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Stronghold 1.2 patch

Patch Írta Ardgalen 2010-08-29 06:00-kor, frissítve 2011-08-14 11:52-kor, megtekintve 2991 alkalommal
Az 1.2-es javítás számos új funkciót ad a játékhoz, és kijavít néhány bugot. Ez a patch magába foglalja az 1.1-es verzió tartalmát is, így arra nincs szükség.

A frissítés leírása:

I. New Features

  • You can add your own events and invasions within the free build maps. Press F1 at any time while playing a free build map and select the event or invasion you wish to start.
  • Multiplayer mode now has the option, 'Strong walls on'. 'Strong walls on' means troops cannot attack walls & towers. Only siege equipment is able to destroy the walls & towers.
  • Multiplayer mode now has the option to stop in game alliances.
  • Your troops can now capture the Gatehouse from an enemy player. You can capture a gatehouse by getting one of your troops onto the top of a gatehouse. Once one of your troops is on the gatehouse, the gatehouse will automatically open.
  • Pressing ALT and within the map editor now includes the option to resize the map. WARNING: When making your maps smaller, you will lose the edges of the play area. Be careful when using this feature, as it is irreversible.
  • When troops are set on aggressive within multiplayer they will automatically target enemy buildings as long as there are no enemy troops in the immediate vicinity to attack.
  • The Lord can be sent back to the keep at any time, you can do this by clicking on the keep when you have the Lord selected.
  • The keys: Q, W, E, set the stances for your troops: 'Stand Ground', 'Defensive Stance' & 'Aggressive Stance' respectively.
  • Selecting troops and double clicking on their destination will cause them to walk at their own pace and not the same pace as the other troops in the selection.
  • In the multiplayer set-up screen, the last four IP address entered are remember and can be cycled through by clicking on the button next to the IP entry box.

II. Version 1.2 - Problems Fixed

  • Grouping troops using the CTRL and number key now works correctly.
  • When pouring boiling oil onto buildings and siege equipment they will be set on fire.
  • Apple trees will no longer spawn extra trees.
  • When attacking an enemy castle (during a single player game) you can no longer use 'attack here' to kill the enemy archers on towers at a distance without taking any damage.
  • A newer version of the copy protection system is used on this patch. This should solve some problems, such as: Clicking on the Play button, the CD Spins and Icon or Logo appears and then Stronghold returns to the desktop.
  • When disease starts to disperse, it is now less dangerous.
  • When your own troops are standing next to a Ballista when it fires, they will no longer be killed by it.
  • When task switching in windows, the in game speech will no longer play.
  • Ordering multiple siege towers to the same spot on an enemy wall will now only dock the first one to arrive.
  • An issue has been fixed where the deer would become stuck in certain situations.
  • Archers & crossbowmen now automatically target dogs of war once they have been released from their cages.
  • To build dogs of war now costs double the amount of gold & requires 10 wood.
  • A crash has been fixed which occurred when dragging out large amounts of pitch.
  • Clicking on pitch titles using the 'don't dig' command no longer effects the pitch tile.
  • Placing a moat template no longer removes the dirt on the ground.
  • Archers no longer target unmanned catapults, allowing you to commandeer them.
  • The repair button becomes faded when the enemy is nearby.
  • The ghost that appears occasionally no longer counts towards your current population count.
  • When you have enough weapons to create troops in the barracks, you will no longer receive the 'weapons needed' message.
  • Various good and bad things can be burnt and have health bars.
  • Switching the sound off in the tutorial paragraphs no longer automatically skips messages that have a skip button.
  • Fixed a Siege weapon ammo cheat.
  • Gatehouses can now be built on the 'defending the homeland' map.
  • Quarry grunts will stay nearby to quarries.
  • The enemy will shoot at tunnellers.
  • The 'cancel game' error message (in multiplayer), which appears when a resync occurs, is now less easy to accidentally click on.
  • Fixed a range issue when firing cows.
  • The stockpile now correctly states the amount of pitch you have available.

III. Version 1.1 - Problems Fixed

  • Mission 13 bug fixed - Building walls to the edge of the map in mission 13 would sometimes cause the game to crash.
  • Several bugs that caused the game to 'lose connection' during a multiplayer game have been fixed.
  • You are now unable to build within the radius of the signpost where buildings are destroyed when attacking enemies enter the map.
  • Fixed an occasional routing slowdown problem.
  • If ten or more engineers manned the smelter and then the smelter was selected again the game would crash.
  • When allied players win a multiplayer game, the team victory is now reported correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes catapults got stuck.
  • A couple of issues with stuck peasants are now fixed.
  • Three new mini animations (binks) files have been added: when the Jester comes into the game, when fires start, when food is stolen from the Granary.
  • When selecting hard or very hard on mission 18 the battering ram is no longer removed.
  • Unlimited amount of moat can no longer be built in the 'siege that' builder mode.
  • The amount of troops that can enter a turret or a tower is now limited depending on the size of the tower.
  • Various other bugs have been addressed.
  • Several multiplayer maps have been rebalanced.
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