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  • Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization 1.01f patch

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization 1.01f patch

Patch Írta Frag 2010-04-27 07:53-kor, frissítve 2012-04-08 19:17-kor, megtekintve 3309 alkalommal
A Civilization negyedik részének Colonization kiegészítőjéhez készült egyetlen javítás. A javítócsomag számos újítást, változtatást és hibajavítást tartalmaz. Magyar változat.

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  • Released PITBOSS executable
  • The end of the game is extended once a colony declares independence
  • 100 turns on Normal speed
  • Missionaries now have a chance of failure to establish a mission.
  • A failed mission angers the native chief
  • Added the ability to sail from Europe to the west edge of the map
  • Changed text for when natives abandon their settlements to be less confusing
  • Missions now always send converts to the player who established them
  • Added warning message for when a settlement needs more raw materials
  • Added warning for when stored goods are nearing storage capacity
  • AI tries to produce more defenders in their settlements
  • AI tries to prepare better for revolution
  • AI uses King to transport treasure if no Galleons are available
  • AI knows how to pick up treasures without bringing them to a settlement

Balance Fixes

  • The Royal Expeditionary force increases less rapidly as the game progresses, depending on difficulty level
  • AI colony leaders are less friendly
  • AI native leaders are more likely to declare war due to proximity of borders
  • Changed Europe width to be a percentage of the map size
  • Europe plots are now at least four tiles from the near land
  • AI gets some free money depending on difficulty level
  • Satisfying the King's demands delays increasing his expeditionary force
  • Great Generals are born more frequently on Marathon and Epic speeds
  • Crosses levels required for immigration increase more slowly
  • Education points required for graduation increase more slowly
  • Enforcing a 20-turn peace treaty between colonies at the start
  • Population no longer affects score - just Land and Founding Fathers
  • Increased price of horses in Europe
  • Natives change their desired good only when supplied with that good
  • Military ships (Frigate, Ship of the Line, Man-o-War) cannot enter native settlements
  • The price of hurrying immigrants never exceeds the price of buying them
  • Starting location is now randomized every time you lose all your ships
  • Domestic Advisor no longer available when the trade screen is up
  • Exploration points no longer scale with game speed
  • Converted natives can no longer be educated in native settlements
  • Converted natives can no longer become missionaries
  • Traded goods through warehouse expansion count towards tax raises
  • Boycotted goods no longer count for tax raises

Bug Fixes

  • Armed Mounted Brave does not receive defensive bonuses
  • Armed Brave receives defensive bonuses
  • Fixed lost production bug
  • Fixed bug with two citizens graduating in the same turn
  • Fixed reversed labels on assign trade route tooltip
  • Fixed some starting location issues
  • King no longer asks for money after you have declared independence
  • King no longer raises taxes after you have declared independence
  • King no longer adds to his expeditionary force after you have declared independence
  • Units ungroup when traveling to Europe
  • Units ungroup when being educated by the natives
  • Terrain double movement from promotions now works properly

Other Changes

  • Automated pioneers will not remove features from an improved plot being worked
  • Removed cap on production overflow
  • Colonists can join settlements even after they have moved
  • Units left in Europe after the revolution are eliminated if Elections are chosen in the Constitution
  • Education point threshold increases per city, as intended, rather than per player
  • King is more likely to have a balanced REF (rather than all troops and no ships, for example)
  • Fixed exploit where gifting a wagon full of goods in a city would double the goods(!)
  • Fixed gifted cargo disappearing
  • Fixed text bug dealing with incorrect token
  • Slavery gives extra hammers as well
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