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Football Manager 2009 9.1.0 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-09-24 14:29-kor, frissítve 2010-09-22 14:40-kor, megtekintve 1868 alkalommal
A Football Generation legelső javitása. Egy hatalmas csokornyi hibajavítást tartalmaz, úgyhogy minden menedzsernek kötelező a letöltése.

A patch tartalma:


  • Reduced player condition drop in the off-season
  • Fixed bug where user would sometimes not be able to team talks to be controlled by assistant manager


  • When viewing the draw for the Euro Cup group phase, the groups are now shown correctly
  • Characters no longer sometimes print twice after a key press in full screen mode Thumbs-up
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when changing captain in a match the wrong player would be shown as captain on the player ratings panel

Match Viewer

  • Animations (e.g. kicks, saves, headers, tackles) now synchronised better with actual ball contact
  • Match time slider can now be used to view the whole match and not just highlights
  • Fixed user not being able to go to tactics screen at half time in extra time in TV view
  • Tactics buttons in TV View go to team talk at full time

Manager/Player Interaction

  • Fixed problem if a player outright rejects learning a new PPM, you then have to wait a long time before you can request that they learn a new PPM

Press Conferences

  • Questions about who will win the title come up less frequently
  • Questions about who will win the title not asked when destination of title has already been decided
  • Fixed bug where the PR reactions weren't showing after your assistant takes a press conference
  • Fixed defender being chosen as possible threat in a question

Match Engine

  • Improved short free kicks taken at 30 yards out or more
  • Created some limited ball and player movement When players stand and hold ball up waiting for options
  • Reduced ratio of serious injuries compared to light ones in match Thumbs-up
  • Fixed bug where player chasing ball can suddenly move at superhuman speed
  • Fixed AI managers illogical use of 424 when no need
  • Less shots from free kicks in wide areas
  • Fixed bug where player sometimes stands close to but never picks up a motionless ball
  • Fixed bug where player can get near zero match rating for no obvious reason
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