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The Sims 1.1 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2009-11-08 20:15-kor, frissítve 2009-11-15 11:04-kor, megtekintve 3117 alkalommal
A The Sims sorozat legelső tagjának egyetlen patch-e, rengeteg javítást és néhány újítást tartalmaz. Új pénzkód is került a játékba: ROSEBUD, a többi cheat változatlanul használható.

A javítócsomag angol leírása:

  • Game now generates thumbnails for custom walls. (Game had been showing a default thumbnail.) 
  • Fixed problem where if the job spans midnight then the Sim only needed to miss one day to get fired. The game will now allow the standard 2 days of missed work before firing the Sim.
  • Disallowed characters in family names that aren't supported by the publishing tool in the Sims Teleportation System.  These characters are  ; : \ / @ ! # % ( ) . , * > < ? | & "
  • Fixed the problem with potato chip snack getting stuck on the floor. Installs (or updates, depending on whether a customer has downloaded the slot machine object from the website) a folder and content entitled "unsnacker" in the downloads folder.
  • Fixed Recliners so that they give comfort more noticeably.
  • Changed game to give user an alert when old WLL and FLR files are found in the directory.  This will only affect files created with older, outdated versions of HomeMaster
  • Fixed the problem where "Talk" topics got changed every time user saved and went to the neighborhood.  NOTE: this fix won't work for the default Sims shipped with the game - the Goth family, the Pleasants, the Roomies, the Newbies, and Michael Bachelor.
  • The game now has the ability to update/ reload imported walls, floors, skins and heads when tasking in and out of game, as well as at the time of import.  NOTE: This is not meant to work when alt-tabbed out from CAC screen.
  • The game now has the ability to remove families from the Import folder if the user does not want to import them. A dialog box pops up with the option to import or delete the imported family. 
  • Fixed SKU3\English web page viewing - was broken on all release installs. NOTE: SKU3 is Eng\Spanish\Portuguese. Bug was only present on the English install for this particular SKU.
  • Fixed problem where user lost photo album text if a picture was deleted.  Happened when user deleted the last picture in the photo album (would lose the previous picture's text).
  • The Repairman will no longer get electrocuted.
  • The game no longer has an "in-use" problem with gift flowers and tables. Previously, Sim's friend would deliver a gift of flowers, Sim put flowers on table, Sim or the maid cleaned up the flowers after they died, and the in-use bit for the table would be stuck as set.
  • Fixed launcher issues with the autoplay screen coming up in a very small window with which the user could not interact. 
  • Sims now run a new "can't get out of bed" animation when they are trapped in their beds. They can be trapped in bed by placing an object next to the bed when asleep.  The Sim now sits up in bed, shrugs, points, and lies back down again to better inform the user of the problem.  
  • The text in the phone where the neighbor tells the active character to "come over" has been removed.
  • The patch increments The Sims' registry version number to 1.1.  All international versions will also increment to 1.1.
  • Fixed a special case where the carpool stops coming: in a multi-Sim household, with Sims having jobs that start at different times, Sim B would not go to work if Sim A (whose work start time is earlier) staeyd at home. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed NPC Repairman, who occasionally showed up and wouldn't fix anything.
  • Updated web templates to fix photo album navigation. The patch changes album files to have text and navigation arrows both near the top of the photo album pages.
  • Changed "name baby" dialog to never timeout. Prevents further outbreaks of kids named "SimChild".
  • Changed trees and outdoor flowers to make sure user can place flowers under trees.
  • Removed the set_hour cheat.
  • Changed the code for the money cheat.
  • Fixed lamps and electrocution in the Help System: if the Help System is on, and someone dies by electrocution from a lamp, the Help system dialog warning user about low-skill light bulb changers now always pops up.
  • Fixed NPC Repairman dismiss problem.
  • Fixed carpool reset problem.  This fixed the shower, hot tub, and stair reset problems, as well.
  • Fixed problem with neighbors occasionally becoming stuck in the house if the character(s) go to bed before they say good-bye.
  • Fixed wall lights files on local drive (downloadable object) so the repairman can fix them with another object in his way. NOTE: This fix does nothing if the user hasn't downloaded the wall lights yet.
  • Fixed pictures in the photo album to no longer contain the camera frame. 
  • Fixed the Check for Patches NPS problem
  • Fixed random crash when user would import a family with 8 members.
  • Fixed crash when a .CMX, .SKN, or .BMP file is missing.  This entailed saving a house with a custom character in it, and deleting one or more of the component files from the GameData/Skins directory.  Also occurred when going to the Create-a-Sim screen with only some of the necessary files in place.
  • Changed version to 1.1 (access by pressing "v" key in game)
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