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  • Venetica 1.02 patch

Venetica 1.02 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2011-02-11 09:26-kor, frissítve 2011-07-29 13:51-kor, megtekintve 3315 alkalommal
A Venetica 1.02-es patche-e számos új módot és hibajavíítást tartalmaz.

A patch leírása:

New Features:

  • Added screenshot function (F8)
    • Screenshots are in the subfolder "screenshots" of the "Venetica" folder (My Documents) are stored
  • Quicksave function added (two slots: F5 + F9, F6-F10)
  • HUD (displays on the screen now) ein-/ausblendbar (F12)
  • "QuickUse now works with all interactive objects, not only in Looten
  • There is now an external tool for the configuration of the game available - additional options:
    • Vertical synchronization (VSync)
    • Window Mode
    • Global setting for saturation and contrast
    • Autosave on / off
    • Shadows on / off

Graphics enhancements: 

  • Texturflackern from distant objects has been greatly reduced
  • Performance:
    • Performance improvements for activated full Effects
    • New, faster rendering technique when using low settings () without the full effects
  • The light mood in the entire routine has been graphically
    • Constant dynamic lighting improved, the front covers especially the twilight hours of the day
    • Differentiated light and color moods throughout the day
    • Adjustments to the full effects
    • More details in shadow areas
  • The visual effects in almost all rooms have been improved
  • Grass is now correctly displayed
  • VSync is now enabled by default
  • Weapon is hidden when the player character will disappear
  • The weapon is displayed correctly when the player character stops 

Gameplay improvements:

  • General improvements to the camera settings in talks and cutscenes
  • Regeneration takes place automatically when Schnellreisen
  • NPCs perceive the character at an earlier age if they are from the back approaching
  • Changed scaling of the input sensitivity, so that the sensitivity
    The input can be increased (factor 2)
  • Skills:
    • Path of the Raven
  • The speed of the Raven has been reduced
  • The Ravens have been improved through the
  • Manually checked items on the card can now again be voted
  • After entering a level, the character is now for some Seconds from NPCs ignore
  • The daily routine of NPCs in the palace has been improved
  • The attenuation of the camera movement when using the mouse was removed
  • Combat Info texts which relate to the players are now yellow presented
  • Booty revision:
    • Booty in sealed boxes / chests more dependent on Difficulty of the castle
    • Objects captured better in the course of the game / game progress adapted
  • Menu-building of large-scale set of game scores significantly accelerated 

Troubleshooting and ugliness:

  • Errors that could occur with use of ladders were eliminated
  • The rotation of the character work for the use of Doors / Beds / managers now correctly
  • Activate the sounds of battle that had been lacking in some scenes:
    • Tavernenhinterhalt
    • Boar tests
    • Akbah
    • Fight in the port
  • Improved general quests: Quest marker / Fixed
  • The quest "mining operations": Proper rewards will be handed over
  • Begin quest "Let the games!": The tournament is in any case started correctly
  • The quest "poison": Tusker is now no longer in combat posture on the Ship to Africa
  • The quest "Where is the Black Grimoire?" The mosque at night, leave Now go smoothly
  • The quest "Rescue from the Tower": Can no longer be abused
  • Quest tests boar "is correctly completed
  • The quest "Explosive goods": Partially missing guards resolved
  • Quest "Hunt banditti in the exterior region": removes Redundant Dialogue
  • Quest "Hunt banditti inside the district" from Unnecessary Dialog
  • The quest "The lesser of two evils": removes Unnecessary Dialog
  • From NPCs will now correctly used objects to their position completed
  • The damage of weapons is always fully included
  • The pawn shop, according to an auto-saves will no longer invulnerable
    • "Old" Autosaves now also work correctly again
  • Talks in the shadowy world are now running in the correct Velocity from
  • Mouse buttons can now be shown as we keyboard keys (e.g., "move forward" on the right mouse button)
  • There are now 5-button mouse support
  • The directional selection of interactive objects now works correctly (kameraabhängig when using mouse + keyboard, spielfigur - depending on using the Xbox 360 controller)
  • Correction of spelling errors
  • Tenants discover the character not now, when they is in the shadow world
  • Skills:
    • By "love greetings killed opponents now play the correct Animation from
  • The animations of the palace guards were fixed in the Arsenal District
  • Different Sterbeanimationen reactivated (were accidentally disabled in 1.0.1 patch)
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van még ezenkivül patc és tök jó ez a patc kösz!!!!!

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