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További Street Legal Racing: Redline cikkek

Street Legal Racing: Redline 2.2.1 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2010-10-24 10:24-kor, frissítve 2011-07-19 19:40-kor, megtekintve 11983 alkalommal
Az utolsó hivatalos javítás a játékhoz. A SLR:R 2.0.0-s vagy 2.1.8-as verziójára telepíthető. A nemhivatalos 2.3.0-s patch telepítéséhez is szükséges.

A frissítés leírása:

Known bugs:

  • 98/ME Compatibility mode must be turned on for some XP versions otherwise SL2
    crashes a lot
  • Using new drivers for old ATI cards cause texture problems
  • Pedestrians in the air - Disable pedestrians if you can't stand them
  • Flappable parts can move away from the chassis when crashing
  • low hp cars are too fast

v2.2.1 *official release* (2005.feb.10.)

  • script engine update (speedup)
  • wheels.rpk fix (rpk links to textures of non-existing files lead to random
    texture show up)

v2.2.0 *official release (Live! only)* (2005.jan.10.)

  • audio section in the catalog can be enabled
  • rim texture fixes
  • fixed by Furball:
    • fixed incorrect Baiern 3.6 HC pistons placement.
    • fixed the missing rims and missing tires re-enabled for V2.2.
    • fixed piping for Turbo and super chargers on I4; fixes the piping on both to
      work correctly.
    • fixed for Einvagen exhaust piping, smaller mesh size, fixed Einvagen to use
      proper exhaust down pipe, from exhuast header.
    • fixed kit_Focer_WRC_engine.
    • fixed transmissions and engine self destruction.

v2.1.9r6c update (2004.oct.01.)

  • Fix: presing 'back to garage' at end of race leaves the game in slowmotion mode
  • Fix: block_vee divison by zero

v2.1.9r6c (2004.sep.17.)

  • Fix: more exe crashes
  • Fix: mem leaks

v2.1.9r6b (2004.sep.10.)

  • Fix: exe crashed after inital avis

v2.1.9r6 (2004.aug.30.)

  • Fix: ghost car bug (car not rendered after changing clubs)
  • Fix: memleak
  • Fix: tyresmoke source location misaligned in some cases
  • Add: latest version of Furballs patch
  • Add: latest version of the Script Engine (less memory usage, more script
  • Dont forget to run post-install.bat after copying the files!

v2.1.9r5 (2004.mar.24.)

  • Fix: Emer_Nonus 136er/145er connecting rods lead to misaligned piston positions
  • Fix: Texture management/Mip-map bug (textures got blurry when having lots of mipmaps)
  • Fix: More textures from JAG
  • Fix: another random collision bug fixed
  • Fix: SD exhaust too low
  • Fix: 00:30 am is invalid
  • Fix: Star II 21" rims has buggy mesh
  • Add: Furballs working internal gauges patch
  • Fix: Sounds are 2D in Garage/Test Car
  • Fix: Engine and exahust sounds are coming from same position (car centre)
  • Fix: explosion-like collisions happen in the ROC
  • Fix: some differentials left in the parts bin make the game crash when loading the savegame
  • Fix: mouse pointer misses buttons when in centre of the screen
  • Fix: Car dealer camera mispositioned
  • Fix: A few carparts physical shape has been corrected

v2.1.9r4 (2004.mar.06.)

  • Fix: Clock is 24 not a 12 hour clock
  • Add: Police fine voice overs missing
  • Fix: Duhen front seat has wrong texture
  • Add: Furball's nos light pack 1&2 (changed the color thought)
  • Add: Furball's running gear fixes
  • Fix: Petrol station in North has collide problems
  • Fix: One of the taller advertisment objects has collide problems
  • Fix: Day time fake racers missing steering wheels
  • Fix: find and eliminate invalid resource links
  • Fix: MC/Prime/SD engine has invalid resource links to the mid lod of
  • Fix: Some sounds and particles should be precached prior to entering a map
  • Fix: Ambient city loops are too loud
  • Fix: Baiern rear seat texture mismapped
  • Fix: Exhaust piping misaligned for all MC/SD/DLH models
  • Fix: Exhaust piping misaligned for all Baiern/Emer models
  • Fix: Piston positions bad on the Emer/Baiern engine.
  • Stripped out unused data from some rpk files
  • Fix: MC/SD/DLH engine carburettors got no texture
  • Fix: Inline4 Engine lod 1 swapped with lod 2
  • Fix: Day race could never end
  • Fix: Player's car now remain stopped after winning/losing a race
  • Fix: All engine sounds revised, many of them updated
  • New: Physics collision checking speeded up a bit
  • Fix: SupaDity now defaults to R21 Tyres -> much less random collisions on ROC
  • Sound engine revision done - many fixes
  • Fix: skydome fix: am_01 2 suns, random skydomes used only on the first day
  • Fix: Seats Roadster/Speed/Torino/Pisto were too big stick out of many car models
  • Fix: damage indicator: one of the wheels is half-sized
  • Add: added JAG's vehicle texture fixes
  • Fix: Dayrace/Abandon leaves the path of the race on the mini-map
  • v2.1.9r3 (2004.feb.27.)
  • First documented release
  • Fix: Day time fake racers have no windows and side mirrors
  • Fix: Traffic and pedestrians are missing in Free Ride mode
  • Fix: Superduty rollbar ligths mispositioned
  • Adding lights enabled for mufflers, and mostly for all the parts
  • Fix: only one internal gauge can be working
  • Fix: cannot drag&drop from the parts bin onto the car, sometime crashed
  • Fix: all ambient sfx allocate a 3D sound buffers, 2D would be enought
  • Fix: skid sound fx is too quiet
  • Fix: Baiern hood missing grill texture
  • Fix: Nonus missing front blinkers for signal lights
  • Fix: Duplicated running gear items in the catalog

Patch4 v2.1.6 -> v2.1.8

We skipped the unlucky 2.1.7 patch and this file will update your game to 2.1.8
The Street Legal Racing REDLINE Cheats are:

  • letmeroc (it teleports you to the Race of Champions)
  • begformoney (it gives you $100 000)

type in "letmeroc" or "begformoney" in they garage and press the tuning icon to
activate it

Patch v2.1.5 -> v2.1.6

This patch will address the following bugs:

  • Game could crash at the Race of Champions
  • R.O.C. opponents could not finish the race
  • Some parts had incorrect names
  • ... and many more

The following improvements have been added into this version

  • More FPS during races, chases and in Demo mode
  • More intelligent AI
  • New opponents at the Race of Champions.

Beta patch v2.1.4 -> v2.1.5

  • This patch will address the following bugs:
  • player could not join to higher clubs
  • pointer could go mad in the garage
  • sometimes there was no opponent to race with
  • occasionally loading screens of car dealers did not disappear in time
  • following to 'watch race' sometime you could not accelerate
  • Race Of Champions could crash
  • misplaced replacement parts of Baiern and Emer Nonus
  • MC transmission could not be placed onto a Simutshibu Engine block
  • rally fog-lights had only one light glow
  • Emer GT2 static compression was too high
  • there as was no rear seat installed into the stock Einvagen
  • some parts had incorrect prices
  • painting had compatibility problems with older video cards
  • ... and many more

Patch #1 (v2.1.4 beta)

  • The following bugs will be addressed by this patch:
  • auto saved carriers could disappear
  • cars did not sink in water
  • game could freeze in catalog
  • certain part had incorrect prizes
  • painting and decals could appear at incorrect places
  • part sets had no proper names
  • 'repair-all' did not fixed all the parts
  • invalid entering to Race of Champions by pressing Enter
  • audio catalogue was in the game but it was not enabled for use
  • repairing in R.O.C. was not free
  • when finishing a race, the enemies could clone themselves
  • selecting 'load car' night races could take place
  • selecting 'load car' number of days could be seen
  • camera was incorrect after selecting 'test car'
  • cars could disappear in the car lot
  • mini-map holder frame stayed on the screen following to 'watch night race'
  • projected light beams and shadows could be duplicated
  • following to repair all, wheels could jump into the car
  • police had no headlights and light glows
  • bonus car had no headlights
  • nitrous system didn't work properly
  • super charger could not be installed onto a V8 engine
  • when driving around town, fellow rivals car's had no wheels until you get close
  • hood scoop didn't work properly
  • the driver could drive without a seat and steering wheel
  • cars could work without battery
  • fixed brake simulation
  • certain parts could fall into the road
  • winning R.O.C. could freeze the game on certain specs
  • sould could extremely slow down the frame rate in case of no hardware 3D mixing
  • NOS couldn't be installed into a MC
  • parts could move away in repair mode
  • cars could sink into the off ramps
  • available cars at car dealers could change too quickly
  • city related object bugs
  • doors of traffic cars could disappear
  • memory leak could slow down the game
  • right click did not focused the center of the object
  • part drag and drop did not worked properly in the garage
  • first sound did not play in the garage
  • after some day races the red line of the mini-map did not disappear
  • roads were not clear for night races
  • fixed skid mark bugs
  • ... and many more

The following features have been added into this version:

  • improved frame rate
  • new handling system with new wheel and suspension simulation
  • damaged and incomplete cars at used car dealers
  • improved AI with competitive opponents
  • R.O.C. opponents with high tuned fast cars
  • improved night race structure
  • adjustable emulated force feedback power for keyboard control
  • sets can now be reloaded and saved
  • enhanced ATI card compatibility
  • new front-end background animation
  • option to change gamma correction
  • option to change LOD level
  • enhanced in-game menu options
  • adjustable head movement
  • new shadow system beneath the cars
  • various texts in opponent talk dialog
  • improved script engine
  • more intelligent handling of auto-clutch
  • added light effects such as lense flares and headlights
  • new parts for several cars
  • 3D positioned sound in the garage
  • cheats :)
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