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Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.56 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2010-11-30 20:06-kor, frissítve 2011-07-26 19:35-kor, megtekintve 2382 alkalommal
Megérkezett az 1.56-os frissítés az Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead kiegészítő-csomagjához. Az 1.55-ös verzióra telepíthető.

A javítócsomag részletei:


  • Add: more camo (replaceable textures) selection for OA vehicles.
  • Fixed: missing shadows and heads in distance LODs for some OA characters.
  • Added: MP Armory.


  • Improved: -exThreads=3 now default for dual cores.
  • Improved: -cpuCount defaults improved for 6 or more than 8 CPUs.
  • Fixed: No more LOD blending issues (esp. with vegetation).
  • Fixed: Ignored collision with some vehicles.
  • Improved: AI cover selection improved a bit.
  • New: Video options VSync selection.
  • Fixed: Character collisions with stones often resulted in flying or being stuck. (

BAF changelog 1.01-1.02

  • Added portrait and wounds of PMC operatives
  • Fixed CM immunity of missiles
  • Missions have new headers
  • Adjusted sensitivity of Her Majesty's soldiers
  • Music tracks have their respective names displayed
  • Adjusted values of many items in armoury
  • L111A1 sounds better on Jackals
  • Backpacks are now useable in editor
  • Fixed names of IEDs
  • Many weapons are now able to hold compatible magazines designed for other weapons
  • Snipers have learned how to handle AS50 correctly
  • US flyboys adjusted HMD for Apache and BAF pilots are now able to aim unguided missiles better
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