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Crusader Kings II 1.06b patch

Patch Írta Frag 2012-08-01 08:54-kor, frissítve 2012-07-30 13:17-kor, megtekintve 2957 alkalommal
Az 1.06-os, nagyobb méretű javítócsomag után itt az 1.06b, ami még egy adag frissítést tartogat és a korábbi verziókat is tartalmazza.

A javítócsomag leírása:


  • The date widget arrows in the lobby no longer stay gone after you've looked at your save games
  • Added a separate set of Muslim feudal (Iqta) laws
  • Added a separate Muslim invasion CB with longer truce and no taking of all occupied provinces
  • The success chance for kill plots now increases drastically past 100% Plot Power
  • MP: Fixed an OOS issue between people with and without SoI. (Unfortunately, this means modders with SoI cannot just script in any number of wives in other religions.)
  • Fixed a serious but simple error messing up the Spanish localization text
  • Corrected a load of German text using ';' in the localization, corrupting the text database
  • Decadence revolter special troops now disband after the war
  • The game will no longer crash if you have the African Unit Pack DLC but not the Sword of Islam
  • Exported EMPIRE_CREATION_PIETY_COST to defines
  • Fixed a bug with 'replace_path' in mods
  • Empires now cost 400 Piety to create (up from 200)
  • Fixed a bug that would not actually detract the empire creation Piety cost
  • Fixed a problem with the event effects 'gain_settlements_under_title' and 'vassalize_or_take_under_title' where rebel or revolter occupied counties would not be taken in the peace
  • Muslim vassals can no longer declare Holy Wars on rulers of their top liege's religion
  • Corrected the English regnal numbers to exclude the Saxon Edwards
  • Fixed a bug where breaking a truce would not actually cost Prestige
  • Added 'creation_requires_capital' field to landed titles
  • Added harsher creation conditions for the Latin Empire
  • Added proper creation conditions for the Caliphates
  • Fixed a bug with the event effect 'abdicate_to_most_liked_by' that could cause the new ruler of a non-feudal state to become independent when he should not
  • Character modifiers now correctly recalculated when a timed character modifier expires
  • No longer possible to revoke the last landed title off a ruler with significant vassals
  • The chancellor in West African cultures is now called Grand Vizier
  • The minor title 'title_ruler_consort' no longer has separate localization strings - it's now the other gender version of the spouse's ruler title
  • Added 'title_female' custom holder title to landed titles
  • Added separate law message for when muslims pass laws
  • Added event effect 'disband_event_forces'
  • Fixed some glitches with betrothals in the Muslim world
  • Fixed a bug with Heavy Armor tech level 5
  • Fixed a bug with the Ramadan events firing at once if war was declared
  • Religion View: The portrait of the religious head should now age correctly
  • Doubled the opinion penalty for revoking a kingdom
  • Fixed a bug with the tooltip for usurping emperor tier titles
  • Fixed some errors in the Welsh character database
  • Women with 'immortal' flagged traits no longer grow infertile after 45, and the AI knows this
  • Fixed an issue with 'immortal' marked traits added in the ruler designer or the history
  • Should no longer be possible to get both the Sayyid and Mirza traits
  • Fixed two bugs with a dynasty's Coat of Arms changing for no reason
  • Scripted banned colors for Coats of Arms should now work
  • Corrected event picture for event 75075
  • Fixed some events using incorrect form 'only_capable'
  • Removed some duplicate text entries
  • Tech focuses can no longer change when you inherit someone's title
  • Commander traits are now generated for characters created with the 'create_character' effect with a martial trait
  • The Jizya tax modifier is now shown with an icon on Holdings
  • Corrected the religion of Muhammad's ancestors
  • Corrected lots of (harmless) errors in the gui files
  • Fixed a bug with the tooltip for usurping emperor tier titles
  • Fixed a bug with the NTechnology defines and REN_PROVINCE not being read
  • Changed the name of the 'Empire of Spain' to 'Empire of Hispania'
  • Can no longer transfer Duke or King rank vassals to anyone except their de jure liege
  • Buffed the Christian states of Iberia by giving them more holdings, more initial building upgrades and slightly higher tech
  • Invasion AI: Fixed some deadlock situations that could occur when armies were loaded on fleets belonging to the wrong agent
  • Army AI: Fixed a glitch with attrition avoidance when having attached units
  • When moving an army into a sea zone, it will now prefer loading onto the smallest possible fleet
  • Attached units can no longer lead a siege if the unit they are attached to is also besieging
  • Increased the max number of holdings in many counties in continental Europe, England and the Levantine coast
  • Attached units now move at the same speed
  • Can no longer select holy orders to play in the lobby
  • Page 12 in the Ledger no longer crashes in "observer" mode
  • When divorcing a spouse, the "matrilineal" marriage status is now correctly reset
  • Vassals with a weak claim on the liege that they can't currently use no longer get an increased revolt risk
  • Diplo AI: Tweaked "desires better alliance" factor for marriages
  • Fixed a bug where armies containing Holy Order regiments could be disbanded when the Holy Order itself withdrew its forces for another conflict
  • Fixed a bug preventing a host without The Sword of Islam from hosting MP games with those who do and have selected Muslim rulers
  • Fixed a freeze bug in the lobby when stepping back through history from an advanced date
  • Fixed a bug with historical scripted non-succession laws being overridden at start
  • Fixed a bug where landless religion heads could be succeeded by ones of the wrong religion
  • Added 'decadence' character history command
  • The Seljuks now start at 0% Decadence
  • Fixed a bug in some combat tactics that would immediately destroy all enemies of a certain unit type



  • Muslim Decadence System
  • Muslim Polygamy
  • Added new provinces, titles and history for Mali, Songhay and Ghana
  • Added the province of Aprutium (split off from Spoleto)
  • Added the new creatable Empires of Russia, Britannia, Spain, Francia, Scandinavia, Persia and Arabia
  • Strong and Weak Claim System
  • Overhaul of game text for Muslims
  • Added plots to claim titles
  • Split up the former Kingdom of Khazaria into many de jure kingdoms
  • Split the Kingdom of Rus into the kingdoms of Rus and Ruthenia
  • Added the duchies of Susa and Latium
  • Revised murder plots completely. No decisions, just events.
  • Commander traits added
  • Heavily revised combat tactics
  • Loads of new events
  • New cultural and religious buildings
  • Improved French translation by the friendly folks at Jeux-Straté


  • AI: Much more eager to join Crusades/Jihads if it has de jure interests in the target kingdom
  • AI: Much more eager to join Crusades/Jihads if in the same realm as the religious head
  • AI: More stubborn about fighting decadence revolters
  • AI: Tweaked Crusade targetting - will no longer target kingdoms with 0 'holiness' value for that religion
  • AI: Non-Muslims will not accept marriages for female relatives with Muslims, unless they are vassals
  • AI: Now prefers giving baronies/counties to courtiers with static dynasties rather than creating random characters
  • AI: Vassals of vassals can now correctly revolt to depose their liege
  • AI: DoW now factors in the strength of enemies of enemies
  • AI: Willing to join another rebelling vassal's war for the crown only if they'd like them better as _liege_
  • AI: Vassals should no longer start wars (except for revolts) if the whole realm is under attack from outside
  • AI: Caliphs will now be more aggressive with calling Jihads
  • Army AI: Will now assault when appropriate
  • Army AI: Fixed a problem where you could trick AI armies into ping-ponging while it was trying to gather its forces
  • Army AI: Fixed some issues where it would not count attached units properly
  • Army AI: Better at moving across land without marching together with other armies, causing unnecessary attrition
  • Army AI: Improved attrition check in targetting calculations
  • Army AI: Fixed an issue where it would merge armies to huge sizes by not considering attached forces
  • Invasion AI: Fixed an issue where it would choose poor secondary targets if the target province was too heavily defended
  • No longer possible to call lieges to war against their own vassals
  • Fixed a bug with the succession message not being shown for the ones who inherit titles
  • Fixed an issue with the de jure law vote message not going away when trying to approve it
  • Slightly increased merc reinforcement rates
  • Fixed a memory leak with timed opinion modifiers that time out naturally
  • Moved the county of Chalons into Lower Burgundy and Grisons into Upper Burgundy
  • Fixed a bug with the depose liege CB sometimes making the new ruler independent (bug in the effect 'abdicate_to_most_liked_by').
  • Fixed a bug with the effect 'abdicate_to_most_liked_by' that would invalidate outside wars
  • Fixed a bug with the 'grant_title' effect which would assign the liege to the liege of the granter
  • Fixed a potential infinite loop in war name generation
  • Fixed a bug with the Feudal Elective law being tolerated for Republics
  • If the loser in a war is imprisoned, he is now automatically released on peace
  • Fixed a bug with created characters sometimes getting duplicate education traits
  • People who avoid imprisonment will now always flee to another realm
  • Added a whole bunch of cleaned up title coats of arms
  • Muslim coats of arms should now use better colors
  • No longer allowed to grant titles to prisoners
  • You can now correctly press the de jure claims of vassals of vassals
  • Fixed a bug with being able to call vassals of vassals of the enemy into wars within the same realm
  • When winning (enforce or reverse) a war, all prisoners from your realm held by the enemy are now released
  • Added opinion modifiers 'Imprisoned my Child' and 'Executed my Child'
  • No longer allowed to ask to join outsider wars against your liege
  • Fixed a bug with the depose liege CB in republics and bishoprics
  • Rulers deposed with the 'depose' casus belli no longer get any land from their old vassals to remain rulers
  • Fixed an issue where a ruler could not offer peace to a rebelling vassal if he had holdings occupied by another (loyal) vassal in a separate war
  • Fixed a bug with the hostility icons for loyal vassals in separate wars with rebelling vassals
  • If a vassal is at war with another vassal who is rebelling, the war no longer ends if the liege wins and the rebellion is crushed
  • Fixed a bug with lieges ending up in two wars if a vassal revolted while a revoke action was pending
  • Blocked excomm wars against revolters
  • Fixed some issues with succession not being recalculated after certain event effects
  • Peace Offers now make it clear whether it's a demand for surrender, white peace or surrender
  • Cleaned up all CB tooltips
  • The initial Seljuk-Byzantine war is now a full invasion of the de jure kingdom of Armenia
  • Added "Scarred" trait
  • Fixed a bug allowing rulers of a hostile religion to vote for de jure laws even when not de facto vassals
  • Toned down base attribute gain of children from guardians
  • Optimized the CPU heaviest events
  • Fixed a nasty old crash bug with the defection of the Victual Brothers
  • Fixed a hostility bug with allies helping to defend against a revolter
  • Fixed an issue with Gavelkind inheritance in baronies, where the youngest child would inherit first
  • Fixed an issue with the random seed in delayed events
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to usurp titles from your own vassals
  • Fixed an issue with vassals of vassals gaining independence when you pressed their claims
  • The titular kingdoms of Naples and Trinacria are no longer creatable in-game
  • The Ecumenical Patriarch will now refuse to excommunicate a character who has repented, even if the Emperor asks
  • Merc navies will now disband when not getting paid
  • Fixed an issue with the lower Crown Authority plot when the liege folds to the ultimatum of a vassal king
  • No longer possible to grant duchies to barons
  • The event effect 'destroy_landed_title' now gives the current holder a strong claim on the title
  • The events where the Mongols receive reinforcements no longer trigger if the titles are held by non-Tengri or non-Mongol rulers
  • Fixed an issue with attached units and siege outcomes
  • Fixed a bug with Revokation plot wars against vassals who lose the title to someone else
  • Fixed a bug where a vassal in revolt against his liege would sometimes have the war end inconclusively when the liege got a new liege
  • Fixed an issue where children would change guardian if they became landed
  • AI spouses of lower rank than you will now always accept education requests
  • In feudal elective titular realms, _all_ vassals of the appropriate tier are now electors
  • The death of a spouse no longer makes characters lose their jobs
  • Characters who end up leading the troops of their enemies should now automatically return home
  • The opinion penalties for revoking a title are now applied whether or not the target accepts or refuses
  • If a vassal refuses a title revokation and wins or achieves a white peace, the 'declared_war' opinion modifier is now cleared (meaning the liege does not get a 'free' title revokation)
  • There is no longer a cooldown for calling allies to war who _accepted_ a previous call
  • Primogeniture: more heirs should now be listed
  • Gavelkind: fixed a glitch with grandchildren
  • Removed impassable terrain between Kartli and Albania
  • Fixed unit position in the Irish Sea
  • Made Sviatopolk Rurikovich (count of Zaozerye in 1066) a legit bastard
  • Heretics and infidels are now barred from inheriting anything that the religious head holds
  • The portraits for undiscovered murderers should now be hidden in the event window
  • Mercs and Holy Order commanders should no longer be shown in the quick marriage window
  • Now always allowed to attach your units to your lieges' units
  • Added an event where a ruler converts to the native culture
  • Adjusted and improved the events where provinces change culture
  • Reactivated the lifting FoW for allies in wars
  • Doubled regular assassination costs
  • The "Arrange Marriage" button now shows random courtiers if there are too few interesting women around
  • There is now a slight chance of a random education outcome
  • Fixed some issues with war invalidation for banishment of landed characters
  • Can no longer banish mercs, holy order heads, or religious heads
  • Attached units that are not in the same province as the master unit are no longer hostile to the master unit's enemies
  • The spouse will now get a message on divorce
  • Fixed some historical issues with Chios and Lesbos
  • The liege should now get pressed claims on _all_ titles of characters who declare independence
  • If an ally could legally call you into a war, you should always be able to ask to join as well
  • Battle Death should now show the unit owner rather than the unit commander
  • Vassals of lieges who are fighting their liege will no longer revolt
  • Holy War CBs are now valid for Catholic vassals of Orthodox lieges, etc
  • Added automatic county conversion events for Muslims (35500 and 35501)
  • Pathfinding now prefers friendly territory to enemy territory
  • Vassal vs Liege wars should now end with a _mutual_ truce


  • Exported inbreeding trait gain factors to defines
  • Exported most relevant files under common to their own folders, so they can be broken up into multiple files
  • Added 'immortal' flag to traits; stops aging, character will not die of age or poor health
  • Added 'pilgrimage' flag to traits; the character is away and needs a regent, but can still be a guardian, etc
  • Added 'name_tier' to landed titles, so that empires can be called kingdoms, etc
  • Added 'pass_effect' to decisions and laws, which is not run by automatic functions (useful for setting opinion modifiers when passing laws.)
  • Added event target 'fromfrom'
  • Added trigger 'in_revolt'
  • Added 'divine_blood' flag to dynasties, which allows full consanguine marriages and tells the AI to prefer keepin' it in the family
  • Added 'founder_named_dynasties' to cultures
  • Can now script marriage consanguinity rules in religions
  • Added a 'potential' trigger to Job Actions
  • Added 'dismiss_trigger' to job titles
  • Added a 'potential' trigger to traits
  • Added trigger 'num_of_realm_counties'
  • Added effect 'vassalize_or_take_under_title'
  • Added trigger 'death_reason'
  • Added event target 'killer'
  • Added event effect 'objective_succeeds'
  • The trigger 'can_be_given_away' is now more restrictive. Checks occupation or sieges of constituent Holdings, contestation in wars, etc.
  • Added history command 'conquest_culture'
  • Added trigger 'plot_power_contribution'
  • Added trigger 'random'
  • Added trigger 'any_potential_tribal_county'
  • Added effect 'any_potential_tribal_county'
  • Added effect 'random_potential_tribal_county'
  • Added 'new' target in effects ( character = new ) for newly created characters
  • Added death reason 'death_hashshashin'
  • Added effect 'make_primary_spouse'
  • Added trigger 'has_strong_claim'
  • Added trigger 'has_weak_claim'
  • Added effect 'add_weak_claim'
  • Added effect 'add_weak_pressed_claim'
  • Added trigger 'has_regent'
  • Added trigger 'is_contested'
  • Added event effect 'any_spouse'
  • Added event effect 'random_spouse'
  • Added trigger 'any_spouse'
  • Added trigger 'is_main_spouse'
  • Added a 'distance' trigger
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