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Crusader Kings II 1.102 patch

Patch Írta Dastan 2013-06-28 03:58-kor, frissítve 2013-06-28 01:22-kor, megtekintve 2689 alkalommal
Ebben a hónapban már jelent meg egy nagyobb frissítés, viszont a fejlesztők még bőven találtak hibát a játékban, így ismét kiadtak egy előzőhöz hasonló nagyméretű javítócsomagot.

A patch részletei:


  • Removed the erroneous warning text about disinheriting a dynasty member when granting him a temple holding, for non-Christians
  • West Africans now use the Mongol on-map shields
  • Diplo View: Crusades/Jihads/Great Holy Wars are now listed before they can be used (with a tooltip why you can't use them)
  • Added some more random Coat of Arms elements (more work to come)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong temple icon could be shown in the province view
  • Fixed an issue with the displaying of strong claims for pagans and Zoroastrians


  • Fixed bug where Arsenal building could be deleted on succession
  • The decision for creating Hungary now takes away the Ukrainian part of their realm
  • Zoroastrians can now properly use their Crusade CB
  • 1066: Rebalanced William's, Harold's and Harald's starting forces
  • Fixed a bug where Crown Laws would not carry over into created kingdoms and empires
  • Fixed some bugs with True Cognatic succession
  • You no longer get messages about adventurers who are not actually declaring war
  • You must now be in the West African culture group to recruit the Ghanan Band
  • Slashed some unnecessary memory usage for living characters
  • Fixed bug where you sometimes raised two runestones in honor of your father
  • The event where a female courtier initiates romance with her liege now properly checks their opinion of each other
  • Expanded the Justanid dynasty of Gilan
  • Fixes and additions to several Norwegian dynasties
  • The Imperial Reconquest CB now also applies to the Kingdom of Asturias
  • Fixed a bug where the order of holdings in provinces did not remain consistent when stepping back and forth in history
  • Varangians will now only come back Orthodox if it's the Byzantine ruler's religion
  • Diseases now actually trigger before 1066
  • Fixed a rare crash issue with invalid coat of arms for Muslim held titles
  • Some slight memory and speed optimizations
  • Lund is now a temple holding
  • Marshals can no longer interfere with their own efforts to train troops in a province
  • Court Chaplains no longer claim characters are heretics if they are already branded as such
  • The opinion modifiers given by events 3243 and 4148 no longer instantly disappear
  • Added the Dál gCais dynasty
  • Expanded the Morgannwg dynasty
  • Fixes to Gwerthrynion dynasty members
  • 867: Corrected the character Hrolf, the first duke of Normandy
  • 1066: Corrected an issue with Gurgan and Dailam not being part of the Seljuk empire
  • Loosened up the culture requirements for the formation of the kingdoms of Rus and Finland
  • Follow-up events should now trigger properly when your wife is impregnated by a lover
  • Added the three winning submissions from the Event Contest
  • Piety from buildings is now given to both the owner and his/her liege
  • Moved the duchy of Hayya from Abyssinia to Nubia
  • Fixed a bug where the liege would always inherit a courtier's gold
  • Improved the gold inheritance check to look for siblings and grandchildren if necessary
  • No longer possible to invite a concubine to your court
  • The Blot and Nerge decisions are now high priority, giving players a heads up when they are available
  • Landless Popes can now call crusades
  • Titles with free duchy revocation (the ERE) can now also revoke the de jure capital county freely


  • Will no longer declare war on its current "player heir", or vice versa
  • Will not flip culture to Swedish, Danish or Norwegian culture if in a huge Norse empire
  • Will now execute claimants whose claim is currently pressed in a war against it
  • Doges and patricians are now more likely to build in their cities
  • Pagans now willing to accept cross-religion marriages with other pagans if it likes you enough
  • Will now accept marriage offers for courtiers of the right religion, even if the ruler is of a hostile religion
  • Female rulers or heirs less likely to marry non-matrilineally, unless they really like you
  • More likely to revoke its de jure capital title


  • Added Enatic and Enatic-Cognatic Succession code support (laws not available without slight modding)
  • Added 'can_hold_temples' to religions (like Muslims can hold temple holdings)
  • The history command 'raise_troops' now raises them with full morale
  • Added 'merge' field to the 'spawn_unit' effect
  • Added 'can_use_gui' to CB types
  • Added liege_prestige, allowing buildings to give prestige to its owner and his/her liege
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