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Heroes of Might and Magic IV 1.3 to 2.0 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-10-16 16:34-kor, frissítve 2012-07-03 16:10-kor, megtekintve 4038 alkalommal
A Heroes IV következő frissítésében javitottak pár hibát multiplayer módban és még sok más helyen. US és UK változatban is elérhető.

A patch leírása:

General Update Highlights

  • Added support for Multiplayer sessions. See the "Multiplayer" section for details.
  • Correctly implemented the [Space Bar] hotkey in the Army Info Screen and its effect on troop movement.
  • Eliminated an undesirable side effect of the 'H' and 'T' hotkeys and army stack 'drag and drop'.
  • Having a Hypnotized mage cast Town Gate during combat now gates out
    the mage's controller's army, eliminating a crash if the mage's
    owner's army had nowhere to go.
  • The Teleport and Displacement spells are now affected by Magic
    Resistance when cast on hostile creatures.
  • The Purse of Penny Pinching now correctly reduces the cost of troops
    when purchasing them.
  • Dead heroes no longer gain Stealth experience.
  • You can now cast attack spells on creatures you control via
  • Casting Town Gate while on a boat no longer leaves you as a land
  • The Campaign High Score screen now displays the correct creature
    portrait for the level attained.
  • When learning magic skills from a University or Seminary, you now
    get the mage guild spells at the time you learn the skill.
  • Sacrifice can no longer be cast on troops you don't own but
    temporarily control via Hypnotize.
  • The Martyr link is broken whenever the protectors are hypnotized or
    un- hypnotized.
  • Hypnotize and the mermaid's hypnotize ability can now be used to
    cancel existing hypnotizes.
  • When an enemy army uses charm or diplomacy to bribe some of the
    player's creatures, they now get a message box telling them about
    the creatures lost.
  • More update information can be found here.

Map Specific Updates

  • We've added five multiplayer specific maps that can be found in the
    "Multiplayer" subfolder.
    Barbarians from Below
    Jester's Revenge
    River Crossing
    Uninvited Guest

    NOTE: any Scenario maps that have two or more Human Player starting
    positions can be played as multiplayer maps.

Manual Addendum

  • The spell "Spell Shackle" Each point spent on a spell does the cost
    times 10 in hit point damage.
  • The damage bonuses for fort/citadel/castle walls was omitted from
    the manual.
    The bonuses are:
    Fort - 1.25
    Citadel - 1.5
    Castle - 2.0
  • The melee damage a creature does is multiplied by this if attacking
    from the inside of the fort/citadel/castle over the wall; divided if
    attacking from outside to inside.
  • Ranged attackers outside the walls treat the walls as an obstacle
    (1/2 damage in most cases). Ranged attackers inside the walls get no
    bonuses or penalties.
  • Furthermore, if a creature is standing in water (such as a moat),
    its melee offense is multiplied by 0.75 and its defense (both kinds)
    is multiplied by 0.8.
  • Creatures in siege towers always have long range and no obstacle
    penalties on their ranged attacks (if any). In addition, they double
    their melee & ranged offense and their melee and ranged defense.

Multiplayer Updates

  • Heroes(TM) IV Multiplayer allows up to 6 players in a multiplayer 
  • The Host can run a session on a LAN, through the Internet, or via
    GameSpy(TM). Multiplayer sessions can also be password protected and
    can have a turn time-limit set.
  • LAN connections
  • In order to play a LAN (Local Area Network) based multiplayer
    session, you will need to have either the IPX or TCP/IP network
    protocols properly installed. For information regarding these
    protocols, refer to your Microsoft® Windows® documentation.
  • GameSpy TCP/IP Lobby internet connections
  • To Host multiplayer sessions over the Internet, select the "Direct
    TCP/IP" option. "Direct TCP/IP" hosted games require that the
    joining players enter in the IP address of the Host. The Host's IP
    address will appear at the top of the Chat window of the game's
    staging area.
  • GameSpy provides a game lobby match making service for Heroes IV. If
    you do not have the GameSpy Arcade software installed, it can be
    found on the Heroes IV Disk 2 CDROM. Navigate to the "Extras"
    folder, double click on the "GSA.exe" and follow the GameSpy Arcade
    Setup on-screen prompts.
  • To get the latest GameSpy software or other information regarding
    the GameSpy service, please visit them at:
  • After the software is installed, the Heroes IV Multiplayer->GameSpy
    option will launch the "Heroes of Might and Magic IV" GameSpy Lobby.
  • Firewalls
  • If the connections are going through Internet security software
    (Firewall), the host will need to specify the open port number in
    the "Host Game" screen. For information regarding this, refer to
    your Internet security software documentation.
  • Password protected games will display the "Password" edit box next 
    to the "Player Name" edit box once the server is selected from the
    "Join Game" screen. Password verification is case sensitive. For
    example, the password "guest" will not work if the Host entered it
    as "Guest".
  • Game Staging Screen
  • This is the screen where players choose their starting positions and
    can change their starting alignments, if the selected map allows it.
    Only the Host can dictate the turn time limit, difficultly setting
    and guarding creature's wondering on/off All players must select the
    Player Start Position check box and the "Ready" check box before the
    session can begin.
  • In-Game Chat
  • To chat to the other human player on the Adventure Screen, press the
    [F2] key. This will toggle the in-game chat window. The chat
    function allows the players to send messages to all other players,
    or to send "whispered" messages to an individual player. The default
    setting for the chat window is "All Players". To whisper to a single
    player, click on the button next to "All Players" at the bottom of
    the chat window. A menu of player names will be displayed. Select
    the player you wish to whisper to. After selecting the player, the
    chat window will now only send messages to that selected player. The
    chat window can be moved any where on the screen. When a message is
    sent to you, you will receive audio notification that you have a
    pending message. The [F2] key will bring the chat window back so
    that you can see the message.
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