, user tracks are now sorted by their real names instead of the level folder name.
User Levels Limit
The maximum number of tracks allowed to be installed was limited to 256. Now Re-Volt supports virtually unlimited number of levels, theoretically up to 4 billion. New.
With a large amount of levels installed Re-Volt can slow down a lot during first load. This will be optimized in the future.
Increased Number of Pickups
The maximum number of pickups allowed in a level was increased from 40 to 64. This fixes a problem with Clone Pickup weapon not working in some tracks which have more than 40 pickups. New.
MP3 Audio Support
User levels can play their own MP3 audio instead of the default music tracks. To add MP3 audio to a custom track, level designers may include a line MP3 in the "level".inf file. The path should be relative to the main Re-Volt directory.
It is safe to include both the REDBOOK and MP3 lines in the "level".inf file. MP3 Audio has higher priority over CD Audio.
The file mp3dec.asi (included in v1.2 download) is required to use the MP3 Player.
Custom Car-Box Support
Re-Volt now supports the use of a unique car box-art for each custom car. To add a car-box image, car designers can use the TCARBOX entry in the car's Parameters.txt file. The general syntax is ;)TCARBOX where ;) is the backward compatibility character. The path should be relative to the main Re-Volt directory. This entry works the same way as the car TPAGE entry.
Re-Volt's car Parameters file optionally provides ;) as the backward compatibility character. Any line in the Parameters file preceded by these two characters will be read only by Re-Volt v1.2 and will be skipped by older versions. New Parameter entries should use these characters to avoid error messages from older Re-Volt versions.
The car-box texture should be a full 256x256 bitmap image. For the texture to be fully seamless with the car-box, it should use a pure white background. It is recommended to place a bicubic-resized 128x128 .bmq file along with the .bmp for mip-mapping (same goes for the car's main texture).

Bug Fixes
Fixed Loading Problems
Fixed crash when loading Battle Tag or Stunt Arena levels without Win98/ME compatibility mode.
Fixed hangs while loading levels on some systems.
Fixed crash at load screen with multi-core/multithreaded processors.
As a temporary fix, Re-Volt forces itself to run on a single processor to fix this problem. You can also disable the load screen using -sload command line and safely let Re-Volt use all available processors using -useallcpu command line.
Timer Rollover Bug
On some systems (mainly Windows XP) Re-Volt's clock resets after a few minutes resulting in bad race times. This was fixed. New.
Crash with Custom cars
Re-Volt used to crash in Single Race and Calc Car Stats mode when more than 35 cars of the same class (like Pro, Semi-Pro) are installed. Now Re-Volt supports virtually unlimited number of cars, theoretically up to 4 billion. All of these cars are selectable as AI.
With a large amount of cars installed Re-Volt can slow down during first load. This will be optimized in the future.
Re-Volt used to crash when the last selected car is uninstalled/deleted. This was fixed.
Bug selecting Display Modes
In some Windows Vista/7 PCs the list of display modes appeared out of order and most display modes did not work. Now all resolutions appear in correct order and can be selected.
The number of display modes displayed by Re-Volt was increased from 64 to 256.
Win98/ME compatibility mode should be off to be able to select resolutions higher than 1280x1024.
The maximum resolution is currently limited to 2048x2048.
Load Screen Glitches
Fixed "Can't flip display buffers" error at the end of level load in Vista/7.
Loading images were not displayed properly in Vista/7. It is now fixed.
Shockwave Rendering Bug
Fixed a bug with shockwave weapon disappearing quickly in some PCs. This bug was seen mostly when running in Windowed mode. The exact conditions under which it occurs is still unknown. New.
Refined Menu Box
Menu box drawing was refined and improved.
Fixed a glitch in the upper-left corner of the menu box.
Fixed a glitch in the bar joining the menu title image.
Fixed Brightness/Contrast settings not working in-game in some PCs.
Fixed lines appearing in the top and left corner of the screen during fade effects when Anti-Aliasing is on.
Fixed a minor glitch in the rearview camera when under water.
Music bugs
Fixed music not playing when Re-Volt is minimized at frontend and maximized.
Fixed CD Music not looping in Vista/7. New.
Fixed temporary freeze when changing music track. New.
Fixed key press conflicts
All key conflicts were fixed. This means a key pressed for one action will not conflict with another action. For example, if Spacebar is configured as fire key and the user tries to type "space" in chat, it will not fire a weapon.
Multiplayer game is not started if any other key is pressed along with TAB. This is useful if the host wants to alt-tab out of the waiting room without causing any problems.
Double Reposition
When the reposition key is used in user tracks in Time Trial mode, the car was reset twice. This bug was fixed.
User tracks cannot be selected in Time Trial mode in current releases.
Camera bugs
Fixed black screen when the player camera is switched to advanced cameras like Replay and Free camera while the car is repositioning.
Fixed crash when changing to Free camera in Replay Mode. New.
When the camera is changed during the trailer (at the start of a race), it was not possible to switch back to local player's camera. This is fixed. New.
A Bug initializing Local Camera's positions was fixed. New.
Bug when Restarting Race
In a Multiplayer game Re-Volt used to display an "Unknown Track" message and fails to restart if the host restarts the same track. This is now fixed and the same track is reloaded correctly.
When the host starts a track that the clients do not have, it is now possible to stay in session and join for the next race without problems.
It is not yet possible to join the next race when the first race was started with an unknown track (when players are in the Waiting Room), though the connection from the session is not disconnected.
Crash when quitting
Fixed crash when quitting from a Lobby session.
When Re-Volt is killed with Alt-F4 during a Lobby session, the process used to remain in memory. This was fixed.
Object Identification bug
Fixed crash during transfer of bomb weapon.
A bug identifying objects, which resulted in different players seeing the same object in different locations was fixed.
Better Interpolation and Sync
Fixed lag and bad sync when host minimizes Re-Volt.
Improved interpolation code.
Fixed text overflowing out of the menu box.
Fixed wrong Car Transmission (FWD/RWD) specifications displayed in Re-Volt.
Dev Mode
"All Weapons" cheat in multiplayer
The cheat code to allow weapon selection was disabled in Multiplayer. Now this cheat code can be used in Multiplayer mode too, but only in Dev Mode. New.
No Pause when inactive
Re-Volt will not be paused when minimized or when the window becomes inactive when this option is enabled. The option can be enabled using Left Shift + F9 in Dev Mode. New.
Allow changing language
It is possible to change language without having to restart Re-Volt. The Language menu can be accessed any time. New.
Enabled mouse pointer
Mouse pointer (cross) is always enabled. When using edit mode or free camera, the cross mouse pointer is disabled before switching to the in-game mouse pointer. New.
All Levels in any Race Mode
It is possible to load any level in any race mode.
Command Lines
Below is a list of command lines added in v1.2. The original v1.1 command lines are not listed here, unless they were modified.
Disables the "Can't Flip Display Buffers" bug fix. For testing purposes.
Disables the loading screen. Can be used for silent loading. New.
This command line can be used to skip the intro images. New.
-nointro and -sload command lines can be used together for super-fast loading.
Prompts you to insert the Re-Volt CD if not already inserted. New.
Clicking Cancel to the prompt will launch Re-Volt anyway.
This command line was updated to include 2 optional parameters: width and height of the window. New.
General syntax is -window .
Width and Height refer to the window's width/height and not the video resolution.
Used to force aspect ratio correction on. Optionally you can specify the required aspect ratio to force. This will over-ride the aspect ratio of the chosen resolution. For example, -aspect 16 9 will force 16:9 aspect ratio for all resolutions. New.
Enables Dev Mode. Using this command line will show (CHT) next to your car's name. New.
This command line was updated. It can now be used to set any directory as the Re-Volt directory. This way, Re-Volt can be run from anywhere, not only from the Re-Volt directory. New.
General syntax: -setdir "". Relative paths are allowed.
The file mss32.dll should be placed near revolt.exe.
Forces Re-Volt to run on all available CPU cores.
This command line is provided for testing purposes only as Re-Volt is prone to crashes at loading screen when running on all CPUs.

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