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További Fallout 2 Restoration Project cikkek

Fallout 2 Restoration Project 1.2 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-09-23 14:30-kor, frissítve 2010-09-22 14:39-kor, megtekintve 2020 alkalommal
Elérkezett a Fallout 2 Restoration Project soron következő javitása, ami kijavít néhány hibát és pár új funkciót ad a játékhoz.

A patch leírása:

New Content/Game Changes:

  • There is now a diplomatic way to end the Kaga encounters. 
  • New dialogue for Flick after setting up the orphanage in the Den. 
  • Primitive Tribe now has its own unique music. 
  • Contaminating the SAD is now reflected in the New Reno ending. 
  • Harold's desk now has the yellow pass key which opens the doors in the Gecko Power Plant. 
  • The Cult of Personality and Karma Beacon perks have now been fully implemented. 
  • Robots that are destroyed at the SAD are now replaced - only on the Repair Level. 
  • It is possible to prevent the robots from being replaced. 
  • Solar Scorcher is no longer obtainable from the Guardian Portal encounter. Instead, it is found at the EPA. 
  • Changed weapon placement at the EPA to improve overall game balance. 
  • Hubologists in random encounters are now hostile if you killed the Hubologists in San Fran. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected numerous typos 
  • Fixed issue with Hakunin's locked chest. 
  • Planting normal seeds in Arroyo no longer crashes the game. 
  • It is no longer possible to get the "Figure out who's rustling the brahmin" quest after the Dunton's are dead. 
  • Cleaned up code involved in the Den gang war questline. 
  • Fixed bug with Harry not going to jail after you turn him in for giving guns to the Vault Village. 
  • Heavy clean up to the Vault Village questline. 
  • Fixed typo in the description of the Collect Food quest for the Vault Village. 
  • Removed debug code from the Brain's script which caused everyone to think the reactor was fixed after looking at his description. 
  • It is no longer possible to administer the jet antidote to Fannie in Redding yourself. It is only possible to cure Fannie through Lou. 
  • Fixed bug where leaving the map right after giving Fannie money would make it impossible for Fannie to OD on jet. 
  • Fixed dialogue scripting bug in Nikki's dialogue. 
  • Cleaned up Ranger code and how they react to the Slaver's camp quest. 
  • It's finally possible to fly the Vertibird from Navarro to the Enclave - was accidently not included in 1.1 
  • Gas mask now works inside the Broken Hills mine. 
  • Using the elevators at the EPA should no longer crash the game. 
  • Doors that use the ABRE password are no longer bugged. 
  • Killing the plants outside the EPA with the plant spray should no longer cause the quest to kill them to become unresolved. 
  • Fixed day/night lighting problems at the EPA. Only the botanical (green) level has a day/night cycle. 
  • Fixed some bugs with the Doctor at the EPA. 
  • The warrior at the Primitive Tribe will accept either regular or sharpened spears. 
  • Fixed all bugs associated with this quest. 
  • Fixed the bug with fixing the well at the Primitive Tribe. 
  • Serin should no longer be found stuck inside walls or not show up in places he should. 
  • Removed the explodable rocks near the water at the Abbey. 
  • The quest "Inform brother Thomas and father Tully about the whereabouts of each other" is miss-named. It should be Samuel and not Thomas. This has been corrected. 
  • Failing to steal from the Slavers at the Slaver camp should cause them to become hostile. 
  • Your car will no longer be left at the Slaver camp when you bring Sulik's sister back to the Primitive Tribe. 
  • The guards at the Hubologist stash are no longer unarmed. 
  • Restored the missing graphic to the watch at the Hubologist stash. 
  • Numerous other bug fixes/code optimizations not worth mentioning in detail.
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