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  • Street Legal 1.31 patch

Street Legal 1.31 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2010-09-11 08:45-kor, frissítve 2011-07-22 18:45-kor, megtekintve 2782 alkalommal
A Street Legal első részének legfrissebb javítása. Incremental patch, vagyis használata előtt minden korábbi javítást sorrendben fel kell telepíteni. Az összes verzió a cikk alján letölthető.

Patch leírás angol nyelven:

Issues addressed in Patch #1:

  • missing textures on certain cars and parts
  • tweaked parts pricing to add realism
  • problems with decal placing
  • problems with purchasing decals
  • loading screens
  • memory leaks
  • better AI
  • damage on traffic cars
  • frame rate has been increased
  • crash when saving game
  • random crash bugs fixed
  • vehicle handling has been fine tuned
  • improved handbrake behavior
  • improved auto-clutch, auto-transmission
  • improved rev limiters
  • plus a lot more...

Issues addressed in Patch #2:

  • increased frame rate
  • fixed and improved physics system
  • more intelligent car lot handling
  • pixel and vertex shader support
  • ATi 8500 and GeForce4 MX 440 support
  • enhanced joypad, wheel and mouse controls
  • new and faster car dealer area
  • enhanced load/save options
  • better and bigger test track course
  • fixed cockpit details
  • new and fixed car wheels
  • fixed exhausts
  • new paint colors
  • improved traffic cars
  • new cars such as taxis
  • unique drivers in opponent racing cars
  • new drive train with better handling
  • new decals including numbers and letters
  • updated script engine
  • decreased loading times
  • and many more...

Issues addressed in Patch #2.2:

  • quicker and more stabile texture loading
  • more intellignet memory usage
  • most of random crashes has been removed
  • invisible garage / city
  • safer and smaller savegame files
  • feature to siwch off steering help
  • the same opponent can not be challanged right after a race
  • buying more than one cars at the same time and than going to 'car lot' crashed the game
  • having several cars in the car lot, saving the game and going back to garage crashed the game
  • new blower compatible hoods for high category cars
  • save reports into the error.log in case of unsuccessful file handling
  • broken off parts disappeared immediately
  • cars rotated at car lot
  • police man in police cars
  • F12 crashed on certain video cards
  • improved F2 / TV camera
  • rarely visible poles on test track
  • and many more
  • Issues addressed in Patch #3:
  • improved handling system
  • updated car physics
  • quicker and more stabile texture loading
  • most of random crashes has been removed
  • skidmarks
  • new particle system and new effects
  • improved water physics
  • no crash on Win XP if avi codec isn't installed
  • non-lineal steering system
  • drive aids and options to modify their values
  • analog steering help
  • force feedback support
  • new ambient sounds
  • improved sound engine
  • built in MP3 player
  • Alt+Tab support
  • crash if clicking edge of the screen bug fixed
  • control options improved
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