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The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles 1.4.0 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2011-02-05 07:54-kor, frissítve 2011-05-25 23:39-kor, megtekintve 2278 alkalommal
A The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles egyetlen nemhivatalos javítása sok hibát orvosol a játékban. Szükséges hozzá az előző 1.2.0416-os Shivering Isles javitás.

A frissítés leírása:


  • As was done with the UOP, reoptimized 206 of the 231 NIF meshes already in the USIP to eliminate possible FPS hit on some of them that seems to have been introduced by the old PyFFI NIFOptimize spell; the new one shapifies strip blocks if the average strip length is less than 10 and eliminates the problem; many of the meshes (also due to much manual optimization) now provide better FPS than the stock ones
  • Added Wrye Bash tags to the USIP ESP so fixes to stats., inventory, etc. can be preserved by building a Bashed Patch
  • Fixed the USIP mesh for Muurine's house (Crucible) upstairs DementiaHouse04InteriorTop.NIF not appearing as the file was in the wrong path
  • Fixed the change to Zealots preventing the "no greeting" bug so that they can be pickpocketed

NPC/Quest/Scripting Fixes

  • Fixed Dredhwen (Wastrel's Purse, Passwall) having no barter dialog whatsoever
  • Corrected oversight where the Sheogorath-Shaped Amber required for the Museum of Oddities quest could only randomly appear in non-respawning amber limbs/stumps so it was possible to never be able to find one; it will now be possible to find on Elder Gnarls (which respawn)
  • Dylora should no longer follow the player (even into Cyrodiil) after the Helpless Army quest is completed (will also fix affected saves)

Game Mechanics Fixes

  • Fixed the map marker for the door to Cyrodiil in the Ordered Fringe having an Ayleid Ruin icon, whereas in the unordered Fringe it was a landmark icon
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