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Soldier of Fortune 1.06 (Gold) patch

Patch Írta Frag 2014-04-10 10:43-kor, frissítve 2014-04-08 18:16-kor, megtekintve 7970 alkalommal
A Gold patch-ként is emlegetett 1.06-os frissítés a 2000-ben megjelent Soldier of Fortune első részéhez.

A javítócsomag tartalma:


If you attempt to play through the single player portion of Soldier of Fortune Gold, you may notice that the game isn’t quite as easy as you remember. You may also notice that the enemy reactions are a bit quicker than the original release version of S.O.F. The enemies in this release may dodge your shots a little better and they may target you a little more quickly than you’re used to. It’s all part of what we like to call “reworked AI.” Are you up to the challenge?



Control is a new team deathmatch mode for Soldier of Fortune Gold. The object of Control is to touch the flags that are on the map in order to turn them to your team's color.  Each team gains points for any flag under their control, and owning all of the flags on a map gives bonus points to the controlling team.  The opposing team can steal flags from your control by touching them.  You can watch the flag indicator on your screen while you play to see which team is controlling the flags.


There are 18 new levels in the Soldier of Fortune Gold enhancement pack. Standard Deathmatch, Assassin, and Arsenal are readily playable on all of the new maps. Please be aware that you can only play the new game modes on the specific maps for which they are intended. In other words, you can only play Conquer the Bunker on the specific CTB maps, in the same way that you can only play Control on the Control-specific maps, and Capture the Flag on the CTF-specific maps.


  • dm/irqcon1 - Power Plant (6 to 12 players)
  • dm/koscon1 - Street Fight (4 to 8 players)
  • dm/koscon2 - Airfield (6 to 12 players)
  • dm/jpncon1 - Rooftop (6 to 10 players)
  • dm/sibcon1 - Cold Front (8 to 12 players)
  • dm/gercon1 - Castle (8 to 12 players)
  • dm/sudcon1 - S.I. (6 to 16 players)


  • dm/sudctb1 - Meat Plant (8 to 12 players)
  • dm/kosctb1 - Old Town (6 to 10 players)
  • dm/irqctb1 - Oil Toil (6 to 10 players)
  • dm/irqctb2 - Cargo Plane (8 to 12 players)
  • dm/irqctb3 - Building (6 to 12 players)
  • dm/jpnctb1 - Clean Room (6 to 12 players)
  • dm/sibctb1 - Icelock (4 to 8 players)
  • dm/sibctb2 - Snowbase (6 to 12 players)
  • dm/nycctb1 - Pendulum (8 to 12 players)
  • dm/nycctb2 - Death Barge (8 to 12 players)
  • dm/gerctb1 - Castle Gate (5 to 12 players)


There are six new player models available from the “Configure Player” menu. Simply scroll through the teams until you see “Capture, Inc.,” where you can select from “Assault,” “Brick,” “Cobra,” “Commando,” “Jersey,” or “Widowmaker,” and you’re ready to go!


If you really want to hone your S.O.F. deathmatch skills, there’s no better practice than a bot-match. For those new to first-person shooters, bots are AI controlled opponents. Soldier of Fortune Gold supports bot play in Standard Free-for-all mode and Arsenal ONLY.


Soldier of Fortune Gold features pure server filtering for multiplayer games. Any Soldier of Fortune multiplayer server that is running un-modified content is considered a “Pure Server.” By default, the Pure Server option will be set to "Locked Out" under the Violence Lock menu. When this option is locked out, you will only see multiplayer games in
the server browser that are running the un-modified version of Soldier of Fortune Gold (v. 1.06). Enabling this feature will allow you to see all servers, including ones that are running code that has been modified by the user community (i.e. MODs).

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