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További Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator cikkek

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator 1.02 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-12-22 15:54-kor, frissítve 2010-12-22 15:57-kor, megtekintve 2037 alkalommal
A Septerra Core 1.02-es javitása pár módosítás során új funkciókat ad a játékhoz, valamint még számos hibát is kijavít.

A patch leírása:

New features in version 1.02

  • US players can now customize the keyboard shortcuts like the
    International players have been able to do all along. Here's how:

    1) Rename US.INI to SEPTERRA.INI (it must be in the same
    directory as the executable)

    2) Edit the shortcuts as you wish. For example, the default key
    to select Maya during combat is 'Q'. To change it to 'P',
    change the line in SEPTERRA.INI which reads

    Player1Select = Q

    to read

    Player1Select = P

    Players of the International version (1.01I) or the German version
    (1.01IG) should not substitute US.INI for their copy of SEPTERRA.INI,
    which contains additional information.
  • The default movement speed of the characters can now be changed from
    "Walk" to "Run". Under the default conditions, a single-click means
    "Walk" and a double-click means "Run", with the Shift key inverting
    that logic (prior to 1.02, the Shift key did not change Run to Walk).

    Single-Click Walk
    Double-Click Run
    Single-Click + Shift Run
    Double-Click + Shift Walk

    In version 1.02, you can add " -r" (no quotes, space dash r) to the
    end of the Target line in a shortcut to Septerra.exe which makes the
    behavior change to:

    Single-Click Run
    Double-Click Walk
    Single-Click + Shift Walk
    Double-Click + Shift Run

Changes in version 1.02

  • Playing any movie now "enables" all the movies that came before it so 
    that the < and > keys do what you think they should even after the game
    has been uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Uncle now responds reasonably when handed the Core Key Revealed. 
  • The problem with Slave Girl Maya being replaced by one or more of her 
    companions has been fixed. This problem was induced in 1.01 and is
    caused by clicking on the Dock Door with the key before giving the
    guard the stolen manifest. Savegames which have problems relating to
    this get fixed upon loading.
  • The CPU Speed determination has been removed. The result wasn't 
    actually being used and the code contained a Pentium-specific
    instruction which caused an exception in older Cyrix chips.
  • Map Mode (invoked using the Tab key) is now automatically cancelled 
    when the Subscreens or Options keyboard shortcuts (Space or X) are
  • Savegames from the future are now correctly rejected. When version 
    1.00 tries to load a 1.01 savegame, it crashes. The same thing can
    happen when 1.01 tries to load a 1.02 savegame.
  • "Observing" a player character during combat now gives the correct 
    level reading.
  • The missing text when Selina talks in the Old Junker has been fixed. 
  • The problem with the party's core being wrong after substituting a 
    lower core PC for a higher core PC has been fixed.
  • When a problem is encountered saving a game, the file is now deleted 
    before putting up the dialog box. This way the player doesn't still
    have the bad file laying around.
  • The ship captain in the Bazaar now recognizes that Araym is in the 
    party before Araym speaks.
  • A saving problem (which later caused loading problems) has been 
    fixed. Damaged savegames are fixed upon loading. (induced in 1.01)
  • The problems with the battles against Doskias' ship engines not 
    ending have been fixed. This originally looked like the Random
    Combat Hang, but it wasn't.
  • The "Crazy Maya Dance" problems induced in 1.01 have been fixed. This 
    problem was particularly noticeable in the Ankaran labs where Maya
    would walk back and forth through the doorway instead of walking to
    the switch. The problem was induced while fixing the "getting pulled
    into combat on the wrong side of the wall" problem, which should stay
    fixed in this version. An example of that was in the same Ankaran
    lab level - if Maya stands next to the chest right next to the wall
    where there's a facehugger on the other side, the SwarmMaster could
    "see" her from the other side of the wall and start combat.
  • In one of the Chosen levels, a Heavy Soldier stands guarding a 
    switch. A player has demonstrated the ability to make him ignore
    Maya and just stand blocking the switch. This has been fixed.
  • The engine version number is now included in "Panic" messages. 
  • Savefile-related error messages now include the OS error code. 
  • Corgan's Psyche stat has been fixed so it no longer starts to drop 
    after he reaches level 58.
  • A problem involving the selection of Corgan's party after giving 
    Watcher Layla the Secret Weapon has been fixed. This manifested
    itself by having the wrong number of characters (or sometimes
    duplicates) in the battle with Princess Alisa.
  • Fixed the disabling of the walk area through the door controlled by 
    the Jinam Security Pass. If the player opened the door but didn't
    pick up the Secret Weapon before leaving the level, upon returning
    the door would be open but the walk area disabled.
  • The cursor is now restored when going directly from the map screen to 
    the options screen using the keyboard shortcut.
  • The problem with Maya's "talking head" sliding in during the 
    conversation with Azziz about the Core Key has been fixed.
  • The selection of the backpack is now cleared after using a healing 
    item during combat.
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