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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 3.2.0 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-10-14 15:29-kor, frissítve 2012-07-03 18:57-kor, megtekintve 6222 alkalommal
Megérkezett az Oblivion 3.2.0-s nemhivatalos javítócsomagja számos javítással és pár új funkcióval.

A javítócsomag leírása:


  • Reoptimized 932 of the 1,207 NIF meshes already in the UOP to eliminate FPS hit on some of them that seems to have been introduced by the old PyFFI NIFOptimize spell; the new one shapifies strip blocks if the average strip length is less than 10 and eliminates the problem; many of the meshes (also due to much manual optimization) now provide better FPS than the stock ones
  • Fixed accidental conversion of purple Primroses into pink ones ( FloraPrimrosePurple.NIF )
  • Added "UOP" prefix to UOP-added meshes ClubStatic.NIF, DunBenchNormal.NIF, Note01Static.NIF and Cheese05Static.NIF and changed their object definitions in the ESP appropriately so it can be determined where they came from
  • Removed the harmless water height of -2147483648.000000 from some interior cell headers in the UOP added by a bug in TESCS; it only appears when water is disabled so will cause no problems unless a mod enables water in the cell and water heights are merged in Wrye Bash
  • Moved the rocks in Rockmilk Haven covering where the new load door was added so that if it doesn't appear on an existing game there isn't a gap

NPC and Quest Fixes

  • Fixed (yet another) conflict involving Through a Nightmare Darkly (Bravil) where the player couldn't join the Mages' Guild after talking to Kud-Ei about the quest even when they weren't ready to help and she was still in the guildhall; the topic will now only become unavailable when the player agrees to follow her to Henantier's house
  • Fixed conditions on yet another line of dialog (from Battlemages) so the player will no longer be called "the Arcane University's newest addition" if they are the Arch-Mage

NIF Mesh Fixes - Statics and Clutter

  • Updated Closed a seethrough gap between the floor and banister on the top floor of SkHouseMiddleInt03.NIF
  • Closed a seethrough gap between the floor and wall skirting in the Anvil Lighthouse ( AnvilLightHouseInterior01.NIF )
  • Fixed part of the tunnel to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary ( UngrdTransitionFortRuin02.NIF ) not fitting together with the other sections, leaving seethrough gaps near the floor
  • Closed some thin seethrough seams (could only be seen at the same level as the mesh) in BravilTowerTop01.NIF
  • Removed flickering overlapping polygons from ICBasement3WayCrypt01.NIF and ICBasement3WayCrypt02.NIF
  • Closed a seethrough gap over the upper load doors of ICGroundFloor07.NIF, ICGroundFloor09.NIF, ICGroundFloor20.NIF, ICGroundFloor26.NIF and ICHotelGroundFloor01.NIF
  • Closed a seethrough gap near the door to the Imperial Council chamber ( ICPalaceCouncilRoomEnt01.NIF )
  • Removed more flickering overlapping polygons from the stairwell roof of ICTopFloor02.NIF
  • Closed a seethrough hole where the stairwell roof meets the wall in ICTopFloor14.NIF
  • Closed a seethrough seam between the wall and a half-column in the Leyawiin Mages' Guild basement LeyawiinBasement04.NIF
  • Closed seethrough gaps in the wall near the load door of LeyawiinHouseIntL10.NIF
  • Fixed UV mapping on the stonework of the tower and closed two seethrough seams in the roof facade of ChorrolHouseUpper01.NIF
  • Closed a small seethrough gap halfway up the wall of ruined fort interior piece RFRmCornerFigsL01.NIF
  • Fixed incorrect ambient property on some windows of FarmhouseInterior04Top.NIF causing the windows to appear different colors
  • Newly Added Closed seethrough gaps in the walls where they bordered half-columns in Leyawiin Fighters Guild 3rd Floor West ( LeyawiinFGInteriorRoom02.NIF ) and optimized from 397KB to 339KB
  • Closed seethrough gaps between the walls and ceiling of ruined fort hallway stairs RFNStairs02.NIF and optimized from 195KB to 164KB
  • Removed the unnecessary alpha blending at the bases of stalactites causing them to be too bright, or to disappear if viewed through another layer of alpha (mist, cobwebs, etc.) on cave pieces CPitWall02A.NIF, CPitWall02C.NIF, CPitWall02D.NIF, CPitWall03A.NIF, CPitWallTall01A.NIF, CPitWallTall01B.NIF, CPitWallTall01C.NIF, CPitWallTall01D.NIF, CRmWall03A.NIF, CRmWall03B.NIF, CRmWall03C.NIF and CRmWall03D.NIF, and optimized from 1,192KB to 1,053KB in total

Placement and Layout Fixes

  • Closed two seethrough rocks, grounded a broken barrel and realigned an ungrounded chest in Bramblepoint Cave, closed a seethrough rock, realigned an ungrounded chest and grounded a clump of Wisp Stalks in Inner Bramblepoint Cave, and grounded four flying rocks, closed two seethrough rocks and moved a chest embedded in rock in Deep Bramblepoint Cave
  • Closed two very open rocks, and realigned an ungrounded chest and an ungrounded/intersecting barrel in Charcoal Cave, closed a very seethrough rock and realigned an ungrounded chest in Charcoal Cave - Abandoned Tunnels, and grounded two noticeably flying and reoriented three ungrounded chests and moved an intersecting broken barrel in Charcoal Cave - Bandit Lair
  • Closed a seethrough rock in Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers and grounded a flying clump of Wisp Stalks in Cursed Mine Lower Galleries
  • Grounded a floor torch, moved another out of a rock and grounded a clump of Wisp Stalks open at one end in Dark Fissure Inner Sanctum
  • Grounded a chest in Derelict Mine, and closed two open rocks, grounded a noticeably flying plank and realigned an ungrounded chest in Derelict Mine Lair
  • Fixed the supports at the ends of several corridor structures not touching the ground, grounded four rocks, a chest and a Cairn Bolete in Goblin Jim's Whiteskin City, and grounded a burnt plank in Goblin Jim's Pantry
  • Grounded a flying rock and closed three seethrough rocks, and grounded a broken barrel and crate and two clumps of Wisp Stalks in Grayrock Cave, and grounded a Cairn Bolete, moved two others embedded in rocks, closed two seethrough rocks and grounded three clumps of Wisp Stalks in Grayrock Shambles
  • Grounded a stool and chest and aligned an unbalanced crate in Hame
  • Closed four seethrough rocks and moved another that was outside the playable area, grounded a noticeably flying broken crate and five clumps of Wisp Stalks in Newt Cave, grounded two clumps of Wisp Stalks and moved another outside the playable area, grounded a chest and closed a seethrough rock in Newt Cave Chapels of Light, and closed four seethrough rocks, realigned two ungrounded chests and grounded two clumps of Wisp Stalks and a broken barrel in Newt Cave Breezeways
  • Grounded two clumps of Wisp Stalks in Red Ruby Cave, and closed a seethrough rock and realigned an ungrounded chest in Red Ruby Hollows
  • Grounded a seethrough-underside pot support, closed a seethrough rock and aligned an unbalanced chest in Sandstone Cavern, and grounded two flying rocks, closed a seethrough rock and realigned a chest in Sandstone Big Rooms
  • Grounded four flying and closed two seethrough rocks, grounded two flying chests and a clump of Wisp Stalks in Shadow's Rest Cavern, and closed a seethrough rock and grounded a broken barrel in Shadow's Rest Rocky Run
  • Closed a seethrough hole in the ceiling of Unmarked Cave
  • Attached sconces to their walls in Arkved's Rending Halls, The Bloated Float Inn Deck (IC Waterfront), Jerrall View Inn (Bruma) and the Two Sisters Lodge (Skingrad)
  • Raised a paintbrush embedded in the carpet and another embedded vertically in the table in Luronk gro-Glurzog's Private Quarters (IC Temple District)
  • Closed a large seethrough gap at the corner of the interior Cheydinhal town walls caused by a misaligned tower
  • Closed seethrough gaps under an ungrounded stone wall in Chorrol
  • Disabled/moved a duplicated-in-place hanging lamp at Doomed Mine's entrance
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