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  • Sacrifice patch 3

Sacrifice patch 3

Patch Írta Ardgalen 2010-07-27 19:54-kor, frissítve 2010-07-27 20:52-kor, megtekintve 2031 alkalommal
A Sacrifice nevű játék harmadik javítása, rengeteg hibát orvosol. Említésre méltó még, hogy DirectX 8 támogatást ad a játékhoz, aminek köszönhetően a grafika némileg javul.

A frissítés leírása angolul:


  • Upgraded to DirectX8 for DirectPlay
  • Added progress bar and cancel button (quits game) to network resynch box.
  • Changed join box to be same for all create/join game operations.
  • Game now polls DX for connection bandwidth.
  • Game now assigns more bandwidth to players with more creatures.
  • Anti-hack measures are now in place.
  • Game now properly handles the local player being dropped.


  • All new formation icons.
  • Added observer mode.
  • Added edit wizard option.
  • Added spellbook editor (must finish sp campaign once though)
  • Added game summary screen for skirmish.
  • Added allied vision option.
  • Added more context sensitive cursors (free manafont/red soul)
  • Multiplayer ranking system.
  • Added AI player damage multiplier in skirmish (AI difficulty setting)
  • Added trigger actions:
    • Music reset                  (resets all moods to initial settings)
    • Music add <num> to <mood>     (currently can add to "battle" mood)
    • Music turn <switch>          (ability to turn music on and off per session)
    • Order [creature group] go to <location> with <formation>   (use any formation!)
    • Order [creature group] attack <location> with <formation>  (")
    • Order [creature group] guard <location> with <formation>   (")
  • Added GameSpy chatroom notification when new patch is ready
  • Rewritten landscape renderer:
    • Greatly improved speed on T&L cards.
    • New 3 pass lightmap render mode allows older cards to use lightmaps.
    • New ultra-fast no lightmap render mode.
    • Added bump mapping for cards that support the DOT3 operation.
    • Detail limit is set much higher for newer cards.
    • Added full scene antialias option.


  • Display ping to each player.
  • New alignment: custom (uses spellbook of MP wizard)
  • New alignment: observer
  • New game setting: Allow custom spellbook
  • New game setting: Allow observer
  • New game setting: Allow observer chat
  • New game setting: Allied vision


  • New command: drop soul
  • New command: cast creature spell #
  • New command: cast spell #
  • New command: cast structure spell #
  • New formations: flank left and flank right


  • Balance: Storm Giant takes less damage from lightning attacks.
  • Balance: Brainiac and Shrike.
  • Balance: Animate Dead/Breath of life/Charm adds unit to group 10 and selects it.
  • Balance: Blue souls are now shown on minimap.
  • Balance: Halo of earth and rings of fire now stop when target dies.
  • Balance: Ent protector shield no longer stacks.
  • Balance: Viscous oil no longer stacks.
  • Balance: Death can no longer be stopped by player.
  • Balance: Can now teleport to allied structures.
  • Balance: Removed area of effect damage for each target hit on Silverback.
  • Balance: Any poison type stops mana and health regen.
  • Balance: Increased poison damage by 50%
  • Balance: Heal spell only heals 1000 health.
  • Balance: Healing aura only heals while spell is in effect.
  • Balance: Frostwulf has much higher resistance to all ranged attacks (they are so fast that they can dodge missiles)
  • Balance: Seraph and Gremlin abilities will fail to grab a shielded unit.
  • Balance: Erupt now throws units around correctly.
  • Balance: Bombardment no longer hits units for the first second of each boulder's flight.
  • Balance: Increased rung 1 melee damage
  • Balance: Decreased scythe's melee bonus
  • Balance: Given Troggs a small melee bonus
  • Balance: Increased Fallen's ranged recharge time.
  • Balance: Locust drain mana ability reduced based upon maximum mana capacity of target.


  • Fixed bug where you could cast a creature that you didn't have the souls for.
  • Fixed Scapex "hyper" movement on Pentium 4's
  • Fixed wobbling detail levels on characters and other game entities (noticeably on Pentium 4's)
  • Fixed screen fades (noticeably on Pentium 4's)
  • Fixed buffer overwrite in landscape renderer causing random crashes.
  • Win and loss dialogs pause local games
  • Unit view updates and unit AI are now timesliced better = better performance.
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