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Two Worlds II 1.1 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2011-01-25 15:38-kor, frissítve 2011-03-28 15:37-kor, megtekintve 3809 alkalommal
A Two Worlds II Gold Upgrade-ként is emlegetett második javítása számos játékmenetbeli problémát orvosol.

A frissítés részletei:

  • Several quests have been streamlined and augmented
  • Game will no longer occasionally hang when buying a boat
  • New Cassara voiceovers have been added
  • Plants tooltip will now show their alchemy effect when viewed in the game world
  • Player levels are now visible in the session menu (Multiplayer)
  • Problem with hero not being able to loot some containers has been resolved
  • Quivers can now be upgraded by additional 10 levels (using Bowyer skill)
  • Reptiles will no longer deal triple damage on their knockdown attack
  • Map terrain & clipping problems have been resolved
  • Skills for non-physical resistance now offer greater protection
  • Some items contain more crystal slots now (maximum +20 upgrade)

Mage staves: - 6
Body armor: - 5
Mage robes: - 6

  • Torches can now be purchased at merchant shops
  • "Jump", "Animate Dead", DOT, positive traps, "Invisibility" and "Open lock" spells have been repaired
  • A crash issue on ATI cards has been addressed
  • Character's face and all lighting bugs have been resolved
  • Added and changed some unit sounds
  • Additional graphics settings have been included in the menu
  • Additional/Special mouse buttons are now properly supported
  • Several tooltip display errors have been repaired
  • Blinding and holding effects of spells now only have a 30% chance of working against other player characters in Multiplayer
  • Bug with skipping skill requirements has been repaired
  • Guild discounts are now properly calculated
  • Several particle issues have now been addressed
  • Skill descriptions now contain information about skill crystal bonuses
  • Village quests frequency and reward has been changed
  • Water rendering has been improved on low and medium detail settings
  • Willpower now adds to the mana regeneration rate, mana formula has been changed, bugged mana costs have been augmented
  • Summons' stats have been changed, summoned Stone Golems no longer knock down opponents
  • Soulpatchers have been augmented
  • "Delete character" button in the network menu has been moved to avoid accidental character deleting
  • Action and Jump buttons can now be mapped separately
  • Elemental resistances are now properly calculated
  • Horse position will now be shown on the mini-map
  • Inventory icons can now be set to a smaller size (via Interface options menu)
  • It is possible to turn off bow & magic auto-targeting
  • Mana shield spell has been changed
  • Several data storage issues have been addressed
  • Shield blocking animations have been added
  • Shop prices were not properly calculated at some locations - this issue has been fixed
  • Spell effects will be cancelled when one of the players scores a point in Duel mode
  • Spell effects from a dying player in Team Deathmatch mode will be cancelled
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