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  • Worms 3D patch 1073

Worms 3D patch 1073

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-10-19 14:51-kor, frissítve 2011-07-29 14:13-kor, megtekintve 2605 alkalommal
A Worms 3D legfrisebb javitása pár hibát javit egyjátékos módban, és sokat a szerver kapcsolatoknál. Service patch 2 ként is emlegetik.

A patch leírása:

Network feature / fix additions

  • Enhanced GameSpy connectivity and general stability. 
  • Increased level of support for GameSpy Arcade application. 
  • Included synchronisation with the U.S. release version. 
  • MOTD text is now cached for the entire network session. 
  • Stock scheme details are passed from the host in full, to avoid game balancing hacks. 
  • Addressed incorrect screen being periodically displayed between rounds. 
  • Addressed inability to add team in LAN staging room (prevented game advancement). 
  • In game sync problems now handled by forcing all players to Next Round menu, where the failed round can be restarted. 
  • Game connections are determined as players join a staging room. The in game TCP connection (port 5911) is established at this point. A joining client will be notified of connection negotiation when attempting to connect to the host (aborted after 15 seconds) and the host will then attempt to connect to the client. After 15 seconds this attempt will be aborted also. In effect this change relaxes previous network restrictions, allowing one party to be located behind a badly configured NAT or Firewall. If neither party can establish a viable connection both host and client will receive an error message detailing the problem. 

Service Patch 1 game feature additions

  • Improved Pigeon AI as it will now explode on target instead of periodically flying away 

Game fix amendments

  • Added successful deletion of user-defined schemes 
  • Enhanced Unicode support under XP for localised systems text input 
  • Allows successful passing of predefined landscapes over rounds in multiplayer games 
  • Addressed other minor reported issues 

Network feature additions

  • Implemented direct hosting and joining from the GameSpy Arcade application 
  • Reporting transferred to GameSpy Stats server for completed Am, Pro and Elite games 
  • Online game community rankings will be eventually featured on 
  • Fully implemented front end anonymous chat support with /anon command 
  • Number of players in and maximum allowed within individual games are displayed 
  • Full games are automatically removed from the game list and are no longer displayed 
  • Last successful GameSpy profile will be the default selection on the login screen 
  • Group rooms are now sorted alphabetically, highlighting leagues first 
  • Removed player entry and exit state messaging within room chat 
  • Decreased viewable font size for player, game and chat lists to display more information 
  • Incorporated a refresh button within the league group screen, allowing a manual refresh between periodic list updates (displays after lists have been received initially) 

Network fix amendments

  • Enhanced GameSpy connection and general stability 
  • Included fire-on-a-wall cannot join icon only when local client and host are firewalled 
  • Improved front end updating and freezing as HTTP requests are now asynchronous 
  • Incorporated more translated text for German, French, Italian and Spanish 
  • Message of the day is now only requested once 
  • Included prevention of network busy lock outs 
  • Streamlined communication to GameSpy servers 
  • Enhanced level of exact definition for displayed network errors 
  • Improved handling detection for local player extreme traffic within front end chat system 
  • Added acceptance of spacing in GameSpy nicknames represented by an underscore 
  • Allowance of multiple GameSpy logins, depicted as nick {number of duplicates} 
  • Included prevention of client exit to desktop when the host quits a game in progress 
  • Incorporated prevention of duplicate teams being added to the roster in certain situations 
  • Included player return to Wormnet login screen if disconnected from the GameSpy server 
  • Addressed failure to pass team special weapon to other players 
  • Improved cheat prevention methods for player quitting 
  • Incorporated a greater degree of hacking prevention 
  • Improved prevention of player text entry flooding 
  • Addressed re-listing of Wormnet groups 
  • Improved server timeout handling 
  • Addressed other minor reported issues
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